Friday, September 29, 2006

KY Dems October Surprise Unmasked

Saturday update: I mentioned today's actual big story, that Bill Clinton is coming to Kentucky, three weeks ago. As I reported in the comments of that post, Jerry Lundergan denied to me that Clinton was coming. Typical. I wonder how long it will take him to come clean on the Bill Clinton money. I see today's AP story repeats the lie that Hillary's visit last year brought in $600,000. Anyway, the racist thing is coming soon enough, I would imagine.
Those crafty Kentucky Democrats have called a 10 AM press conference for Saturday morning to announce that Republicans are racists.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The current spin is that Secretary of State Trey Grayson's multi-state initiative to cut down on voter fraud in the last election is under attack by Attorney General Greg Stumbo. For the sake of accuracy, we can really leave Stumbo out of the story for now, though, because his lawsuit has nothing to do with these shenanigans.

Democrats are going to allege that 8000 African-American Kentucky voters were purged from the rolls last year out of sheer Republican meanness. The tiny little problem with this is it is not true.

Not that this will stop them from trying to make hay.

This could be another great opportunity for the blogosphere to shine light on just the latest garbage from the Left. We'll see.

Public records show slightly less than 300 people statewide were questioned erroneously about their voter registration in the last election, but every single one of them voted. Further, the purge was aimed at people who were registered in two different states simultaneously and only affected the older registration.

And the really sad part is there was no racial aspect to the entire project. The computers involved had no knowledge of the race of any voter involved. The African-American community is being abused by Democrats here.

We're ready for you guys.

No Cable TV For Terrorists

The U.S. Senate voted yesterday to go ahead and treat enemy combatants like enemies and not white collar criminals.

Good move. And as you will see, President Hillary Clinton, President Ted Kennedy, President John Kerry, and President Evan Bayh voted for cable tv, three hot meals a day, and free healthcare for terrorists.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Price Fixing Of Wages Hurts Workers

The same folks who are pushing minimum wage tax increases as economic development are now trying to make hay out of a bill that would push more women out of competitive jobs.

Lexington Mayor's Race Is Now Over

Remember when Lexington's eminent domain abuse supporters used to scoff at water company takeover opponents who said "What's next, are you going to takeover Lexmark or Paul Miller Ford?"

Well, Mayor Teresa Isaac just said she wants to take Lexington Mall by eminent domain and turn it into a softball complex.

I am not making this up.

Maybe It Was The Free Health Care: Boy Flees Miami, Goes To Cuba

Pretty funny story about a 14 year-old boy who slipped out of his Miami home and ran away to Cuba.

Liberals can relax; this was no political statement. Sounds like a he is a little troubled, a little smitten with a girl in Cuba, and had access to his mother's credit card.

The money quote comes from Dad: ''I'm hoping he will spend a couple of months there without his computer, plasma TV, iPod, and he'll want to come back,'' the father said. ``My son likes the good things in life. He won't find that in Cuba.''

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Score Another One For The ACLU

Congrats to the bed-wetters at the ACLU for making sure freaks like Bart McQueary of Harrodsburg can yell and scream nonsense at military funerals.

If we can limit freedom of speech in the case of someone yelling "fire!" in a movie theater to cause a panic, surely we can do it without harm to the Republic to give a little peace to innocent family members of dead soldier.

Now we need to go back and make a law limiting the penalty for beating the crap out of a military funeral protestor to a $50 fine.

Racial Epithets And Lies In Virginia

Journalists' favorite gotcha question for candidates used to be "Have you ever smoked pot?" This year it is quickly becoming "Have you ever used the n-word?"

After Sen. George Allen's (R-Virginia) macaca moment, a former teammate came forward after decades and several gubernatorial and Senate campaigns to suddenly recall Allen using the racial slur as a young man.

Now Allen's Democrat opponent Jim Webb has had his own "I didn't inhale" experience.

When asked if he had ever used the n-word, he said "I don't think that there's anyone who grew up around the South that hasn't had the word pass through their lips at one time or another in their life."

He apparently realized his inadvertent clarity and said "I have never used that word in my general vocabulary or in any derogatory way."

Interesting to note, at the end of this AP story about the ordeal, talking head Larry Sabato injected himself into the controversy by saying one day he knew Sen. Allen had used the epithet, before admitting the next day that he didn't know any such thing.

No word on if Sabato has any lies to tell about the Democrat Webb.

What a silly mess.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trouble For Jessamine's Cecil Moss?

Rumors of abuse have swirled around Jessamine county's jail for years.

Jailer Frank Hubbard is retiring and his long-time chief deputy -- Cecil Moss -- is running to replace him. His opponent has put up a website that is attracting a lot of attention for its inflammatory charges.

