Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is Mitch McConnell a "libatarian" too?

Plans for a 4th district GOP "Unity rally" in Boone County on June 4 have been stymied because former candidate Alecia Webb Edgington is refusing to commit to attending and standing behind Republican nominee Thomas Massie.

All the other candidates, Congressman Geoff Davis, former Senator Jim Bunning, Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mitch McConnell are all on board, but Webb-Edgington has the event on ice, which may have something to do with her animosity for conservatives with a certain libertarian bent.

Webb-Edgington campaigned vigorously against "libatarians" (her pronunciation) throughout the campaign.

Kentucky health freedom through the back door

It was reported here a week ago that Kentucky's Department on Insurance was attempting a crackdown on Christians in Kentucky seeking a religious exemption to ObamaCare.

Something appears to have gone wrong with those grand plans. Special Assistant Attorney General Stephen Taylor won't comment on official attempts to abuse Christians in Kentucky, though he is clearly operating within state law when he does so.

If state bureaucrats pulling the strings on Kentucky's insurance industry can't justify the amount of oversight they have already carved out for themselves now, how in the world are they going to handle challenges to the monumental overreach of ObamaCare?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shut down Kentucky Dept of Insurance

A 2010 Kentucky Supreme Court ruling could be used to end the error of government regulation of private health care transactions and usher in freedoms many have forgotten ever existed.

Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Reinhold states that Kentucky can regulate anything that it finds to be "insurance." The Court further rules that agreements to shift risk constitute insurance. Taken literally, this could be applied to any interpersonal interaction. We shift risks between family members, neighbors, even strangers every day. Is a Boy Scout helping a little old lady across the street now her insurance company? Under the letter of the law, yes he is.

I hope this sounds as absurd to you as it does to me. The Commonwealth is using KRS 304.1-030, enacted in 1970, to arbitrarily limit healthcare options available to Kentuckians even under ObamaCare. Rather than suffer continued confusion under such unreasonable and capricious laws, we should instead repeal all statutes seeking to regulate insurance. Market competition is a much more efficient regulator than government decree anyway, and civil courts are available for dispute resolution at much less cost than big government.

It's completely understandable if you have to let this idea roll around in your head a while before taking action on it. We just need a few people willing to really fight for healthcare freedom in order to swing it back in our direction. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at 859-537-5372.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's your baby: free market works in Kentucky

In Kentucky, only one individual health insurer covers maternity care. A 22 year old woman seeking health insurance with maternity coverage must pay premiums through a 12 month waiting period. The cost of this rider on an Anthem $2500 deductible plan with 0% coinsurance is $51.37 a month.

That's $1078.77 in premium for 12 months waiting period plus nine months gestation. Add on the $2500 deductible and you are over the market price Lexington OB/GYNs charge to deliver your baby.

It's clearly cheaper to skip maternity coverage and negotiate a cash price with your doctor. 

Incidentally, I called Dr. Blake Bradley in Lexington today. He delivered my fifteen year old son for a $2000 fee we negotiated at the beginning of my wife's pregnancy. His current price is slightly more than $2100.

Under ObamaCare, this free market success story will be a thing of the past. And if Governor Beshear intends to leave the free market intact in the event of a Supreme Court ruling against ObamaCare, he needs to make that clear right away. Otherwise, it certainly looks like he wants to push us to the left on healthcare regardless of what the Supremes say.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kentucky healthcare reign of terror to expand

Governor Steve Beshear's insurance officials in Frankfort are preparing to expand discrimination against Christian health cost sharing programs that are actually exempt from ObamaCare.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance, already pursuing a contempt of court ruling against Christian Care Medi-Share, will widen its regulatory scope tomorrow to include sharing organizations Samaritan Ministries and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

A 2010 Kentucky Supreme Court split decision (Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Reinhold) against Christian Care Medi-Share will be used to shut down Samaritan and Christian Healthcare.

Kentuckians participating in these sharing programs or any others should contact their representatives and demand that state government leave this small corner of freedom in the health care marketplace alone. And since this applies directly to only a small number of Kentuckians, anyone who believes in freedom and opposes government tyranny in all forms should join them.

Next up in Kentucky: Craig Astor

Congressman Brett Guthrie has supported raising the debt ceiling, oppressive government and bad Republican candidates in primaries against tea partiers.

