Friday, May 11, 2012

Is Steve Beshear lying or just lazy and stupid?

Last week when Governor Steve Beshear came clean about quietly setting up ObamaCare in Kentucky he repeated a canard that apparently still needs to be debunked. Beshear wants you to believe that if Kentucky sets up its own ObamaCare health insurance exchange, that we will maintain some kind of local control.

Setting up a state-run exchange, Beshear said, "also guarantees we don't have the federal government running our insurance market."

But page 8 of a federal Health and Human Services ObamaCare document summarizing the law on Kentucky's Department of Insurance web site clearly explains that if the HHS Secretary isn't happy with the state's activities, then the feds can step in and take control.

There are lots of myths, distortions and outright lies surrounding the ObamaCare mess. It would be great if more of Kentucky's Republican officials got on board with the effort to fight this nonsense back. Those sitting on the sidelines now are just going to look sillier and sillier as this goes along.