John Vest, the Republican nominee for Jailer, says he has a lot more information about trouble at the jail in Nicholasville.

This one might be interesting to watch.

Fleming County Bipartisanship On Education. Great Story!

The Flemingsburg Gazette is a weekly paper in a small town, owned by a wild-eyed liberal.

Fortunately, Guy Townsend has shifted gears from endless rants against George Bush to a cogent dismantling of the local school system and a clear depiction of rampant waste.

Townsend's September 21 article is fabulous:

Speaking of your tax dollars, word has reached us that in one of the county’s elementary schools something like 97 fifth-graders are having to get by with only 53 reading books because there isn’t any money in the budget to buy books. (The situation appears to be even worse in the high school.) We’re working on this now and hope to be able to provide more detailed information soon in a news story. If those figures are accurate, the Fleming County school administration has failed to provide enough funding to one of our elementary schools to enable it to buy books for 44 students. This is the same Fleming County school administration which has been able to find funding to pay a retired administrator (who is already receiving a sizeable pension) $42,000 to do a job that the system would only have to pay a new hire $19,000 to do. That’s a difference of $23,000. I’ll bet you could buy 44 reading books for $23,000.

Also found a special treat in the September 14 edition (all opinion columns are on the same page, just scroll down). A guest column by Kentucky College Republican Chairman Derek Hall:

I NEVER agree with Guy Townsend, and I want to make that clear, but of recent, he has been singing my song on education. His numbers don’t lie; Fleming County is failing educationally and it will cost us more in the future than you may ever imagine. Fleming County is full of unrealized potential, and we need leaders that can help us achieve new levels of success. That’s why I am officially asking Kelly Crain to resign as our Superintendent of Fleming County Schools and give us the opportunity to bring in an individual concerned with positive progress. I understand that my solution may offend some folks, but understand that I am not attacking Kelly Crain personally, only professionally.

Keep fighting the fight guys. We're counting on you.

Man Of The Year

What are we doing picking on poor old Bill Clinton when the Democrats are running Robin Williams for President?

Monday, September 25, 2006

McCainiac For A Day

John McCain's visit to Kentucky tonight was very profitable for Kentucky's Republican Party.

And the good news is he left all the money that he raised here. Jerry Lundergan -- take note.

Good show. Happy folks. Good time for the tide to turn.

On the election, that is. I'm still not crazy about McCain.

Vote No On Eminent Domain Abuse

The Lexington Herald Leader printed the ballot referendum question for re-starting the water company takeover.

At 170 words, the question will require us to bring a lawyer to the polling place on election day to explain the darn thing.

Condemnation opponents might do well to frame the issue as an opportunity to vote against Teresa Isaac twice.

"I Couldn't Find That Man, Mr. Bin Laden"

Bill Clinton's finger-wagging, journalist-poking, ranting, raving screechfest yesterday got a lot of attention and has generated a lot of conversation.

It is just getting started. While going batty might help his wife get the Dem nomination for President next year, it won't do any good for Democrat candidates this year. The Clintons have always belonged to the Party of Clinton first and foremost, so conspiracy theorists will have lots to chew on for a while.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Democrat Family Day In Frankfort!

Some highlights from today's big event:

Speaker of the House Jody Richards: "Ernie raised taxes on our small businesses with the AMC. We stopped that. That's not good policy."

So how did Kentucky Democrats stop that bad policy? By voting overwhelming for it, of course. Notice that Jody voted for it as well.

Senate Candidate Jim Keller, former state Supreme Court Justice, speaking about Supreme Court candidate Mary Noble: "She is a yellow dog Democrat. Don't forget that when you go to the polls!"

And then Wesley Clark flew in from Mars: "Much of what has happened since 9/11 has been a cover-up." And then "President Clinton was a very fine Commander-In-Chief. He kept this country out of war."

But the funniest harangue came from congressional candidate Tom Barlow, who said: "We are delivering lower gasoline prices and when we take office in January we are going to bring peace to the Middle East peacefully, we are going to have affordable medical care and high paying jobs!"

Merlene Davis Does A Lieberman

Remember when Sen. Joe Lieberman gave a speech on the Senate floor about Bill Clinton and how terrible the things he had done were but that, ultimately, we shouldn't do anything about it?

Merlene Davis' column in the Lexington Herald Leader did the same thing with Kentucky's public education system. She manages to complain about some CATS scores, but is happy enough with the status quo to avoid suggesting any changes.

Another missed opportunity by the Left.

Getting Ahead Of Ourselves Again

Sen. John McCain is on Meet The Press right now. As I head off to church I'm wondering: is he the best we can come up with in 2008?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Liberals Gone Mild: Late Summer Edition

At long last, this is all they have left. Jerry Lundergan is ready to set his own barn on fire because some lobbyists got their names printed on a Republican party fundraiser invitation.

