Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kentucky healthcare reign of terror to expand

Governor Steve Beshear's insurance officials in Frankfort are preparing to expand discrimination against Christian health cost sharing programs that are actually exempt from ObamaCare.

The Kentucky Department of Insurance, already pursuing a contempt of court ruling against Christian Care Medi-Share, will widen its regulatory scope tomorrow to include sharing organizations Samaritan Ministries and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

A 2010 Kentucky Supreme Court split decision (Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Reinhold) against Christian Care Medi-Share will be used to shut down Samaritan and Christian Healthcare.

Kentuckians participating in these sharing programs or any others should contact their representatives and demand that state government leave this small corner of freedom in the health care marketplace alone. And since this applies directly to only a small number of Kentuckians, anyone who believes in freedom and opposes government tyranny in all forms should join them.