Friday, August 31, 2012

Left doubles down on "Didn't Build That"

Republicans have clearly struck a nerve attempting to capitalize on President Barack Obama's claim that "You didn't build that."

Writing for Kentucky's fifth-highest circulation newspaper today, reporter Joe Sonka attacked Senator Rand Paul for bringing it up.

"The main theme of his speech was the main theme of the convention so far, which is a blatant and shameless lie — “You didn’t build that!” — taking President Obama completely out of context to mislead that he said business owners didn’t build their own business, instead of what he really said, that business owners didn’t build the roads, bridges and infrastructure that they rely upon."(emphasis added)

Liberal bloggers apparently believe that government creates infrastructure with the sweat of its own brow, rather than with resources taken from private sector wealth generators.

Could this be why they are still so confused about government "stimulus?"

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Retiring GOP lawmaker blasts David Williams?

Kentucky Rep. Bill Farmer (R-Lexington) will retire from the legislature at the end of this year, so he doesn't have to hold his tongue anymore about the disaster Senate President David Williams has been for Republicans. 

In a comment on an online Louisville Courier Journal column about legislative pension greed today, Rep. Farmer recalled the vitriol directed at lawmakers who, like him, voted against the David Williams Pension Scandal.

Rigor mortis is starting to set in on David Williams' shenanigans in Frankfort. Expect a lot more of this soon.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bob Damron writes off "math literate" vote

Nicholasville Democrat Rep. Bob Damron sent an official-looking glossy campaign mailer to his constituents today seeking to confuse voters in the 39th House district about fiscal mismanagement in Frankfort.

"Unlike the Federal Government, State budgets must be balanced," Damron wrote. "The only debts we at the State level incur are for the construction of capital projects and needed infrastructure."

Rep. Damron should try selling this garbage to the federal whistleblower who recently stepped down from Kentucky Retirement Systems. Chris Tobe said years of underfunding by the legislature to spend the money on pet projects has wrecked the public employee benefits system.

"Underfunding each year is like a hurricane devastating the pension," Tobe said. Tobe explained the legislature has underfunded state pensions by several hundred million dollars each year throughout the past decade.

Damron's constituents don't need to be Accounting majors to understand that a "balanced budget" doesn't include enough in misdirected pension funds to endanger the state's fiscal situation with over $30 billion in unfunded pension liabilities.

But Rep. Damron wants to keep you focused only on state bonded debt by itself and to ignore the context of trying to keep the state afloat while being forced to address the tidal wave of pension payments due to hit us by the end of Governor Steve Beshear's term in office.

And that doesn't even touch the ObamaCare costs due to crush us about the same time. (Did I mention Rep. Damron supports ObamaCare?) Needless to say, Damron is already spinning this mess he helped create and voted for at every turn.

"Often political candidates try to mislead voters and equate State Government Bonding (Debt) with the increasing debt, but the two are very different," Damron wrote.

On this, Damron has a point. It's just not the one he intends. The state will run out of money way before the federal government does, because the state can't print its own money.

But then, Bob Damron really hopes you aren't paying attention.

"I only wish they (federal government) had the same fiscal discipline that we have at the State level," Damron wrote.

Fast forward about three years and this last comment will be high comedy. Until then, if you want to keep supporting Bob Damron you should try really hard to ignore things like this.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beshear admin lashes out on abortion scheme

In response to this blog post and subsequent announcement of a House Republican bill to prevent inclusion of abortion coverage in Kentucky's health insurance exchange, the Commonwealth's Department of Insurance rushed out the following statement:

STATEMENT FROM COMMISSIONER SHARON P. CLARK: The Department of Insurance is receiving reports of incorrect information being distributed to the public concerning our position on essential health benefits offered as part of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange. Some of this misrepresentation appears to be deliberate. Coverage for elective abortions will not be an essential health benefit. This would be a violation of state law and has never been considered. Under Kentucky law (KRS 304.5-160), health insurance companies cannot offer coverage for elective abortions except as a separate rider with a separate premium. Therefore, abortions cannot be offered as an essential health benefit in Kentucky's Health Benefit Exchange.

