Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Drop Christian Care Medi-Share Suit

Kentucky is suing to stop Christian Care Medi-Share from collecting "premiums" and paying medical claims in the state.

This is a mistake.

Christian Care Medi-Share is not an insurance plan. They collect pre-determined amounts of money from people they agree to cover and then pay certain medical claims when they arise. If they help lower costs for some people, I don't see what the problem is. The challenge will be for consumers to judge the merits of the plan. If Medi-Share doesn't live up to its agreements, a lawsuit would be the proper remedy.

I see no need to ban a private company from providing a risk management service to consumers. The Fletcher administration claims to want to lower health care costs. This is one worth exploring and scrutinizing, but don't kill it because it doesn't fit the mold of other plans.

By the way, Christian Care Medi-Share will not accept my family for coverage because they disagree with our religious beliefs. I haven't examined the fine print on one of their plans in several years, so I am not promoting it. My reason for the post is to say we need more solutions to rising healthcare costs. This plan is being challenged because it is not insurance and, therefore, can not be regulated. Lack of insurance regulation is not a problem we have in Kentucky. Let the buyer beware, but let the buyer decide. Dropping the lawsuit against Christian Care Medi-Share is the right thing to do.