Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bob Damron, closet ObamaCare supporter

Less than two weeks after Kentucky House Democratic Caucus Chairman Bob Damron lied to voters through the Campaign for Liberty survey about his position on ObamaCare, he has now publicly stated his support for Obama's federal healthcare takeover.

On his Facebook page, Damron expressed support for keeping the more than $60 million in federal grant money we have received so far, which obligates Kentucky to set up an ObamaCare bureaucracy in state government. He has since removed that post from his page, though this image was captured:

A self-styled pro-business conservative, Damron should have to explain how his sneakiness and prevarication on this issue squares with his desire to be re-elected to represent increasingly-conservative Jessamine County.

In the November election, Damron faces Republican Matt Lockett, who has consistently opposed ObamaCare and supports forcing state government to return the federal ObamaCare money.