Just got this notice on my Facebook page:

Anyone know who Craig Astor is? It's just about time to find out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tea party should stop government broadband

The full U.S. Senate will be taking up the 2012 Farm Bill soon. When they do, Senator Rand Paul would do well to push for defunding the Rural Utilities Service Broadband Loan Program to get government out of the way and lower the cost of internet for consumers.

Kentucky has more municipal broadband projects than any other state on a per capita basis. In fact, only Washington state's twelve projects exceeds Kentucky's eight, but on a larger population.

A 2010 Reason Foundation report found that Kentucky had the tenth most competitive broadband market in the nation. Government involvement has been promoted as necessary to provide services in rural areas, but that line has been thoroughly debunked.

A group of government watchdog groups this week urged trimming back the federal loan program, but  I think we all expect Senator Paul to not stop at half-measures, nor can our state afford them.

Is David Williams done in 2014?

A quiet election in terms of statewide notice, yesterday's 15th Senate district race could have larger implications including the ouster of Senate President David Williams not just from leadership, but from office altogether in the middle of Gov. Steve Beshear's second term.

The race featured Chris Girdler, a Hal Rogers-backed establishment candidate who spent around $200,000 to win the primary. His three tea party opponents, Mark Polston, Todd Hoskins and AC Donahue combined to spend only a small fraction of that total.

Hoskins, the only Casey Countian in the race, dropped out late and endorsed Polston. He stayed on the ballot, though, and pulled 2% of the vote though he clearly was able to transfer much of his support to Polston.

Donahue refused to fall in behind Polston and held tough to draw 7.3% of the vote. Given Polston's 9.63% loss to Girdler, it's hard not to conclude that a united insurgent effort all along may well have been successful.

Conservatives ought to resist the temptation, though, to praise Hoskins and criticize Donahue. Both were outstanding candidates and both should be encouraged to stay heavily involved. The hollowness of moral victories aside, the quality of these candidates speaks well for the movement in a more rural part of the state. It's almost all good news and portends growth in the future.

Girdler, 32, will be very interesting to watch in the Senate. Protecting his right flank will be important as tea party strength continues to grow but he also has to be wary of a challenge from the left. Senate President David Williams tried to take Pulaski and Russell counties in redistricting and started showing signs of moving to Somerset. He clearly has Girdler in his sights.

Girdler supporters executed a fairly successful whisper campaign claiming that David Williams supported Polston in this race so that he could take Pulaski and Russell in 2013 redistricting and run against Polston in 2014.

If Girdler moves to embrace and be embraced by the tea party quickly, the pieces may fall into place for squeezing Williams out of the Senate in 2014.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama still targeting Tea Party

I use a web site called StatCounter that allows me to see where my traffic on this site is coming from. Sometimes this provides interesting information.

Just got this one:

If you can't tell, someone at the Internal Revenue Service wound up here after doing a Google search for "Kentucky tea party candidates." Sure would be interesting to know how they might justify doing that.

It's hard to view this as anything other than an improper use of federal power.

Sure fix for ObamaCare in Kentucky

The federal Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) explicitly grandfathers in religious based health care cost sharing programs and allows people to use them to pay for their medical expenses while everyone else is forced into government-run payment vehicles.

Kentucky is unique among states in its dogged determination to deny its citizens this last freedom. This is an old fight, but it is time we got everyone engaged.

The last legislative session would have been a perfect opportunity to restore this freedom to Kentuckians.

Please "like" this post and share it with any Kentucky Christians you know who are concerned about ObamaCare. This is so important we should demand Governor Beshear call the legislature into special session in June to pass a law specifically permitting religious-based medical cost sharing programs to operate without government interference in Kentucky. It is our most realistic defense against ObamaCare, it would present a cost-savings for Kentuckians while allowing a desperately needed free-market solution.

Christian Care Medishare has operated very successfully in the state for years. Spreading their success would benefit Kentuckians financially and by teaching a much needed lesson in free markets.

Please alert your legislators to this critical issue.

Monday, May 21, 2012

David Givens' opponent cites Enron-style scheme

Kentucky state Senator David Givens continued to use his office to benefit himself financially by operating a questionable "agriculture" business until the state quietly shut it down last September, Republican state Senate candidate Don Butler said.

Senator Givens is Co-Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. The name of Givens' company, of which he was described alternately as an officer or owner, was Green River Cattle Company.

