Friday, May 11, 2012

KY Club for Growth blasts David Givens

The Kentucky Club for Growth today ruled a campaign ad for incumbent state Senator David Givens "blatantly false" just as Givens prepares to face tea party challenger Don Butler in the May 22 Republican primary.

The Club's statement mentioned and linked to a post from Kentucky Progress.

During Sen. Givens four years in the Senate, there has really only been one significant tax increase brought to the Senate floor - 2009's HB 144, a $160 million annual tax increase.  While Thayer and eleven other Senators opposed it, Sen. Givens voted for it.  HB 144 increased tobacco taxes and created a new tax on alcohol, double-taxing the industry and giving Kentucky one of the highest alcohol taxes in the country! (Don't try to argue that 'families' are unaffected by these taxes.  Families throughout the Commonwealth are involved in growing, producing, distributing, retailing and consuming these products.)
Additionally that year, Givens voted to create a tax on "Internet Protocol Television (HB 236), create new taxes on digital property (HB 347) and hike the gas tax by $0.04 (HB 374).

Club Executive Director Andy Hightower concludes his dressing down of Givens by referring to Givens' advertising claim that he supports "open and honest government."

This probably also puts to lie his claim of 'Honest Government.'