Friday, January 13, 2017

Democrats kill more Americans with this than abortion

Americans have been hypnotized by dietary junk science for forty years and the devastation of poor health left in its wake started with failed 1972 Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern.

The 1977 "McGovern Report" from the U.S Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs blamed poor American health primarily on eating too much fat and sparked a low fat consumption fetish persisting to today despite staggering evidence it makes poor health worse.

With Republicans winning majorities in government, they can bring to a close Democrats' generation of propaganda against dietary fat so Americans can start regaining control of their health with real, human food.

"Democrats have killed more Americans by forcing low-fat garbage on us than they have with promoting abortion on demand and now is the time to end the horror," David Adams, president of Intracellular Dynamics, said.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Bluegrass company claims "fountain of youth"

A new Kentucky health research firm has launched a unique combination of nutrition products through its direct sales distribution channel which shows early promise in improving athletic performance naturally.

"I am the first test subject and in just three months of taking Pruvit's Keto/OS Max combined with Visalus' NEON, the results have been amazing," Intracellular Dynamics President/CEO David Adams said. "I'll be 50 years old in April and I'm competing every day with athletes half my age and younger. I'm getting faster, stronger and my endurance is increasing rapidly. Mental improvements aren't something I'm really tracking, but they seem to be there too. I haven't felt like this in thirty five years."

Intracellular Dynamics is marketing the Max/Neon combination with a 30 second homemade video on social media, the first of which is titled simply "How."

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Tell Frankfort to repeal illegal ObamaCare tax

Kentuckians with health insurance pay a tax for Kentucky Access -- a high risk pool -- which no longer exists. The continued collection of this illegal tax violates Section 180 of the Kentucky Constitution and our new Republican legislature should repeal it in January at its first opportunity.

"Kentucky's work at escaping ObamaCare can't be completed without repealing KRS 304.17B taxes," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dan Johnson defends Kentucky's REAL ID opposition

Earlier this year, Kentuckians shut down President Obama's effort to force citizens to purchase REAL ID federal government identification. Obama is now pushing harder to put additional costs and mandates on us and we must fight back.

"Obama and Hillary Clinton may want to prohibit Kentuckians from getting on airplane flights and Linda Belcher already voted for this nonsense, but we will fix it," Dan Johnson, 49th district House candidate said.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ObamaCare is dead here; repeal Kentucky's ObamaCare tax

Insurance industry sources report the meltdown in Kentucky ObamaCare is almost complete with Anthem, the last health insurer covering all 120 counties dropping PPO plans in 74 of them. With Gov. Matt Bevin's closing of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange underway, the state tax Obamacrats have been using to fund part of their activities -- authorized by KRS 304.17B-021 to fund Kentucky Access and improperly shifted to ObamaCare by Gov. Steve Beshear -- serves no purpose except to take money away from people already being gouged by government health regulation.

"Winning the battle against Kentucky ObamaCare remains incomplete until this tax is removed from the books and candidates running for state office next month should all be asked their positions on this so we will know," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Intracellular Dynamics expands health technology service in Kentucky; needs salespeople

A market-based attack on rising healthcare costs and poor medical outcomes has arrived in Kentucky.

Intracellular Dynamics has licensed with Texas-based Pruvit Ventures to help people literally transform old and sick cells into new energy and stronger health.

"Government intrusion into our bodies keeps getting worse, so we are fighting back with cutting edge technology and very solidly capitalized partners to execute a strategy whose energy they can't match and won't be able to stop," David Adams, Intracellular Dynamics President/CEO said. "We need salespeople all across the state right away."

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Russ Meyer gives million dollars to cronies, taxpayers get a small hole in the ground

State Rep. Russ Meyer's ten year old scheme to hand massive Democrat donor Clay Corman more than a million dollars for a vacant hole in the ground in Nicholasville deserves a closer look.

"Everyone knows about government waste and corruption but too many people don't do anything to stop it," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Russ Meyer has had ten years to set this right and he's still hiding in that little hole."

