Thursday, May 26, 2016

Steve Beshear too stupid for even Associated Press

After news came out about Kentucky Obamacare health premiums shooting even higher in 2017 as federal reform continues to fail, former Gov. Steve Beshear sent a statement to the Associated Press claiming rates are going up because Gov. Matt Bevin is shutting down Kynect.

No one fell for it.

Associated Press reporter Adam Beam called up the largest remaining ObamaCare insurer -- Anthem -- and they told him the same thing they reported in their 22.9% rate increase filing, that rates are going up because Obamacrat claims of "bending the cost curve downward" continue to be false and that shutting Kynect has nothing to do with it.

"When even loyal Frankfort reporters stop short of carrying ObamaCare water, it's clear things have gone completely crazy," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Steve Beshear belongs in jail for going around the Kentucky General Assembly to illegally force us into ObamaCare and he deserves a strait jacket for his increasingly bizarre displays."

ObamaCare crushes Kentuckians again in 2017

Health insurance premium rate increase requests are in for 2017 and it's more bad news for ObamaCare supporters and their victims. The average rate increase for Kentucky's three largest insurers is set to be 25.7%, according to the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

Anthem, by far the largest remaining ObamaCare insurer, has filed a 22.9% rate increase and Humana filed 33.7%. CareSource filed 20.55%.

"Whether they admit it or not, everyone recognizes now that Kentucky politician Steve Beshear illegally forced Kentucky into ObamaCare and this latest evidence confirms yet again we should have fought it every step of the way," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Shutting down Kynect, as Gov. Bevin has promised to do, and repealing certificate of need, which he has not yet addressed, start the long process of fixing what politicians have destroyed in Kentucky healthcare."

Friday, May 13, 2016

Matt Bevin gives Steve Beshear the runs

Gov. Matt Bevin not only put Obama and the leftist open bathroom patrol in their proper place amid the latest craze to force your children onto display for every pervert turning public restrooms into a trans-gendered political petting zoo, he implicitly welcomed former Gov. Steve Beshear to the controversy.

"Under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the federal government has no authority to interfere in local school districts' bathroom policies," Bevin said. "The President is not promoting unity. In fact, he is doing quite the opposite."

"Obama's insane predilection for expanding government's jurisdiction and Steve Beshear's habit of routinely hounding Gov. Bevin's moves create the perfect storm for Beshear to be made to weigh in on this," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "On the issue of exposing your children for political points at their most vulnerable moments, is the Commonwealth's highest ranking leftist a Kentuckian or a Democrat?"

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kentucky defeats REAL ID unfunded mandate

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has vetoed state implementation of the federal REAL ID Act, which would have forced all Kentuckians to get a federal standard drivers license giving the government enhanced tracking abilities of individuals.

"Big government types insist that Kentuckians won't be able to board an airplane without a federal identification, but we called their bluff and exposed their lie," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "This is a good day for Kentuckians to have a governor who will listen to them."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

America's largest individual health insurer dumps Kynect; media cheerleaders stunned into silence

United Healthcare, the nation's largest individual health insurer, made public the news they are pulling out of Kentucky ObamaCare in 2017 and the breathless media followers of all things health reform over the last six years have nothing to say about it.

"The dominoes are falling hard with the Kentucky Health Cooperative dropping out last year and now United Healthcare, the sickest Kentuckians have been treated like political pawns and now will be forced into even fewer choices and necessarily causing more skyrocketing premiums," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Silence from the media enablers in Frankfort is deafening."

Monday, April 25, 2016

Baby Beshear panics, cries partisanship too soon

It was only a matter of time before Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear would try for a return to the glory days of Greg Stumbo attacking Ernie Fletcher by accusing Gov. Matt Bevin of illegally firing state workers for political reasons.

But now?

Beshear has asked the Democrats who run the Executive Branch Ethics Commission to "investigate" Bevin for politically motivated firings. Baby Beshear would probably have preferred to wait until closer to the election so his baseless charges might still be hanging over Republican heads as people go the polls in November, but Bevin's own investigation of former Gov. Steve Beshear's pay-to-play government stands to mess up the preferred narrative.

"Beshear played his empty hand too soon in a clumsy attempt to distract from his father's misdeeds," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Little Andy's misadventures will be fun to watch."

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kentucky Republicans unite against REAL ID

Nearly six hundred Republican delegates to Kentucky's GOP state convention this weekend voted almost unanimously to tell Gov. Matt Bevin to veto an ill-considered plan to accept unfunded mandate, national identification personal tracking device called REAL ID.

