Friday, May 04, 2012

Printing (or cutting) what doesn't "fit"

From the Associated Press (Printed in the Bowling Green Daily News):

Beshear's announcement raised concerns in Kentucky among opponents of the federal care reforms.
Tea party activist David Adams said Kentucky shouldn't have accepted the federal grants, and that Kentuckians should be outraged that Beshear has been working behind the scenes to plan the health insurance exchange.
"This is the most important thing state government will do to us this year," he said.
It's noteworthy that the Lexington Herald Leader chopped this off the online version of this story.
And here is my original statement:
"If the legislature had any guts they would have prohibited Governor Beshear from spending even a penny setting up the enforcement bureaucracy for ObamaCare. They don't need to have meetings to discuss how great socialized medicine is going to be in Kentucky; they should have already sent the $60 million in federal funds back to Obama. The way the federal law is written, we can ignore ObamaCare mandates if we just refuse to set up an exchange. The purpose of the exchange is to blame the insurance companies and go straight to single-payer when the whole thing proves disastrous. They have to schedule this thing during the day so we can't get a crowd there, but this is the most important thing state government will do to us this year. If you thought the failed General Assemby session was bad, this is Armageddon."

David Adams