I'm guessing Commissioner Clark doesn't expect anyone to read beyond her own hysterical protestations. In fact, if you actually take a minute to glance at KRS 304.5-160 and HHS Pre-Regulatory Model Guidelines Under Section 1303 of the Affordable Care Act (PL-111-148): Issued Pursuant to Executive Order 13535 (March 24, 2010), you won't be so easily fooled.

The Kentucky statute does indeed prohibit coverage for elective abortions "except as a separate rider with a separate premium."

The House Republicans were right to engage on this issue quickly. Senate Republicans would do well to follow their lead, particularly in anticipation of more federal administrative rules.

Are we ready to end legislative pension grab?

In 2012, no less than five legislative bills in the Kentucky General Assembly sought to stop further damage in the David Williams Pension Scandal.

None of those bills even got a floor vote in the House or Senate.

Senator Dennis Parrett is back with what will be Senate Bill 12 pre-filed for 2013. His bill would end the state legislator's pension program and take away the ability for legislators to get huge unearned pension "reciprocity" for election or appointment elsewhere in state or local government.

Senate President David Williams stood to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars under reciprocity had he been elected governor in 2011.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

David Adams on radio in Lexington

I will be on Lexington radio today talking about how we can create health freedom in Kentucky and then spread it to the rest of the United States. Please tune in to Kruser and Krew on 590 WVLK AM at 1:00 pm ET. You may also listen online at and call in with questions to 859-253-5959.

Starting to see real momentum on this. We will have legislative bills in both the Kentucky House and Senate pre-filed very soon and I'm continuing to set up speaking engagements around the state on this issue. If you would like to support the effort financially, please click here and donate what you can. Any amount will be a big help.

Monday, August 20, 2012

House GOP heads off Beshear abortion scheme

Kentucky House Republican Rep. Stan Lee will pre-file a bill to prevent Governor Steve Beshear from requiring Kentuckians to buy health insurance covering abortions.

Having started the process of using state government tools to limit bureaucratic atrocities in health care, we now need to do more. Expanding the Religious Publications Exemption to create a secure free market alternative to government-controlled health insurance in the Commonwealth is critical to turning the tide in this battle.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Occupy Wall Street" meets Tea Party in Frankfort

"Occupy Wall Street" protesters plan to attend a Kentucky Tea Party rally in Frankfort on Tuesday. The rally features Senator Rand Paul and Senator Mitch McConnell talking about defeating ObamaCare.

"I have regarded this as an Occupy event from the beginning," said liberal activist Ryan Hidalgo of Owensboro.

Occupiers have actively been recruiting for weeks, starting with blogger Jim Pence. Pence has sought to inspire left-wing participation in the event by calming fears about potential violence.

"This is a free country, but when we become afraid to exercise our freedom then we are no longer free," Pence said. "Believe me, there will be plenty of law enforcement at the event, including Capitol police. I know because I've been to events like this and believe me, violence won't be tolerated."

Pence attended a 2009 Louisville Tea Party event with some 3000 attendees. He said:

"I went to the event alone, a 70 year old progressive among 3000 conservatives, with only my camera and camcorder and didn't have one problem with anyone. I didn't hide the fact I was a progressive -- nor did I flaunt it -- and no one seemed to care. The event was secured by plenty of police protection and would have been the perfect place for Louisville progressives to counter the Tea Party Express in front of the entire nation. But, for whatever reason, Louisville progressives decided to let the Tea Party Express have their way in Louisville Kentucky."

Despite Pence's peaceful plea, overheated rhetoric has also been a key part of the effort to draw OWS activism in opposition to the tea party.

Clarksville, Indiana CPA Linda Jaggers Mitchell claims to have attended prior tea party events and says she approves of liberals going even as she lobs a bomb of her own.

"Personally, I don't think of it as crashing but I know how dangerous the tea party can be," she said. "These people are crazy. I really don't want to be around them."

"These people make my blood boil," Lela Morgan said.

Again, others were much more reasonable, suggesting a peaceful, if spirited, event.