Do they really think they caught two dozen sophisticated legislative agents risking their entire businesses in order to shake John McCain's hand?

No, they really don't. They just don't have any issues. They had to do something and couldn't think of anything else.

All this minimum wage tax increase as fiscal policy nonsense and month after month of vague complaining about gas prices -- grown only louder as prices fluctuated downward -- should have been a dead giveaway they had nothing left in the hopper.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Church Weighs In On Key Dem Issue

It is very easy to make fake political church signs for yourself at

Fiscal Sissies Need Not Apply

Kentuckians who have had enough of wild government spending will soon have reason to hope for real change. The Club for Growth of Kentucky will blast onto the scene very, very soon.

The Club for Growth is an organization of individuals who support fiscally responsible government policies and candidates with the courage to agree. The Kentucky Club will support their aims here in the Bluegrass State.

Interested? Think you can handle it?

Go here now.

Addressing The Healthcare Crisis

Kudos to Kentucky's doctors for joining the effort to repeal Certificate of Need laws that limit the number of healthcare providers and the services they can provide. The status quo gives us prices that are too high.

Combining this issue with medical malpractice reform will turn up the heat on both, but could help get action on both as well.

Rumor On A Stick

Idle speculation has Steve Pence picking Bruce Lunsford as a running mate.

Lunsford spent eight million dollars of his own money to run for governor in 2003. He finished third in the three-way Democratic primary.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Can't Please Everyone

George Bush's approval rating continues to climb in Kentucky. It is up to 44%.

That's high enough for now. As frustrating as it is that "the Dems are worse" is about the best the national GOP can do for a campaign slogan this year, it is working.

Yarmuth Getting Desperate

Isn't it just about time for John Yarmuth to melt down like Clooney did?

This doesn't look good for him.

Sex Offenders Don't Like New Law


Call the ACLU, guys.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Democrats Versus Cars

California's Attorney General is suing carmakers for causing global warming.

Maybe we could get our left-wingers to push Greg Stumbo to do the same. That would be fun to watch. In fact, you can call the Sierra Club of Kentucky in Lexington at (859) 296-4335 and tell them to get on the stick and call their Democrats before we all burn up in our fossil fuels!

Dem House Candidate Can't Be Fired

Nothing in the Lexington Herald Leader yesterday or today about the East Lake neighborhood forum at the Eagle Creek Public Library Monday night.

The low point was when House candidate Chris Frost, a UK law professor, answered a question about how he would deal with University of Kentucky President Lee Todd if Frost were elected to the legislature.

Frost stunned listeners by saying "I'm a tenured professor. He can't fire me."

That's the kind of attitude we like in our government employees.

Ensuring "Clean" Judicial Elections?

As election day draws closer, judicial races are heating up all over Kentucky.

My approach to such races has been to pick the more conservative candidate -- so far as I could determine -- and hope for the best. Higher court justices often come up through the ranks, so it stands to reason that sober district court judges are necessary if we are to have good appellate justices down the road.

I've seen a few efforts to improve voter knowledge for judicial elections, but generally they range from the mundane to the absurd.

The Kentucky Judicial Campaign Conduct Committee is at least bipartisan. But their website, if you read it, offers precious little other than finger-wagging about avoiding conflicts and ignoring voters.

Voters should choose candidates on the basis of their complete records, and remember that the best judges are those who aren’t afraid to make decisions that might be unpopular. The judges’ code of conduct says “a judge shall not be swayed by partisan interests, public clamor or fear of criticism.” The public doesn’t need, and shouldn’t want, judges who make decisions with the next election in mind.

Seriously, what does any of this mean? Interestingly, I found most of the above passage attributed to Al Cross in a Richmond Register news story. Al is out of pocket today, but I will try to get some comment from him about which unpopular decisions we want our judges to embrace and which partisan interests we want them to reject. If we are supposed to pick judges who make decisions we don't like, why are we bothering to have elections?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Like Garlic To A Vampire: Liberals Hate Special Ed School Choice Bill

It was no surprise to see the Lexington Herald Leader editorial page wax poetic about trapping special education children in schools that won't help them.

Here is a different perspective. And you probably didn't see this either.

Chris Frost: Too Little, Too Late

State House candidate Chris Frost, a Democrat running against 88th district Rep. Bill Farmer (R-Lexington) must be ready to start his campaign. He sent a letter to his opponent dated September 14, in which he challenged the incumbent to three debates.

Go fish, Mr. Frost. The time for scheduling debates would have been in May.

Another Candidate For Governor?

General John G. Coburn has a website up for Kentucky Governor in 2007. It doesn't mention his party affiliation, but I found this article from 2001 in which then-Congressman Ernie Fletcher called him a good friend and suggested that if he ran in 2003, he would run as a Republican.

