Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Steve Beshear saw his shadow yesterday

Governor Steve Beshear yesterday called a halt to what was to be a series of open-to-the-public meetings on ObamaCare implementation in Kentucky. This came quickly after a team of his bureaucrats met substantial public resistance at a Frankfort meeting to discuss ObamaCare.

The Tea Party needs to step up and have them for him. Across the state and as soon as possible, we need to have citizen-run ObamaCare public hearings at which we seek to answer the following questions:

1- Do Kentucky citizens want ObamaCare or to participate in the excessively expensive federally controlled state-run exchanges when the law clearly makes participation optional? Why or why not?
2- Should Governor Beshear return the more than $60 million in federal grants for setting up a health insurance exchange?
3- Which legislators will demand that Governor send the money back? Do we need a special session of the General Assembly to address this issue?
4- What real solutions do we want to problems in the health care industry?

Setting up a public event is easy. Public libraries and schools have meeting rooms that can be used with little or no cost. A sponsoring organization is sometimes necessary and may be a good idea anyway. Teaming up with local civic groups can help spread the word about an event.

Lots of help is available if you are willing to get the ball rolling. Just ask.