"It is tough to track it all down but after taking some hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars and producing nothing, Green River Cattle Company looks like the Enron of Kentucky agriculture," Butler said. "It wasn't much of a company, there were no cattle, no river and the only green was the taxpayer money going into David Givens' pocket." 

Givens showed income from Green River Cattle Company on his Legislative Ethics reports through 2010. Givens has also come under fire in his re-election bid for claiming falsely to have never voted to raise taxes.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Real health reform road show starts Monday

Two weeks ago, the Beshear administration tried to sneak a bogus "public" hearing on ObamaCare past the people of Kentucky.

It failed.

Monday night, May 21st, a different kind of public hearing will be held. Please join a public discussion at the Jeffersontown Public Library at 10635 Watterson Trail in Louisville.

We will talk about what the Beshear administration is doing to us, how it is more important to fight the battle on the state level than to wait for a favorable U.S. Supreme Court ruling next month. We will talk about what you can do to help protect the state from another brush with socialized medicine and why Frankfort Republicans are fighting for the wrong team.

We will talk about real free market solutions. Hope to see you there.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Republican Party of Kentucky attacks conservative

On Thursday afternoon, a recorded telephone call from Republican Party of Kentucky headquarters defended incumbent moderate Senator David Givens for his bad votes on taxes, spending and healthcare. The call urged Republicans to ignore criticism of Givens' record and to re-elect him anyway.

Givens faces conservative Tea Party Republican challenger Don Butler in the primary election on Tuesday, May 22.

Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson said the call went out to approximately 2000 voters in the 9th Senate district, according to a local party official.

The call in support of Givens represents a new low for the Republican Party of Kentucky, which continues to unnecessarily prolong the battle between establishment moderates and conservative Tea Partiers.

Chris Christie shows Republicans how to sell out

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be in Lexington on Saturday to address Kentucky Republicans. He will surely talk about his May 10 veto of a bill to set up an ObamaCare health insurance exchange in his state.

What he won't tell us is that his veto was just for show and that he was already -- and still is -- setting his state on the path to socialized medicine.

As always, the trick is to follow the money.

Governor Christie applied for and received a $7.6 million Affordable Care Act Establishment grant and is spending it readying his state for ObamaCare. The law explicitly allows states to forgo this activity and, in fact, returning the federal money forcing the federal government to set up the exchange is the only way to go.

Like several other Republicans, Christie appears to have fallen for the idea that a state-run exchange is either required or somehow allows states to maintain a form of local control.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has expressed the same position. Both the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute have urged states to return Establishment grant money as the surest way out of ObamaCare's clutches.

Why this message hasn't gotten more traction would be a real mystery if politicians in both parties had not so clearly displayed their addiction to federal money, with or without strings attached.

And make no mistake, the strings attached to the federal money already accepted by many states will become very heavy ropes before 2015 when states will be responsible for all the costs of exchanges regardless of who is "running" them.

At best the states are being set up as scapegoats for when ObamaCare fares poorly. Worse, opponents banking on a favorable Supreme Court ruling will be surprised at how much of ObamaCare will survive in states that have cooperated and have accepted federal money.

States like New Jersey and Kentucky


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Funniest Kentucky political ad ever

Tea Party Republican Don Butler is running a radio ad against his incumbent opponent David Givens that has people talking down around Glasgow, Kentucky. Click the link below to listen to it.

Monday, May 14, 2012

David Givens suffers 40-point ObamaCare swoon

Powerful incumbent Senate Republican David Givens, chairman of the Senate Agriculture committee, was cruising to a 20-point win two weeks ago. In the past week, though, Givens got skewered by the Kentucky Club for Growth for raising taxes and then lying about it in a newspaper ad.

Also last week, his opponent, Tea Party Republican Don Butler, started running a radio ad pointing out Givens' support of ObamaCare in the state legislature.

Now two different sources who have polled the race tell Kentucky Progress that Givens is losing by twenty. And Butler reportedly has an even harder-hitting ad in the can for the final week.

If you haven't already joined the movement to stop Frankfort's quiet effort to implement ObamaCare, please do so now.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Is Steve Beshear lying or just lazy and stupid?

Last week when Governor Steve Beshear came clean about quietly setting up ObamaCare in Kentucky he repeated a canard that apparently still needs to be debunked. Beshear wants you to believe that if Kentucky sets up its own ObamaCare health insurance exchange, that we will maintain some kind of local control.