Monday, September 18, 2006

More KY Casino Ugliness

If Attorney General Greg Stumbo is Dr. Frankenstein, trying to breathe life into the ugly mishmash of big government charades we call casino gambling, Senate Democrat Leader Ed Worley (D-Richmond) is his Igor.

The worst kept secret in Frankfort is that Worley is carrying the water for casinos whenever he can. "To maintain state government at the level we're spending, the answer is expanded gaming," Worley told in May. He told gambling supporters at the same meeting to "keep spending your money to educate people and this will all work out in time."

What's funny is that people in Worley's Senate district aren't so hot on casino gambling and he knows it. So while he tells The Kentucky Enquirer "Unquestionably there is $450 million lying on the table. This is an option the people of Kentucky ought to have as opposed to having their taxes raised," he tells ministers in his district -- in a letter dated 9/6/06 -- First, before there can be any expanded form of gambling, whether it is casinos, slot machines, poker or any other gambling not currently legal in the Commonwealth, there must be a constitutional vote by the majority of the voters of Kentucky.

The little problem with this is Worley knows what he has said is not true. Senator Ed Worley requested of AG Stumbo the opinion that stated a constitutional amendment is not necessary to expand gambling in Kentucky.

Sloppy, reckless behavior in recent months has caused Senator Worley to get caught lying in federal court to cover up fraud, and now he is lying about a Kentucky law opinion with his own name on it.


Casino Gambling In 2007

The Paducah Sun's Bill Bartleman spoke at the KEMPAC meeting last Thursday in Louisville. He said casino gambling would decide the 2007 gubernatorial election.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Education Whining Won't Help

The Lexington Herald Leader this morning wastes valuable ink bellyaching about the high cost of higher education for low-income families. This is the kind of politically motivated fantasy that risks accomplishing the opposite of what it says it wants to.

The truth is poor families in America are pretty well-situated to send their children to college. In fact, an alarming number of low-income families aren't even applying for aid they would qualify for. Editorials claiming all hope is lost, rich get richer/poor get poorer, and poor people are dropping dead for lack of legislative concern benefit only professional complainers and not the constituency they purport to support.

There are problems with our public higher education system, but using it as a hitching post for left-wing talking points about how terrible America is for poor people is a shameful waste.

If you are facing higher education costs you really can not afford, take heart. You can get the help you need. Don't pay any attention the sob sisters at the Herald Leader. Start here. And then to search private scholarships go here.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

On Drug Abuse And Children

Today The Louisville Courier-Journal addressed the heartbreaking issue of the state's role in protecting child welfare in the case of abusive parents.

The problem is predominantly one of drug abusing parents becoming an unacceptable risk to their children. I struggle with competing libertarian laissez faire principles and activist pro-child interventionalist tendencies on this one. But really, I wonder how much good the government actually does intervening in any but the very worst of these cases. Do we really want to encourage the government to to do more judging of child neglect and acting on those judgement calls? My experiences with parents who lost their children to the government for what I believe to be good reason, and those who I know were victims themselves of bureacratic malfeasance lead me to believe we should be much slower to remove children from their parents' custody. However, once removed from the home, I would be much more likely to make those worst cases permanent and to prosecute the parents vigorously.

Too often, I think, we open a file on a situation that involves less than ideal financial circumstances but no real abuse and make bad situations worse while spreading social service resources too thin to really help the desperate cases. This gives us a government crisis that risks lives needlessly.

The Faith Of Evolutionists

Having put four children in the public school system in Kentucky -- including two who are soon to graduate -- I have found several ways to deal with extreme political correctness in the classroom. It hasn't been hard.

So I have paid little attention to the "debate" over teaching evolution in science class. As a grand theory, there is some real value. The science of genetics emerged from this primordial slime, and we have yet to scratch the surface of the many uses of genetic engineering.

But the People For the American Way have been paying close attention. They are quite secure in their doctrine: Every living species—palm trees, eagles, and even humans—has evolved over billions of years, from single-celled organisms.

If that is what they are so hot on teaching our kids, I am no longer worried about it. Our children aren't so gullible as to believe that. I understand the problems with allowing liberal groups to get too far into their sermons with our kids, but this is ridiculous. It takes much less blind faith to believe in a God as Creator than it does to believe there is no "legitimate scientific evidence" refuting the doctrine of evolution.

Have a nice Saturday my fellow humans -- and palm trees!

Spicoli Update

Here's a hint: if you find your world-view matching very closely with actor Sean Penn, you might need a little help.

There are a few gems in his interview with Larry King, such as when he says no Democrat who doesn't promote surrender in Iraq should get any votes, but really the only thing funnier than the White Flag Democrats are those who blamed President Bush for gas prices going up and are now twice as mad when they are going down.

