Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kentucky House tea party tidal wave forming?

The Kentucky Right to Life (KYRTL) organization endorsed Democrat Kentucky House Majority Caucus Leader Bob Damron against his Republican opponents for years until 2010. That year, Damron escaped with a narrow win when Peter Kerr got a C- from the NRA.

This year will apparently be much different. The KYRTL has already endorsed Damron's 2012 opponent Matt Lockett. Damron has already shredded his fiscal conservative facade voting for a series of tax increases and horribly irresponsible budget bills. He has angered the most conservative part of his Jessamine County constituency by trying to jettison them away in the House's unconstitutional redistricting scheme.

The Barack Obama effect combined with Damron's self-inflicted difficulties set Lockett up for what would be the highest profile Republican pickup.