Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sure fix for ObamaCare in Kentucky

The federal Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) explicitly grandfathers in religious based health care cost sharing programs and allows people to use them to pay for their medical expenses while everyone else is forced into government-run payment vehicles.

Kentucky is unique among states in its dogged determination to deny its citizens this last freedom. This is an old fight, but it is time we got everyone engaged.

The last legislative session would have been a perfect opportunity to restore this freedom to Kentuckians.

Please "like" this post and share it with any Kentucky Christians you know who are concerned about ObamaCare. This is so important we should demand Governor Beshear call the legislature into special session in June to pass a law specifically permitting religious-based medical cost sharing programs to operate without government interference in Kentucky. It is our most realistic defense against ObamaCare, it would present a cost-savings for Kentuckians while allowing a desperately needed free-market solution.

Christian Care Medishare has operated very successfully in the state for years. Spreading their success would benefit Kentuckians financially and by teaching a much needed lesson in free markets.

Please alert your legislators to this critical issue.