Thursday, April 12, 2012

Frankfort's foolproof plan to eliminate debt

Kentucky's Office of Financial Management web site has been a rich source of state debt information that I tried for many months to get people to pay attention to with limited success.

It appears that ship has sailed. The only report left on the site with any debt data is apparently the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which pretty much requires the patience of Job to find useful information.

Long-time readers may recall last summer I was trying to draw attention to a clear, concise debt report on a web page the Beshear Administration had failed to update for three years as state debt soared. That site now no longer exists. (See for yourself.)

So the brilliant plan to get rid of the state's impossible level of debt is to simply take down the web sites.

Historians will point to this despicable behavior and the complete lack of mainstream media coverage of it some day. For now, you need to know we basically have three years till the state's finances implode due to exactly this kind of deceit and mismanagement.