"We are merely going there to protest the legislators and their policy," said April Browning of Lexington. "In this case it happens to be Republican policy. I do not reserve my voice to speak out against one party and not the other. I am neither Democrat nor Republican but I am an activist, an activist who believes in the power of the people, the power of social movements and the power of using your voice."

Still others among the liberal protesters suggested bringing signs to show solidarity with tea party principles, in opposition to establishment politicians of both parties.

Karen Conley posted on Facebook a list of suggested slogans opposing bank bailouts, earmarks, civil rights abuses and out of control government budgets.

"This would make it less likely the tea partiers would be against our message," she said.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kentucky needs a brain transplant

ObamaCare advocates in the Kentucky Department of Insurance are plotting to require all health insurance policies in Kentucky to cover abortions among the "essential health benefits" required by the federal law.

Whether you oppose abortions or not, this is a bad idea. It is wrong to force Kentuckians to pay for  abortions, particularly those who are pro-life. It's also wrong for the government to force Kentuckians to buy insurance policies covering services they don't want or need.

If we were smart, we would describe our "essential health benefits" under ObamaCare as ridiculously as possible so that they wouldn't apply to anything and insurers could write policies based on public demand. Things like brain transplants, nose removal, adding a third arm to a patient's torso or an extra pair of ears to his head.

Such a stupid law deserves just such a response.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Frankfort stirs abortion hornet's nest

Kentuckians who don't want to be forced to pay for abortions when paying health insurance premiums in 2014 need to let the Commonwealth's Department of Insurance know now.

Because ObamaCare assumes you are too stupid to demand health insurance benefits you want and need, states setting up health exchanges under the federal law must specify what health insurers will cover and what they will not.

The Department issued this statement:

"Currently, the Kentucky Department of Insurance is analyzing the various benefit options in order to make an informed recommendation that balances cost and benefits in the best interest of Kentuckians. The Commonwealth will recommend its choice of Essential Health Benefits to the Secretary of the HHS prior to September 30, 2012."

Kentuckians wishing to weigh in on what those benefits should be can send an email to

All the more reason for dismantling this whole system of government control of health care. If you want to do that, click here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Boston Globe piles on Papa John's, makes stuff up

The hits keep coming against Papa John's Pizza founder John Schnatter for answering a question recently about the impact of ObamaCare on his corporation's stock price.

What the pizza mogul's attackers fail to realize is the largest negative impact will not be felt by Papa John's International Inc., but by thousands of small business owner franchisees, their employees and the people who won't be able to work for them because of the law's disincentives for hiring or keeping employees.

The Louisville Courier Journal editorial page today thinks it's all a big joke over twenty cents:

"In our book, that's a bargain if it means thousands of Papa John's employees in all 50 states are going to get health coverage and we're not going to have to foot the bill when hardworking but uninsured pizza chefs get ill and end up in the hospital.
Imagine that. Health care for thousands of workers and all you have to do is look for two dimes under your car seat. That's change we can believe in!"

This is a blatant misrepresentation of the impact of ObamaCare on Americans and our health care system. ObamaCare doesn't fix the problem of uncompensated care and it won't provide coverage for a lot of Papa John's employees.

The Boston Globe, though, takes the silliness to an even higher level:
The guessing here is it won't be that tough for Papa John's to survive the 11- to 14-cent-per-pizza increase. Its biggest competitors, like Domino's, will also have to contend with potential health care increases.
Schnatter's concern is that the corner pizza shop will be exempted because it has fewer than 50 employees.
What the Globe ignores is that franchisees and employees will bear the brunt of ObamaCare. And many of those small businesses have fewer than 50 employees, qualifying them for the dubious  "exemption." On top of that, writers at the Globe should have to divulge their source for the assertion about Schnatter and the "corner pizza shop." It's not something he has said or written. In fact, it appears they got that one from a liberal blog.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Papa John states obvious, liberals pounce

Left-wing pundits and activists are having a field day attacking Louisville's Papa John's Pizza founder John Schnatter for saying ObamaCare will increase business costs.

It's still the Democratic Party line, but no one really believes ObamaCare will reduce healthcare costs anymore. The people trying to shout Schnatter down or threatening to boycott his pizza are setting themselves up for another Chick-fil-A debacle.