"This is ObamaCare for TSA agents that goes away if the states stay strong against it," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Accepting REAL ID pleases a few federal bureaucrats, but most Democrats and nearly all Republicans who understand it oppose it."

Monday, April 18, 2016

Steve Beshear's ObamaCare develops a limp

Frankfort Republicans invited former Governor Steve Beshear to appear last week to testify in favor of his illegal and ill-considered ObamaCare actions, but he declined the opportunity.

Beshear has declined also to comment on his unwillingness to go to bat for his signature debacle.

"After four failed executive orders attempting to legally create Kynect, massive health premium increases and an explosion in unsustainable Medicaid costs, the Beshear legacy of failure and mismanagement has been solidified," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "The 2017 General Assembly should pass 'Beshear's Law,' criminalizing future violations of Kentucky's temporary reorganization executive order statute and jailing governors who violate the law in this fashion."

Friday, April 15, 2016

Bevin investigators, feds take on "Christian" fraudster victimizing drug addicts and taxpayers

Just days after clashing over ObamaCare repeal, federal and state health officials are working together to shut down a "Christian" drug treatment program in central Kentucky found to be bilking private citizens as well as state and federal aid programs.

Isaiah House, a Willisburg organization calling itself a "Recovery Center," has been found by state and federal authorities who spoke on condition of remaining anonymous to be committing Medicaid fraud, food stamp fraud, illegally dispensing prescription drugs and practicing medicine outside the scope of a license and without a license. The organization also has been unable to document its effectiveness at drug treatment.

"Hypocrisy in the name of Christianity is the worst kind I can think of and this is it," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Their victims are among the most vulnerable people in Kentucky and I can't imagine the hell they are going through with this."

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lexington Herald Leader owes Bevin apology

Back on March 29, the Lexington Herald Leader went hog wild with Kentucky's latest left-wing cause celebre, blaming Gov. Matt Bevin for early glitches in state online benefits web site Benefind. In an April 11 Senate Health and Welfare Committee hearing, we learned the truth which totally refutes Frankfort Obamacrats' smear tactics, but three days later the central Kentucky newspaper hasn't mustered the first word of clarity on the issue.

"One of the biggest changes (to Benefind) made by the Bevin administration effectively excludes kynectors from helping Medicaid patients," the Herald Leader charged.

That's false. The Bevin administration hasn't changed the Beshear-created Benefind program, an online update intended to improve the application process for some federal benefit programs. Bevin delayed the rollout of Benefind to limit confusion during the ObamaCare open enrollment period, then went ahead with it on February 29 amid a written promise from federal authorities that Benefind was bug-free and ready to go as well as a clear threat that further delays could result in the state being fined more than $300 million.

The only way to know these facts is to have talked to Bevin officials or attended the April 11 committee meeting. A Herald Leader reporter was at the hearing.

Again, the evidence is in writing. From federal officials.

"If (Health and Family Services Cabinet Secretary Vickie) Glisson and her new team hadn't been so distracted by Bevin's irrational demand to dismantle Kynect, could they have done a better job managing Benefind's rollout?" the Herald Leader asked.

Oh. So that's what this is all about: leftist angst over a candidate running for governor against the ObamaCare debacle becoming Governor and keeping his promise to start limiting the damage. And no, management of the Benefind rollout was rushed by federal promises and threats. We know that now. The Herald Leader knows that.

Suck it up and apologize to Gov. Bevin, Herald Leader. And if you wish to continue pretending to have a shred of competency, please rein in the embarrassingly baseless attacks in the future.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Democrats, media suck-ups fail to cast blame of Benefind mess on Bevin Administration

The real news from today's Senate Health and Welfare Comittee meeting in which Democrats and their media pets continued trying to pin the ongoing mess with former Gov. Steve Beshear's government benefits consolidation program called Benefind on Gov. Matt Bevin was that the paper trail clearly shows federal officials claimed the program was ready and the Commonwealth faced threat of significant costs if its launch were delayed further.

"Gov. Bevin did these idiots a favor by not unleashing the Benefind disaster on Kentuckians during the ObamaCare open enrollment like the Obamacrats wanted, but they are so hellbent on attacking him they missed an excellent opportunity to shut up and keep their stupidity hidden for another day," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "They will all pretend evidence against their failed tactic is not readily available because they have so little else to attack with, but this fight is over."