Setting up a state-run exchange, Beshear said, "also guarantees we don't have the federal government running our insurance market."

But page 8 of a federal Health and Human Services ObamaCare document summarizing the law on Kentucky's Department of Insurance web site clearly explains that if the HHS Secretary isn't happy with the state's activities, then the feds can step in and take control.

There are lots of myths, distortions and outright lies surrounding the ObamaCare mess. It would be great if more of Kentucky's Republican officials got on board with the effort to fight this nonsense back. Those sitting on the sidelines now are just going to look sillier and sillier as this goes along.

KY Club for Growth blasts David Givens

The Kentucky Club for Growth today ruled a campaign ad for incumbent state Senator David Givens "blatantly false" just as Givens prepares to face tea party challenger Don Butler in the May 22 Republican primary.

The Club's statement mentioned and linked to a post from Kentucky Progress.

During Sen. Givens four years in the Senate, there has really only been one significant tax increase brought to the Senate floor - 2009's HB 144, a $160 million annual tax increase.  While Thayer and eleven other Senators opposed it, Sen. Givens voted for it.  HB 144 increased tobacco taxes and created a new tax on alcohol, double-taxing the industry and giving Kentucky one of the highest alcohol taxes in the country! (Don't try to argue that 'families' are unaffected by these taxes.  Families throughout the Commonwealth are involved in growing, producing, distributing, retailing and consuming these products.)
Additionally that year, Givens voted to create a tax on "Internet Protocol Television (HB 236), create new taxes on digital property (HB 347) and hike the gas tax by $0.04 (HB 374).

Club Executive Director Andy Hightower concludes his dressing down of Givens by referring to Givens' advertising claim that he supports "open and honest government."

This probably also puts to lie his claim of 'Honest Government.'

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bob Damron, closet ObamaCare supporter

Less than two weeks after Kentucky House Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob Damron lied to voters through the Campaign for Liberty survey about his position on ObamaCare, he has now publicly stated his support for Obama's federal healthcare takeover.

On his Facebook page, Damron expressed support for keeping the more than $60 million in federal grant money we have received so far, which obligates Kentucky to set up an ObamaCare bureaucracy in state government. He has since removed that post from his page, though this image was captured:

A self-styled pro-business conservative, Damron should have to explain how his sneakiness and prevarication on this issue squares with his desire to be re-elected to represent increasingly-conservative Jessamine County.

In the November election, Damron faces Republican Matt Lockett, who has consistently opposed ObamaCare and supports forcing state government to return the federal ObamaCare money.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Did you see this establishment scam?

An unidentified Washington D.C. organization has mailed to Kentucky very conservative-looking flyers touting establishment candidates who have refused to be pinned down specifically on key issues. I'm not nearly as concerned about any possible campaign finance violation (mailing organizations should identify identify themselves) as I am curious to know why the secrecy was thought to be necessary.

Slippery establishment types posing as rock-ribbed conservatives have damaged the Republican brand enough. If you have seen a mailer like this touting your local establishment politician, please let me know.

Where are our Republicans on BeshearCare?

The most striking aspect of Kentucky's self-destructive dalliance with ObamaCare is the silence of the state's Republicans.

Are we so addicted to federal grant money (more than $60 million so far for health "reform," and counting) that even our elected Republicans can't see the strings attached?

Talk to your Republican officeholders at the state and federal levels about this. With very little effort, Senators Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell could capture the attention of the overwhelming majority of Kentucky voters who oppose ObamaCare. It will take that to force corrective action out of Governor Beshear and the lethargic Republican leadership in the state Senate.

All of our U.S. House members but Reps. John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler should be eager to come to our aid, as should the small army of Republican candidates running in the May elections.

Where are these people, now that we need them?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Frankfort incumbent senator's ad tells the tale

Kentucky state Senator David Givens has voted to raise your taxes repeatedly in Frankfort. But in a newspaper ad he purchased for his re-election, he says he "consistently opposes tax increases." That's like Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who said he was personally opposed to abortion but voted for it anyway.

Then Givens said he is for open and honest government. He is probably talking there about his vote for Senate Bill 7 in 2011, a toothless "transparency" bill that hasn't changed anything in closed, secretive Frankfort. Voters may well conclude he "believes taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent," but only until they read and understand the next bullet point in the newspaper ad.