Government growing its own power to counteract the negative effects of decades of too much government involvement in healthcare makes no sense. Nearly everyone gets that now. The rest will figure it out the hard way when ObamaCare takes full effect in 2014.

We may need pizza for lunch at the Kentucky State Capitol on August 21 for the rally with Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Will Obama disrupt Kentucky tea party event?

Obama supporters are planning a "counter-protest" against an August 21 tea party rally against ObamaCare featuring both of Kentucky's U.S. Senators.

A Facebook event page labeled "Counter-Protest against Tea Party, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, Money in Politics, etc." shows invitations have been sent out to more than 700 people. Congressional candidate Bill Adkins, a rabid Obama supporter, is listed as a possible attendee. The event page lists the same date, time and location as the authorized tea party event.

The "counter-protest" page links to a liberal blog post encouraging Obama supporters to show up and disrupt the event and, of course, mentions defecation, a favorite of Occupy Wall Street types.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Frankfort can't justify doing this to us

If you grew up with siblings, you probably know the injustice of parental punishment doled out unevenly. Big brothers took the heat while little brothers got off easy for similar crimes at my house.

But we are adults now. And besides, government is not your daddy. That's why Kentucky's Constitution forbids arbitrary enforcement of laws. We try to require officials to be evenhanded to protect everyone equally.

That's why the Commonwealth's reign of terror against Christians in health sharing organizations is so despicable. Kentucky's Department of Insurance has attacked Christian Care Medi-Share in court for ten years as an illegal insurance company. Under Kentucky law, Samaritan Ministries and Christian HealthCare Ministries are just as guilty but have avoided any of the same punishment. This uneven enforcement hurts not only the companies and their members with all the uncertainty, but also potential members who will be looking for alternatives to government-controlled health insurance increasingly in the months and years ahead.

In May, the Department's spokesperson told me they had been watching Samaritan and Christian HealthCare for years. In June, the Department initiated a formal investigation into their activities. Given that a determination of their legality can be made by viewing their web sites for a few minutes and that they have supposedly been under the watchful eye of state regulators for years, two months is way more than enough time to act. That's particularly true if consumers are at risk, right? I mean, isn't that why regulators have jobs?

Kentucky insurance regulation is a joke. It's not a funny one and, in fact, represents an unconstitutional abuse of power as well as a waste of scarce resources. We are going to prove it and, in doing so, pave the way to requiring state government to better justify its actions or to stop them.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

US Military war gaming battle versus Tea Party

Just as hundreds of Kentucky Tea Party supporters plan a pilgrimage to Frankfort for an anti-ObamaCare rally in two weeks, officials at the US Army Training and Doctrine Command are war gaming an attack on tea partiers on American soil.

I'm not kidding.

Dr. Kevin Benson, a retired Army Colonel and currently at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth wrote a paper describing how a hypothetical 2016 military attack on insurgent tea partiers in South Carolina might play out.

 "While mainstream politicians and citizens react with alarm, the “tea party” insurrectionists in South Carolina enjoy a groundswell of support from other tea party groups, militias, racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan, anti-immigrant associations such as the Minutemen, and other right-wing groups."
"The pace of the operation needs to be deliberate and controlled.  Combat units will conduct overt Show of Force operations to remind the insurrectionists they are now facing professional military forces, with all the training and equipment that implies.  Army and Marine units will remove road blocks and check points both overtly and covertly with minimum essential force to ratchet up pressure continually on insurrectionist leadership." ... "Federal forces continue to tighten the noose as troops seize and secure power and water stations, radio and TV stations, and hospitals."

It goes without saying that tea party events have always been peaceful, professional and exceedingly polite. Since Dr. Benson's fantasy has come to light, the media has avoided discussing it like the plague. Please encourage your elected officials and local media to address the issue of military threats against peaceful American citizens. This kind of official intimidation has no place in a free society. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

These are the people protecting us?

On Wednesday, after researching a complaint against Christian Care Ministries Medi-Share program for three weeks, the Kentucky Department of Insurance determined that it has been fighting Medi-Share in court for ten years.

I'm not kidding.

