Governor Beshear continues ObamaCare trash-talking today in the Washington Post with a statement whose shelf life expires tomorrow:
"But I think opponents of the law are scared to death of being in position a year from now, where people look at them and wonder what all the noise was about as they sit here with an insurance policy that they can afford,” he said. 
We won't need a year, Governor. When the premiums for ObamaCare health plans are made widely available tomorrow, people will know that the "noise" is about shutting this ridiculous scheme down. Even with federal subsidies, the exchange plans are not going to be affordable. I have had these rates for three weeks. As soon as consumers consider the deductibles and co-payment requirements of these plans, they will understand why this critical information was kept from them for so long.
I will be at the Beshear ObamaCare pep rally at 10am in Louisville and look forward very much to seeing Kentucky media there and hearing all the excuses from Beshear and friends. Meanwhile, our two lawsuits whose purpose is shutting this nonsense down continue as we await Beshear's responses to Kentucky Supreme Court briefs.