Amazing that such a bumbling President can wield precise control over world commodity markets and get the entire world to move on his electoral strategy.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Worley Fraud Case Changes Courts

U.S. District Judge Joseph Hood says jurisdiction of the Ed Worley fraud case belongs to state courts. The mainstream media finally mentions Sen. Ed Worley's (D-Richmond) perjury caught on tape.

The really funny part is when Worley blames his political opponent, Barry Metcalf (R) who appreciates the free mention in the Herald Leader story:

"My opponent wants to make this a political argument when it's a legal argument," Worley said, referring to Barry Metcalf, a Republican who is running for Worley's seat in November.

Senator Worley has to admit that getting caught in perjury on tape has a bit of a Monica Lewinsky ring to it, though.

Rise Of Fiscal Conservatives In KY

Finally, some help is coming for those who have grown tired of government overspending.

As the Republican party has gained prominence in Kentucky, little has frustrated conservatives more than the missed opportunities to exercise fiscal restraint.

Help is on the way as the Club for Growth of Kentucky establishes itself on the political landscape. Interesting that Sen. Jim Bunning would refer to the Kentucky Club as a "very fringe group."

I think he will be surprised.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pence On Gambling

I'll leave it to others to criticize John David Dyche's evisceration of Governor Ernie Fletcher in today's Courier-Journal. His point that Steve Pence supports casino gambling "for the sake of the horse industry and state coffers" got my attention.

After falling for the lottery sales pitch in Kentucky, are we really going to tie our hopes to casinos? Dyche's suggestion that "social conservatives" are Pence's only stumbling block to making gambling his cause celebre ignores the facts. Casinos cause drastically higher government spending to attempt repair of the social damages caused by those same casinos. There are lots of ways to go to hell in Kentucky already, so social conservatives have their hands full; the real resistance to casinos should come from fiscal conservatives who aren't interested in inviting even greater need for entitlement spending into the state.

Herald Leader Screws Up Water Story, Again

This morning's story starts out like this:

About 200 people gathered at Oleika Shrine Temple last night to kick off a campaign they hope will lead to the city owning the local water utility.

Only when you get to the last paragraph do you get this:

If the referendum passes, it doesn't mean the city would immediately take control of the water company -- it means the case would start again. It could be years before a jury sets a price on the company that the city can either accept or reject as too high.

Trying to bury the main issue doesn't benefit the people of central Kentucky. The most important thing to know about this November's referendum is it just prolongs the madness of an ill-fated and expensive campaign whose only winners will be the lawyers. If you want to own the water company, get your friends to buy up shares. If you live in Fayette county, vote no to more wasted effort and resources. Vote no to extending the miserable water takeover fight.

Democrats For Fletcher, Take Two?

Governor Fletcher went to Lincoln county Monday to dedicate a bridge and drop off $2 million more. Response from elected Democrats was more than a little suspicious:

"This is very familiar territory for the governor, as he represented us so well for many years in Washington, D.C.," said Sen. Ed Worley, D-Richmond.
"We are deeply grateful for Gov. Fletcher's consistent commitment over the years to the quality of life and economic well-being of everyone in Lincoln County."

"We are extremely appreciative of everything that Gov. Fletcher did for Lincoln County while he was in Congress, including his work to make this bridge a reality," said Lincoln County Judge-Executive Buckwheat Gilbert.
"Gov. Fletcher has always been very good to Lincoln County, and we are delighted to have him here today."

Does anyone seriously doubt these two will be singing a much different tune after this November's elections?

Dem Landslide 2006 Takes A Hit

Lincoln Chafee (RINO) won his primary in Rhode Island and so the GOP is more likely to hold its majority in the Senate. Conservatives are also more likely to suffer heartburn as Chafee is one of the majority of liberals in the upper chamber.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Good Day For Reform

The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 101 points today and is now up 7.25% for the year. How is your Social Security doing?

Hillary Enjoys Product Placement

One very effective form of movie and television advertising is called product placement. Almost a quarter of a century ago E.T.'s favorite snack was -- you guessed it -- Reese's Pieces. That's product placement.

Courtesy of ABC News, we have a political type of product placement in a story today about Princess Diana. It seems like every week someone else is writing another book about something she said or did right before she died. And lots of people read anything about Princess Diana and probably will for years. Well, ABC News got worked up when they found out she had said she might want to be first lady of America.

Burrell said that in the mid-1990s Diana had dreamed of following in the footsteps of stylish first ladies. "She's been a huge fan of Jackie Onassis for years, and a huge admirer, too, of Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton."

Of the above former first ladies, which one doesn't fit your idea of a "stylish first lady?" Hillary "Pantsuit" Clinton, of course. She wasn't part of any list here, she was a recipient of product placement in the news.

