Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Who are Kentucky's Tea Party candidates?

In an email this morning, Louisville Courier Journal political writer Joe Gerth asked me who the Tea Party candidates are running in the state House and Senate this year. Below is my response. What's yours?

"Good question. I think it's a 'many are called, few are chosen' kind of thing. I hope they all wind up supporting tea party principles, but for now they are mostly running their own races. I hope voters ask the candidates where they all stand on tea party issues and why. Our state officials have underfunded state employee benefits for so long we have about three years left before we won't be able to pay benefits out of KRS funds. That's a tea party issue because taxpayers will be on the hook, but the establishment figures won't even talk about it. Our elected officials have left the door wide open for Obama and Beshear to destroy healthcare in Kentucky with a federally-controlled but state "run" health insurance exchange. Only a handful of candidates have pledged never to raise taxes. I think the candidates who will talk directly to these issues and keep talking about them will be the tea party candidates."