Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kentucky public debt hits all-time high, grows $186.6 million in only six months

A new report issued quietly today by the Beshear Administration reveals a staggering increase in revenue supported state debt in the last six months. The increase of $186.6 million brought Kentucky's total of such debt to $9.1 billion.

When Gov. Beshear took office in December of 2007, that amount was $6.1 billion and the increase should have been lessened by an unprecedented $3.4 billion in one-time federal "stimulus" funds.

"This is why Kentuckians must band together to stop Gov. Beshear in his illegal ObamaCare charade," said David Adams, who is suing Beshear to stop his health reform efforts which have already been defunded by the legislature. "You stop a shopaholic by taking away his or her credit card. Beshear needs an intervention in the worst way."

These debt figures are available to the general public (and the media, but, oh never mind...) from the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet. Just ask for their ALCo semiannual report issued today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yarmuth: let's blow up Louisville economy

At a Tuesday rally for illegally forcing Louisville businesses to raise their "minimum wage" to $10.10 an hour, Congressman John Yarmuth quoted an old left-wing blog talking point that could, if taken seriously, wipe out the unskilled workers in the city and their employers.

"If your business model requires you to pay people less than a living wage, then you shouldn't be in business," Yarmuth said.

While Yarmuth is advocating for a city-wide increase in the minimum wage and not to force employers of unskilled laborers out of Jefferson County, he should be made to explain which businesses in Louisville he wants to victimize first.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Earth to lefties: Alison Grimes is ignoring you because Kentuckians aren't that stupid

The political Left desperately needs Alison Lundergan Grimes to campaign on Kynect/ObamaCare to justify their misinformation. She can't do it because she wants to have a future in Kentucky politics after she loses in November.

They claim falsely that Kentucky's uninsured population has dropped by half under ObamaCare. They claim falsely that Kynect is a massive success. They claim falsely that Kentuckians love Kynect all based on the New York Times finding one Kentuckian who was glad to get Medicaid.

ObamaCare is bad economics, bad health policy and bad politics in Kentucky. Love to see an Obamacrat get raked over the coals for not being Obamacrat enough and it will be great to watch them get louder and shriller as they continue to be ignored. If Kentucky's mainstream media had any honest players left, there is a good story here and "but the people just don't understand how great ObamaCare is!" isn't it.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes rips taxpayers for ObamaCare

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes went on the offensive for ObamaCare on Saturday in Covington, against the interests of most Kentuckians.

"I want to make sure we're not ripping insurance from 500,000 people in Kentucky," Grimes told friends and supporters at her campaign's Northern Kentucky headquarters.

The fact is that getting ObamaCare out of Kentucky has nothing to do with "ripping insurance from 500,000 people." Far fewer have even purchased insurance under ObamaCare in Kentucky. What she is talking about is Medicaid, which is not insurance and is financed with money ripped out of the hands of Kentuckians.

According to the Kentucky Department of Insurance, 280,000 Kentuckians actually had their insurance ripped away from them when ObamaCare first hit Kentucky.

Grimes continues to defend Gov. Steve Beshear's illegal implementation of ObamaCare in Kentucky, which is currently being challenged in Kentucky's Court of Appeals (case numbers 13-CA-1521 and 13-CA-1590).

Sunday, September 07, 2014

ObamaCare/Kynect still big loser here

Obamacrats have screamed for years that as soon as people understand ObamaCare, they will love it. They will scream it again Monday, citing a new NBC/Marist poll they claim shows Kynect, which is Kentucky's health "exchange" created illegally by Gov. Beshear in answer to passage of ObamaCare, gaining support.

Don't buy it.

The new poll shows ObamaCare way underwater with 31 percent holding a favorable view and 62 percent unfavorable among registered voters. Capitalizing on unfamiliarity with the name of the state "Kynect" program, ObamaCare supporters will point to a 34 percent positive view of Kynect against only 18 percent negative. What Obamacrats -- and journalists, but I'm repeating myself -- neglect to point out is that 30 percent answered they have "never heard" of Kynect and 18 percent said they were "unsure."

The only way to lower those last two numbers is to explain what Kynect is. It's ObamaCare. Worse, Kynect was created illegally and is currently spending unappropriated state funds in violation of the Kentucky Constitution. Both failures are currently being challenged in state court, another fact Obamacrats don't want to talk about.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Chamber of Commerce slurps up ObamaCare

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is going around the state presenting a startlingly uninformative cheerleading session in favor of the "Affordable Care Act."

Ashli Watts, the Chamber's Public Affairs Manager, is delivering PowerPoint presentations billed as providing "what you and your business need to know" about ObamaCare.

But instead of that, Watts' audiences get stale talking points, non-answer answers to specific questions and repeated reminders that the Chamber was initially against ObamaCare but now just wants to help.

She also said the Chamber has taken no position on the lawsuits challenging ObamaCare, but that the Chamber supports Beshear's (illegal) attempts to create a state based exchange.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Obamacrats attack Jessamine for Russ Meyer

A Washington D.C. political group has descended on the 39th Kentucky House district to promote the candidacy of Democrat Russ Meyer and ObamaCare.

"After a year of letters, calls, rallies and congressional visits, we passed a bill -- the Affordable Care Act -- that will help everyone get quality, affordable health care that can't be taken away," the group, Working America, claims on its website.

"Russ Meyer is the best candidate for state representative," the group claims in printed material it is distributing.

Meyer's opponent in November, Jonah Mitchell of Nicholasville, opposes ObamaCare.