Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ron Paul rocks Kentucky Republican RINOs

State House and Senate candidates in Kentucky are getting loaded down with surveys from various organizations asking their positions on a wide variety of issues. There's one in particular that is not to be missed.

Ron Paul-founded Campaign For Liberty sent out a 7-question survey. Six of the questions should be pretty easy for any candidate to handle, dealing with personal liberties and fiscal responsibility. But the seventh question zaps everyone who voted for the state budget late last month.

The question reads as follows: Do you oppose taking federal money to create a state health insurance exchange? Standard operating procedure for Kentucky politicians might dictate that they try answering yes even though they voted for the 2012 budget bill, which accepted more than $50 million and spent it as well as obligating taxpayers to spend much more.

The smart thing for those politicians to do instead will be to just throw the survey in the trash and go hide under their desks. In a low turnout primary election, it will be somewhat better to be nailed by Campaign for Liberty for being too chicken to answer the questions than it will be to get nailed for trying to lie their way out of the mess they got themselves (and us) into.

Go ahead. Make our day.

If you know and support any good conservative candidates running against big-spending incumbents in Kentucky, please share this post as widely as you can.