Next week we will read about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie threatening to move to Africa permanently unless Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2008.

UK: Domestic Partners To The Rescue!

The University of Kentucky's quest to become a Top 20 research institution is surely in the bag now. The state's flagship institute of higher learning is making plans to introduce same-sex partner health benefits to their employees and everyone knows this will make all the difference.

Rep. Kathy Stein (D-Lexington) is so excited she wants the state to jump on the bandwagon. Won't that make the merit system fantastic?

Monday, September 11, 2006

KY Liberals, Get Ready To Seethe

Lynne Cheney will visit the University of Louisville on Monday September 18 for a Constitution Day program.

Stumbo Calls Fletcher A Liar

I told you this garbage wasn't over.

Liberal Bloggers Cracking Up On Schedule

Liberal blogger Josh Marshall is letting the stress of the election season get to him. His latest theory is that President Bush "secretly" wants to dismantle Social Security next year. Marshall is convinced Bush intends to keep his plans quiet by telling them to the Wall Street Journal:

It's also no accident he raises the issue in an interview with conservative columnist Gigot. The White House doesn't want to broadcast his interest in phasing out Social Security.

Keep talking Josh!

Herald Leader Hires Michael Moore

That is the best explanation I can come up with for the horrible timing of today's Hate-America-First unsigned editorial in that paper.

"We Began A Concerted Effort..."

Rudy Giuliani speaks on 9/11.

Steve Pence Back In The News

Ryan Alessi picks back up on the political fortunes of LG Steve Pence this morning. The Anyone But Ernie club seems to have lost momentum (in central KY anyway) and it may just be that the real action starts after this November's elections.

Nevertheless, now might be a good time for Pence to step in and start laying out an alternative agenda. If nothing else, a Republican versus Republican debate this fall could engage GOP voters in a variety of issues for the General Assembly session.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Making Do: A Conservative's Perspective

I just read a ridiculous column in The Richmond Register about the horrors of living on minimum wage. You can read it here.

One part that jumps out was this: "It's hard, that's why you get credit cards," said Tiffany Cooper, a junior at EKU.

Hey, that's the mentality that made America great. Here's another: "let’s create a monthly scenario: Your rent is $400, you spend $200 on groceries, car insurance is $120 and your car payment is $100. This amounts to $820, just $4 less than what you’d make a month before taxes!"

While monthly EITC credits, WIC, food stamps, welfare, Medicaid, CHIP, etc. take some of the sting out this example, what jumps out at me as a problem is the car payment. High quality older cars have glutted the market to the point that very functional $500 are readily available. There is no reason for someone struggling to buy food to be carrying a car payment around as well. My wife and I drive two vehicles that are worth less than $3500 combined, despite fitting firmly into the demographic car dealers strive to provide shiny four-wheel self-expression. The point is two-fold: going in to debt to finance a lifestyle beyond your means is foolish and almost always causes misery. Also, living beneath your means can be fun, creates good habits, and is an almost surefire way out of many financial woes.

We all talk about Mexicans sneaking into this country to get on welfare, but not so much about the Vietnamese, Koreans, and Russians who struggle to get here to start a business and pursue the American Dream. Many of them succeed though they start with little or no ability to even speak the language. And we want an act of Congress to subsidize further the lifestyles of native-born Americans who refuse to break their habits of cable television, fast food meals, credit cards, and new cars?

Saving money and making do are two things people do when they are determined to succeed, often against greater odds than you or I have ever faced.

The best time to buy a car is Sunday night or Monday morning, when the car dealers are wrapping up the weekend with an inventory of low priced trade-ins that will be sold off to wholesalers by Tuesday. Low offers for those vehicles are often gratefully accepted. That's one big money-saving idea. Got any you would like to share?

Senator Daily Kos Speaks

Lack of credibility on national defense has dogged permissive Democrats and the sense that their candidates would "cut and run" if elevated to Congressional majorities has buoyed Republican chances in a difficult year.

Senator John Rockefeller (D-WV), also known as Senator Daily Kos, has said what Americans have only feared until now: Democrats want to step up the appeasement in the war on terror.

WCBS-TV in New York reports: "Does Rockefeller stand by his view, even if it means that Saddam Hussein could still be in power if the United States didn't invade? 'Yes. [Saddam] wasn't going to attack us. He would've been isolated there,' Rockefeller said."

And these people want us to trust them with Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, and Syria, not to mention critical domestic issues like entitlement reform, education reform, and government spending where they also fail to see any problems caused by liberal policies.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Racino Bill Pre-Filed For 2007

Gambling interests are making another move on Kentucky.