In a letter dated August 1, 2012 the Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Insurance stated it was closing a consumer-initiated investigation into Medi-Share's insurance activities filed July 10. The Department justified its decision by invoking 806 KAR 02-050 sec. 2, which states the Department "no authority to usurp or infringe upon the jurisdiction, prerogative, or authority of the various courts of competent jurisdiction."

That's interesting, though, because the courts, the bureaucrats and the politicians in Frankfort have been usurping and infringing upon the rights of Kentuckians to protect themselves against health care costs for years and it is about to get worse.

Getting the state of Kentucky to back off from their overbearing restrictions on our health care decisions can't wait for sleepy government officials playing pass the buck with our lives. ObamaCare takes full effect in 515 days.

Health freedom gets a day in court

The Kentucky Department of Insurance and Franklin Circuit Court this afternoon have broken their silence on a case that can usher in unprecedented health freedom for citizens of the Commonwealth. After quietly neglecting citizens in the state's bizarre battle against Christian health sharing organizations with no action since July 2011, DOI officials and Judge Thomas Wingate have announced a public hearing on the state's decade-long lawsuit against Christians seeking an exemption from ObamaCare.

Please make plans to attend the hearing in Frankfort on August 30 at 1:30 pm in the Franklin Circuit Court, 669 Chamberlain Avenue, Frankfort. The case number is 02-CI-837.

We are looking for a ruling against Christian Medi-Share to help mobilize support for changing Kentucky law to allow religious health sharing groups to operate without fear of prosecution in the state. Either way the fight will go on, though, as education about this case continues. Most of the people being hurt by this don't yet realize it. 

Consumers don't have a lobbyist in this fight or an attorney in this case, though our standing in it is clear. The only thing holding Kentuckians back from taking full advantage of this exemption from ObamaCare is bad Kentucky law that must be changed.

Please support this effort to force Frankfort to get out from between Kentuckians and our natural right to health freedom. Click here and donate what you can.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Kentucky's Catch-22

Joseph Heller's Catch-22 satirically attacks arbitrary abuse of government power.

From Wikipedia:

"Other forms of Catch-22 are invoked throughout the novel to justify various bureaucratic actions. At one point, victims of harassment by military police quote the MPs' explanation of one of Catch-22's provisions: "Catch-22 states that agents enforcing Catch-22 need not prove that Catch-22 actually contains whatever provision the accused violator is accused of violating." Another character explains: "Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.""

Kentucky utilizes Catch-22 reasoning in its continued assault on citizens attempting to escape ObamaCare. State law effectively forbids religious health sharing, an alternative to health insurance whose practitioners are actually exempt from mandates in the "Affordable Care Act."

Under Kentucky law this practice is not only illegal, it is a felony punishable by large fines and up to five years in prison. So if you are a Kentuckian who understands ObamaCare is an unworkable mess and want out, your state government could legally throw you in jail for trying. Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate, the state's Department of Insurance and the legislature have stopped even trying to clarify this situation, but all those people have one thing in common: they are state employees not subject to prosecution for seeking a health insurance alternative while regular citizens face ObamaCare taxes,  fees and mandates on one side and the potential for imprisonment on the other.

It's about time to storm the gates. Here's one idea. And another.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wagging the Senator

Nothing seems to stir up political observers like a conversation about the Tea Party and the August 21 event in Frankfort featuring Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell promises to keep them going for a while.

The burning questions about the movement, as always, run anywhere from the causes of the death of the Tea Party to speculation about how it came to rule the world. That both of these questions are pondered just as seriously at the same time and so endlessly is a great feature of the movement. The first step of any campaign is to define your opponent and our opponents can't really get off that block.

Tea Party opinions of Senator McConnell tend to run from ambivalence to far worse. The fact that he will appear with Senator Paul at a Tea Party event creates a must-see-tv element of intrigue Hollywood couldn't dream up. Watching people try to interpret every aspect of this pairing will be half the fun.

But make no mistake, what they each say about the policy and politics of ObamaCare will be tremendously important. You won't want to miss it.

And while you wait, consider that only the Tea Party would even try to pull this off. Think about that for a while.