Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tea Party Alert: ObamaCare in Kentucky

After bragging for a year that Gov. Beshear didn't need legislative approval to force Kentucky into ObamaCare, the Governor's legal team had to cringe Friday when Rep. Tom Burch filed a bill to give him that permission.

House Bill 505 opens up a nasty can of worms for Obamacrats: anyone who votes for it in Frankfort goes on record in support of the health reform fiasco and if the bill fails, which appears likely, the effort puts unwanted light on the series of illegal acts by the governor to improperly implement ObamaCare.

The next event to watch for is a House Health and Welfare Committee meeting in which they discuss HB 505. The committee regularly meets each Thursday at noon in the Capitol Annex. As soon as we hear that the bill will be discussed, every effort will be made to get the word out. Stay tuned...