Givens' biggest whopper in the ad is his claim that he "has voted to cut billions in government spending." That only works if you can ignore the many billion more in spending that he voted for regardless of our state's ability to afford it. Givens voted to spend every dime of the $3.4 billion in Obama stimulus funds the federal government sent, the $2.4 billion in general fund appropriation-supported debt he voted for and the untold billions more in unfunded pension liabilities he will helped create by failing to properly fund the Kentucky Retirement Systems. Given these facts, the the slogan "A true conservative we can count on to protect our liberty" really doesn't make much sense, does it? David Givens had four years to come up with a better ad, but his sorry record dictates that he try to get by on subterfuge and slippery language.

Fortunately, Givens is opposed in the Republican primary by tea party candidate Don Butler, the former county judge in Metcalfe County. Butler has campaigned on a pledge to never vote for a tax increase, to never vote for an unbalanced budget and to refuse a legislative pension. Notice the difference between that and just stating that he opposes tax increases, debt and unbalanced budgets and our state's pension mess? 

Steve Beshear saw his shadow yesterday

Governor Steve Beshear yesterday called a halt to what was to be a series of open-to-the-public meetings on ObamaCare implementation in Kentucky. This came quickly after a team of his bureaucrats met substantial public resistance at a Frankfort meeting to discuss ObamaCare.

The Tea Party needs to step up and have them for him. Across the state and as soon as possible, we need to have citizen-run ObamaCare public hearings at which we seek to answer the following questions:

1- Do Kentucky citizens want ObamaCare or to participate in the excessively expensive federally controlled state-run exchanges when the law clearly makes participation optional? Why or why not?
2- Should Governor Beshear return the more than $60 million in federal grants for setting up a health insurance exchange?
3- Which legislators will demand that Governor send the money back? Do we need a special session of the General Assembly to address this issue?
4- What real solutions do we want to problems in the health care industry?

Setting up a public event is easy. Public libraries and schools have meeting rooms that can be used with little or no cost. A sponsoring organization is sometimes necessary and may be a good idea anyway. Teaming up with local civic groups can help spread the word about an event.

Lots of help is available if you are willing to get the ball rolling. Just ask.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Tea Party resurgence in Kentucky

The Tea Party came to prominence in the wake of ObamaCare, the federal takeover of American healthcare starting in 2009. State implementation of the federal law stirred up the movement again today.

It all started last week when a Kentucky ObamaCare official, Kris Hayslett quietly scheduled an auditorium in the state Transportation Cabinet building for a "public" meeting discussing state activity in setting up a health insurance exchange in the state.

A tea party activist uncovered the event and noted the almost eery lack of publicity behind it. With barely 72 hours notice, a Facebook event page was established. By Monday at 1pm, more than 100 tea partiers joined about three dozen state employees, contractors and lobbyists for what became a two hour long wake-up call for anyone who thought there would be no public resistance to socialized medicine.

"Unbelievable," said Candice Franklin of Lincoln County. "No one in Frankfort can answer where the money will come from to pay for this free stuff for everybody."

Kathy Linzy of Anderson County enjoyed watching the bureaucratic panel's shell-shocked reaction to public opposition to their scheme.

"Clearly their eyes were glazing over when the folks at the mic asked questions," Linzy said. "The panel did say these were not the questions they were looking for. What they were looking for was info and ideas on how to implement the health care exchange."

Kentucky has already accepted more federal money to establish a state run health insurance exchange than any other state but New York. Last week, Governor Steve Beshear claimed that he had no choice but to prepare to set up a state run exchange should the U.S. Supreme Court find the law constitutional. The panel today repeated his claim, despite the fact that the law clearly says it is optional.

Further, common sense says that not getting the state involved in this nonsense is the cheaper way to go.

"This is the camel's nose, head and three-fourths of its body already in the tent," said Dan Blanchard of Jefferson County. "If centralized government imposes its will on us here, it sets all the precedent they need to go after any vestige of liberty in any other areas we have left. This is not about affordable health care. It's about a pseudo-intelligent elite trying to control 'We the People.'"

The strong showing of tea partiers clearly frustrated the bureaucrats, but left conservatives wondering what would come next.

"Other than a show of force, I wonder if we accomplished much," said Ann Prothro of Woodford County. "I found them very parental, patronizing. It felt like they thought we were all talking in study hall."