Monday, August 01, 2016

Russ Meyer wasted taxpayer money buying a hole in the ground and overpaying friends to fill it in

Embattled incumbent Democrat State Representative Russ Meyer of Nicholasville already faces a stiff challenge by Republican Rob Gullette thanks to Meyer's bad votes this year against Gov. Matt Bevin's repair of the ObamaCare disaster, but then there is a little matter of a hole in the ground on Main Street.

Meyer was the Mayor of Nicholasville from 2007 to 2014. In early 2007, Meyer conspired with some friends for the city to purchase lots 717 and 719 North Main Street at a quick $177,000 profit for one of the conspirators, supposedly to construct a new city hall. Meyer then broke state law KRS 424.260 by contracting for construction services in the amount of $37,025.66 and circumventing the competitive bidding process by splitting the work up into two invoices sent on the same day from the same address.

Nine years later, the lots still sit empty.

"ObamaCare fans like Russ Meyer have generally demonstrated little to no respect for taxpayers' hard-earned money," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "The Meyer's Mugging on Main Street episode here should at the very least result in him being run out of office."

Friday, July 29, 2016

Bevin stops ObamaCare insurer's bait-and-switch

At first glance, Kentucky ObamaCare insurer CareSource's approved rate increase looks odd. Better known as a Medicaid managed care coverage provider but also selling on the exchange, CareSource requested a large 20.55% rate increase request for individual ObamaCare customers but their rate is going up a staggering 29.3%.

This is a great move by Gov. Matt Bevin in the aftermath of the Kentucky Health Cooperative disaster.

Bevin spokesman Doug Hogan explained that an administration actuarial review showed CareSource's rate request "would be insufficient" to pay claims and "would ultimately lead to a harmful scenario for consumers."

Former Governor Steve Beshear could have saved customers, medical providers and taxpayers money and a lot of trouble if he had taken such care at any point before Kentucky Health Cooperative's managers took the money from their bloated salaries and bonuses and ran, leaving the rest of us holding the bag when their shell game failed.

"I guess there aren't any decent Obamacrat actuaries out there or maybe Gov. Beshear was more interested in seeing his friends at the cooperative load up on market share they couldn't maintain so they all got paid bonuses before the music stopped," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Gov. Bevin deserves credit for stopping CareSource from playing the same game.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Will Kentucky lose game of 'Medicaid chicken?' That's a question for Trump and Clinton

ObamaCare cheerleaders in the media keep talking about Gov. Matt Bevin's attempt to renegotiate Kentucky's abysmal Medicaid expansion deal into a somewhat less abysmal deal, but they continue to leave out the most important point. Gov. Bevin's claim that he might unilaterally withdraw from Medicaid expansion is not supported by federal or state law or relevant case law, but federal officials don't want to make that clear because they are still trying to suck other states in by letting them believe there is an escape hatch.

There isn't.

Medicaid is a federal/state partnership for government-run healthcare in which the federal government pays most of the bills and retains total control of how the program is run. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare was simply a tax instead of an unconstitutional usurpation of individual and state rights by the federal government according to the plain language of the Tenth Amendment, it slightly trimmed back the usurpation by deeming the Medicaid expansion to be each state's choice rather than a requirement as previously stated in the "Affordable Care Act."

Some states blindly jumped in to the Medicaid expansion without asking any questions. Gov. Steve Beshear abused state law to add Kentucky to that number. Others negotiated slightly less horrible deals and accepted expansion, claiming falsely to have an ability to withdraw from the expansion later if it proved too expensive.

Obama and Hillary Clinton want to keep pushing holdout states to take the Medicaid expansion by keeping alive the falsehood that states have an ability to escape it later on if they choose. Kentucky would be the first to test this if Gov. Bevin's reform proposal is rejected and he then follows through on his threat to then reverse Kentucky's entrance into expansion. The feds' interest in suckering the holdout states may well inspire them to accept at least most of Bevin's requested reforms.

If, instead, they decide to fight, Bevin could drop excess Medicaid recipients and wait for the feds to sue. Presumably, a President Trump would not fight us and President Clinton would. (Good question to ask both of them.) President Clinton would win the lawsuit, but if Trump is POTUS and there is no lawsuit, Kentucky will win big by joining the states opting out of ObamaCare.