The problem with pinning the hopes of the state on gambling is simple. The real dollar costs associated with setting up casinos are significantly higher than promised tax revenue from the gambling. Frankly, it is a bargain to let those who want to drive to Indiana go there.

This racino business is just a back door method for increasing the size of government and raising taxes.

Billy Harper Running For Governor

The AP is reporting Billy Harper is ready to announce he is on board to run for the GOP nomination for Governor. The real question is, who is his running mate going to be?

Cold Kentucky Cash

Disgraced -- but still in office -- Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) saw his eventual prosecution take one big Kentucky step closer when Louisville "businessman" Vernon Jackson was sentenced to federal prison for bribing Jefferson. Rep. Jefferson made international news this summer when $90,000 in bribe money was found in his freezer.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Dem Hypocrisy? Naaaaaah...

Well, actually, yes.

Standing For Nothing

Congressional Democrats have succeeded in stopping much of Republicans' progress on important issues. As we enter our last decade of any measure of solvency in Social Security, Nancy Pelosi issued a press release with no new ideas on the subject.

We still need action on immigration, extending tax cuts, entitlement reform, and energy independence, but the problem is the Republican majority is too small.

At least we criminalized Horse Burgers!

School Choice Friday

Rep. Stan Lee will hold a press conference in the Capitol Rotunda next Thursday to announce a school choice bill.

The KEA won't let the Democrats discuss this critical issue intelligently, but it will be very interesting to watch the interested parties come together to promote real improvement in public education in this state.

The starting point is the abuse of special education students by pubic school systems.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grayson In The Spotlight Again

Impeccable timing is becoming a Trey Grayson hallmark. Looks like everyone is talking about him and spelling his name correctly today -- even the liberal bloggers.

Mel Gibson Democrats?


Breaking The Logjam

Nancy Pelosi isn't going to like this.

Democrat Congressman Dan Boren of Oklahoma has broken through his party's restriction against supporting HR 25, The Fair Tax. Closer to home, Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) also signed on as a cosponsor yesterday.

Playing To The Peanut Gallery

"There was a complete systemwide effort to purge the merit system of anyone but Republicans," Attorney General Greg Stumbo told Sue Wylie on her Lexington radio show this morning.

Nothing Going On: How About A Headline?

This should be a good indication of what the next fourteen months will look like. Wall-to-wall merit hiring scandal. Hey, I thought that was over!

What is over is any chance of an effective defense.

A Sneak Peak At A Dem Majority


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Slick Willie Coming To Lexington?

A good source reports perjurer-in-chief Bill Clinton is coming to Louisville in October to help raise money for Kentucky Democrats.

Don't Blow Up My WalMart

The Democratic Party's war on WalMart took an odd turn this morning in Nicholasville when a young man named Kenneth Wesley Brady was arrested for terroristic threatening.

2007: Expanding The Slates?

Gubernatorial hopefuls for 2007 in Kentucky are taking an unusual approach to next year's campaign: putting together de facto teams of candidates for all the constitutional offices to run together as expanded slates in the primaries.


Money-Motivated Learning In America

Robert Samuelson has an interesting essay about formal education versus lifelong learning in America.

He says Americans' thirst for practical knowledge is an explanation of our high productivity despite our schoolkids' poor standing on international math and science tests. In short, we start learning when it starts mattering to us financially.

The trick is to engage that motivation before middle school.

Return Of Government Takeover

The Lexington Herald Leader is back on the water takeover bandwagon. The evil perpetuated by RWE now involves the most democratic of business moves: taking their company public.

If all those energetic folks who want the government to condemn the water company really want local ownership, they should put their money -- and not taxpayers' -- where their mouths are. Buy some shares.

Today's editorial adds nothing of value to the debate. Just more whining. More on the way between now and election day.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Merit Hiring Mess Starts Again

With a bipartisan grouping of three nominees for the Personnel Board, AG Greg Stumbo begins anew his death of one thousand cuts for Governor Ernie Fletcher.

The bleeding caused by Republicans was slowed briefly two weeks ago when the criminal case against the Governor was dismissed, but it should begin again soon as Stumbo's Personnel Board coup takes shape.

More Chaos In Mexico

Mexico's Al Gore refuses to concede the Presidential election he lost in July. This should be interesting.

KY Senate Dems On Thin Ice Tour

State Senate Democrats depend very heavily this fall on two of their members and one candidate, all with serious legal problems, to prop up their party's agenda next year.

Convicted felon Carroll Hubbard's race is the subject of a column in the Herald-Leader today. Paul Patton restored his rights to run for office.

Sen. Johnny Ray Turner has been indicted in a vote buying scandal.

And Sen. Ed Worley is embroiled in LandScam, a racketeering lawsuit in which he is currently struggling to have tape recorded evidence of himself contradicting his own sworn testimony suppressed from the public.

