Monday, April 30, 2012

Bob Damron has a Campaign for Liberty problem

Kentucky state Representative Bob Damron (D-Nicholasville) is one of only two Democrats in the General Assembly who completed a Campaign for Liberty survey with 100% affirmative answers.

He might have a problem or two with that.

Interested voters who haven't already written off Damron for bad votes might want to ask him which federal official he wants to arrest first.

Question 4 on the survey asks if the candidate would support nullifying ObamaCare and "authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme."

Damron answered that he would do these things. I would like to see him say that on camera.

While he could certainly claim that he would take this approach to stopping ObamaCare since the opportunity has never come up, question 7 is a different story.

Question 7 asks "Do you oppose taking federal money to create a state health insurance exchange?" Kentucky has taken more federal money for this purpose than any other state except for New York. Damron has been there through the entire ordeal and has never objected once.