Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Did someone hide little Carl Rollins' Twinkie?

House Education Committee Chairman Carl Rollins has filed a bill that just might get him appointed to Michelle Obama's food nazi staff in Washington D.C.

Under House Bill 44, schools would be "encouraged" to hide "prepackaged, unhealthy snacks where students will have to ask for them" and put "plain milk in front of chocolate milk" while "giving healthy food choices catchy, descriptive names."

Rather than calling his bill "The Smarter Lunchroom Act," as Rollins suggests, how about "The Lunchlady Repetitive Motion Junk Food Turn and Grab Workout Act of 2013?"  

Mitch McConnell doesn't want another Rand Paul

Kentucky's establishment moderate Republicans are cooking up a plan to change RPK by-laws again. This time, the idea is to eliminate conservative primary challengers to their favored, status quo candidates.

The new policy would allow the Republican state executive committee, which McConnell controls, to endorse Republican primary candidates.

Can't imagine many people who seriously want to cut government spending and debt or protect civil liberties making that list, can you?

Please contact any Republican party officials you know and ask them to oppose this latest power grab.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Tim Shaughnessy, pension millionaire

Retiring state Senator Tim Shaughnessy is next in a growing line of Kentucky state legislators who voted themselves a huge pension boost and are moving to take advantage of it -- and you.

By virtue of his vote for HB 299 in 2005, Shaughnessy joins former Senate President David Williams and current Agriculture Commissioner James Comer in transferring years of legislative pension credits  to be multiplied with new massive salaries elsewhere in state government to illegitimately become state government pension millionaires.

Shaughnessy has taken a job in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System at $160,000 a year. His pension will now be based on his twenty three years as a legislator, plus whatever time he accumulates at KCTCS and multiplied by his three years of highest salary, unless he does the right thing now.

Please forward this message widely and contact these men to demand they take retirement from the legislature right away to make themselves ineligible to take advantage of Kentuckians any further.