Indeed, what comes next is critical. A single, simple demand is necessary. Conservatives and tea partiers should call Governor Beshear and demand that he return the $60 million in federal grant money Kentucky has received to implement an ObamaCare. His number is (502)564-2611. Further, please call your state Senator and Representative and demand that they publicly call on Beshear to send the money back and discontinue all efforts to create an ObamaCare health insurance exchange in Kentucky.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Attend Beshear's public ObamaCare meeting

Kentucky has already budgeted more money for implementing ObamaCare than any other state but New York. Governor Beshear has been working behind the scenes to set up an ObamaCare health insurance exchange in Kentucky while most people are distracted by the U.S. Supreme Court decision on the ObamaCare mandate.

If he is not reversed quickly, Beshear will be able to run ObamaCare in Kentucky even if the federal law is overturned by the Supreme Court.

The legislature has failed to stop him. We must do it and the time is now.

On Monday, May 7 in Frankfort, the Beshear administration is holding a public meeting about the future of ObamaCare in Kentucky. As many of us as possible must attend. The Beshear Administration tried to keep this meeting quiet; the idea was to bus their people in and make it look like everyone loves ObamaCare. If you can make it at 1pm on Monday to 200 Mero Street in Frankfort (Transportation Cabinet Building Auditorium C105), please come. Even if you can't attend, please spread this invitation as widely as you can.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Printing (or cutting) what doesn't "fit"

From the Associated Press (Printed in the Bowling Green Daily News):

Beshear's announcement raised concerns in Kentucky among opponents of the federal care reforms.
Tea party activist David Adams said Kentucky shouldn't have accepted the federal grants, and that Kentuckians should be outraged that Beshear has been working behind the scenes to plan the health insurance exchange.
"This is the most important thing state government will do to us this year," he said.
It's noteworthy that the Lexington Herald Leader chopped this off the online version of this story.
And here is my original statement:
"If the legislature had any guts they would have prohibited Governor Beshear from spending even a penny setting up the enforcement bureaucracy for ObamaCare. They don't need to have meetings to discuss how great socialized medicine is going to be in Kentucky; they should have already sent the $60 million in federal funds back to Obama. The way the federal law is written, we can ignore ObamaCare mandates if we just refuse to set up an exchange. The purpose of the exchange is to blame the insurance companies and go straight to single-payer when the whole thing proves disastrous. They have to schedule this thing during the day so we can't get a crowd there, but this is the most important thing state government will do to us this year. If you thought the failed General Assemby session was bad, this is Armageddon."

David Adams

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Steve Beshear comes out of closet on May 7

Kentucky will be Ground Zero of the national battle against ObamaCare on Monday, May 7 in Frankfort when  Beshear administration officials forcing us into government-controlled healthcare will hold an open meeting in Frankfort to discuss their progress.

Though some reports have been online and the state budget gives Beshear free rein to ram ObamaCare down our throats, this is his first time publicly admitting his involvement in this disaster.

The meeting will be held at 1pm ET in the auditorium (C105) at the Transportation Cabinet in Frankfort, 200 Mero Street. Beshear has continued to insist, despite the evidence, that he is not setting up an ObamaCare health insurance exchange -- the state enforcement bureaucracy for socialized medicine.

Kentucky has already budgeted more ObamaCare spending than any other state in the nation besides New York.

If you care about stopping ObamaCare and can make it on Monday, you won't want to miss this.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Who are Kentucky's Tea Party candidates?

In an email this morning, Louisville Courier Journal political writer Joe Gerth asked me who the Tea Party candidates are running in the state House and Senate this year. Below is my response. What's yours?

"Good question. I think it's a 'many are called, few are chosen' kind of thing. I hope they all wind up supporting tea party principles, but for now they are mostly running their own races. I hope voters ask the candidates where they all stand on tea party issues and why. Our state officials have underfunded state employee benefits for so long we have about three years left before we won't be able to pay benefits out of KRS funds. That's a tea party issue because taxpayers will be on the hook, but the establishment figures won't even talk about it. Our elected officials have left the door wide open for Obama and Beshear to destroy healthcare in Kentucky with a federally-controlled but state "run" health insurance exchange. Only a handful of candidates have pledged never to raise taxes. I think the candidates who will talk directly to these issues and keep talking about them will be the tea party candidates."