Monday, March 03, 2014

McConnell's moronic MIT misstep

`Mitch McConnell is a political genius, according to people who work for him. But everyone not on the payroll is left to wonder, without hope of ever getting an answer, why a genius who never seems to tire of telling people how conservative he is now has built such a consistent record of voting to make government bigger and less affordable usually while directly benefiting corporate sponsors.

Decades of unbalanced budgets. Bank bailouts. Corporate welfare. Indefinite detention of citizens. Domestic spying. Funding for ObamaCare. Declaring war on the tea party. McConnell's hostility for conservatives is barely concealed by slick marketing.

And then came Matt Bevin.

Or to be more specific, Matt Bevin's LinkedIn page on the internet. Before Matt was even a candidate to replace McConnell representing Kentucky, Mitch was combing Matt's background looking for dirt. After failing to find any, he decided to make something up. His invention will be his undoing.

Matt attended a seminar years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and listed the activity on his LinkedIn page. Unable to find another point of attack and unable to run on his own lackluster record, McConnell decided to focus his millions of dollars in political firepower on creating a fiction as the focal point of his re-election effort.

So McConnell started telling people that Matt claimed to have graduated from MIT. After masterminding attacks on Rand Paul in 2010 for "crazy ideas" and saying "he can't win" and watching his protege get crushed by 24 points, Mitch got cocky, inexplicably, and tried to launch a similarly deceptive attack on Matt Bevin. It is proving to be an historic miscalculation.

McConnell keeps doubling down on his MIT lie because it is all he has. McConnell's deceitfulness has created such significant unpopularity that he is more likely to lose in the fall than his Republican challenger. Keep talking, Mitch. You aren't hurting anyone but yourself and the people paid to tell us you are a genius.