Nice work guys.

Monday, September 04, 2006

We Need A Boston Tea Party

A year ago, Congressional Democrats were congratulating themselves for stifling Social Security reform. Since then, they have refused to suggest an alternative. Their rigid support of the status quo must not go unanswered.

Click here for a bipartisan suggestion, and here for the Republican bill to make it happen. And yes, I know it is a new bureaucracy. But it is one specifically designed to cut spending and we are having no luck cutting spending through the political process.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Give A Man A Fish" Democrats

Labor Day is a good time to give thanks for the freedoms we Americans enjoy because of the continued growth of our economy for future generations. Recognizing that entrepreneurship brings unparalleled vigor to our way of life, forward-looking American public policy generally encourages individuals to strike out boldly on their own in pursuit of the American Dream.

Sadly, Democrats can only manage to nip at the heels of the great American economic engine with pitiful, counterproductive minimum wage tax increase proposals. On Friday, Senator Ernesto Scorsone (D-Lexington) gave us another one.

Massachusetts Train Wreck 7/1/07

The Boston Globe reports on progress for socialized medicine in Massachusetts. It will be in place by July 1 of next year. The best part will be all the people appealing their premiums on an individual basis, sitting in hearings explaining why $18 a month is too much to pay for health insurance with necessities like cable tv, cell phones, junk food, booze, tattoos, tricked out cars, bling, etc. Should be a hoot seeing all the whining this one is going to cause.

I can't imagine Governor Mitt Romney's bid for the GOP Presidential nomination surviving this mess.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Invincible" Americans

My wife and I went to see the Disney movie "Invincible" last night.

Don't go see it unless you actually like inspiring, moving experiences that make you laugh, think, cry -- I got some popcorn in my eye, but you might be moved to tears -- and that leave you wondering how you would stand up under truly difficult economic challenges.

The true story is based on the life of Vince Papale, a 30 year-old Philadelphian struggling to make ends meet in 1976. He lost his job, his wife, and his sense of hope in rapid fire succession before an open tryout with the NFL's Eagles led to a three year pro football career. Part of the story was the pervasive hopelessness spawned by limited economic opportunities for Vince and his friends in their south Philadelphia neighborhood.

That subtext of the movie had me wondering how we would survive under truly difficult circumstances in this country. Some would have us believe we are now about to slip into a Depression to make the 1930's look good, but the truth is we are so wealthy in America that a real downturn would be a horrific shock to most of us.

How would we survive it? I can't help wondering how long we would bicker, fight, and blame before we pulled together and made do to the best of our abilities.

As the fifth anniversary of 9/11 draws near, it is hard to not feel a little nostalgia for the brief time when Americans were on the same page, as well as what it would take to get us back there.

Go see the movie. I think anyone would enjoy it, but it just might leave you pondering the invincibility of Americans.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Northern KY Scandal Brewing

Sources in Frankfort report a juicy lawsuit is about to explode all over Democrat House candidate Randy Blankenship.

Apparently he has a little problem with other people's right to privacy. This one will be fun to watch.

Liberals Attack Suburbanites Again

I couldn't resist commenting on Mark Nickolas' blog after he congratulated Lexington for being named the 9th smartest city in America. Stunningly, the man who tried to run Ben Chandler into the Governor's Mansion suggested that Louisville got dumber when the city merged with the county.

Somehow, it is fitting that he posted it to his "Education" label since liberals in Kentucky seem to think the best way to boost education testing statistics is to cut out the special education kids and to include private school students when it is convenient to do so.

Sammy Brown Tracks Down Suspect

Nicholasville murder suspect Melissa Helton would have been arrested in Kentucky yesterday, but instead had to be located in South Carolina where she was apprehended by local authorities.

Jessamine County Sheriff Captain Kevin Corman, who is the Democrat candidate for Sheriff this year, told the Lexington Herald-Leader he did not know how she came to be located there.

That's funny, because if he had only thought to ask Deputy Sheriff Sammy Brown, his Republican opponent, he would know.

Brown is the one who spent the day Thursday tracking Helton and arranging for her to be apprehended.

Hacker Denies Helping Worley

Mark Hebert of Channel 11 News in Louisville reports on his website that Ralph Hacker, a member of the Kentucky GOP Executive Committee, hosted a fundraiser for scandal-tarred Sen. Ed Worley (D-Richmond).

Hacker denies helping Worley raise money. He said he agreed to write a check when asked, but did not do so.

President Photoshop?

Hillary Clinton is moving closer to announcing her bid for President of the United States.

We know Photoshop can clean up Katie Couric and even Rosie O'Donnell, but can it do anything about Hillary's extreme views on healthcare, social issues, government spending and her flabby national defense flip-floppery?