Friday, June 30, 2006

Return Of The Open-MInded Liberal Blogger

After a long hiatus, the folks at are back to posting their stuff on the net.

They allow anonymous posts and they don't block comments expressing ideas they fear.

Check them out here.

Having Trouble Understanding Hamdan?

This will help.

John Yarmuth's Culture of The Kook Left

As I write this, 3rd district congressional candidate John Yarmuth hasn't gotten the word that he has been voted off Virginia tax-raiser Mark Warner's island.

When he does -- good morning, John! -- expect him to scrub any evidence of his support for Warner's presidential bid and go looking for another national Democrat to lock arms with.

Yarmuth is clearly following the Dem strategy of nationalizing congressional races. His site is heavy on minimum wage tax increase, socialized medicine tax increases, and refusing to derail the Social Security/Medicare train wreck while we can still do something about it rather tha raise taxes. Oh, and he is going to "stand up to George Bush." What is funny is the races are becoming nationalized but only helping to underscore liberal weaknesses on the key issues.

What will John Yarmuth think of next?

Chandler Acting Like D.C. Democrat

A good indication of his 2007 plans comes again from Rep. Ben Chandler's actions. Yesterday he voted against tracking terrorist financial records and rebuking the New York Times. He also has issued a press release apologizing for voting for the recent resolution against cutting and running from Iraq.

The one thing Chandler had going for him in his 2003 run for Governor was he had no voting record.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

ACLU Aids Georgia Sex Predators

A U.S. District Court judge issued a temporary restraining order this afternoon against a new Georgia law that would prohibit registered sex offenders from living within 1000 feet of places where children congregate.

Are we going to have to pass a constitutional amendment to get rid of child molestors?

And no, I don't care a bit about their "rights."

Tax-Raisers Fail in Virginia

Too bad we couldn't have pulled this off last year in Kentucky.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shooting The Wounded

David Williams put a bullet in Ernie Fletcher today.

It's an age-old practice and the timing, really, is good. President Williams did the right thing in an effort to provide guidance to GOP candidates who have essentially no Governor to campaign with. Governor Fletcher, I know, has a better response to Williams' non-endorsement than he gave today. Holding his fire for later is no longer an option. Fletcher's timeframe for making his case just got scooted forward for him. This is going to get uglier, but the main point is that it is going to happen now and that is a good thing.

The wound Williams inflicted on the Governor is not on Ernie's back. As such, now is not the time to feign hurt feelings and retreat to safety. Let's have this out now. The Democrats are hoping we let this continue to fester.

Let's Do Tax Holiday Right

Pre-filed bills are rolling into Frankfort and another shot at the bogus "Back to School Sales Tax Holiday" should be coming along soon.

It sounds good at first, but the tax holiday -- which exempts clothing and computer items from state sales tax, usually for a three day period in late summer -- is nothing more than a political stunt.

In fact, retail groups betray the fallacy of sales tax holidays by promoting the additional expenditures consumers will make while out shopping their 6% sale. So they know -- but hope you don't -- that you will probably spend more elsewhere than you will save on sales taxes. Further, I don't know about you, but I would never be motivated by a 6% sale. Better to wait until inventory change time and buy at 50% or more, don't you think?

Of course the largest thing we are supposed to overlook in weighing the Sales Tax Holiday is that all the back-to-school items are already burdened with embedded income taxes that far outweigh state sales taxes. That's a far more egregious wrong to address, and a permanent fix as well.

If you haven't already, go to and see what real tax reform looks like.

Abortion Sally Gets Off Easy

Sally Jacobsen, the disgraced NKU professor who went on a mad rampage through a campus pro-life display in April and got caught, isn't going to jail. After she "apologized" and paid for the property she destroyed, the charges of criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking, and criminal solicitaton were dropped yesterday.

I wish she could be hauled back in again and charged under the desecration of venerated objects (the crosses she broke) statute. The same kind of criminal behavior Sally Jacobsen exhibited at NKU has happened at other schools -- including the University of Kentucky in March -- but this one got all the publicity because Abortion Sally got caught. If there is no real penalty for these people, they will just keep doing their thing.

School Choice, Not Racial Quotas

Race-baiter Jesse Jackson was in Louisville yesterday issuing plans for a 10,000 person rally in support of racial quotas in city public schools.

He would do better to support school choice for everyone instead of artificial racial-assignment policies that now cause some children to be denied admission based on the color of their skin. It flies in the face of all reason to suggest that a percentage of students with a certain skin color in any school would affect educational achievement for anyone. Of course that is beside the point for Jackson, but his hypocrisy didn't need to no unanswered again.

It is a bugaboo to education establishment types, but vouchers would at least give some at-risk kids a chance. Racial profiling student populations only provides press conference fodder for aging demagogues.

Warren Buffett Gives It Up

Uber-investor Warren Buffett's donation of $30 Billion to charity last week might have you thinking what good you could do with so much money. His ill-considered comments in favor of the Death Tax -- "It's very equitable," he said -- and the money it sucks from the economy suggests an idea that puts another bad liberal plan in some perspective.

Refusing to reform Social Security put that system another $600 Billion in the tank last year. Buffett's gift is much less impressive when thought in terms of picking up the tab for only two weeks of intransigence on this one federal program.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

While You Were Working...

J.R. Gray (D-Benton) pre-filed a 2007 bill today to raise taxes.

Yes, it is a minimum wage bill -- a wedge Democrats hope to use in November -- but it works just like an off-the-books tax increase for businesses who employ minimum wage workers. Why don't Democrats show some courage and propose a tax increase rather than try to make it look like some kind of a fairness issue?

The Kentucky legislature is in special session right to trying to cut taxes on small businesses and Rep. Gray wants to raise them back up at the same time.

By the way, take a look at Gray's Republican opponent Marvin Wilson.

Media Appearance

I will be weighing in on the goofy, pointless, and ultimately harmful liberal efforts to rewrite the First Amendment on tomorrow's Lexington Herald Leader editorial page.

Speaking of the First Amendment, here it is:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Nothing in there about state employees not having to bring a laptop to work so they can read blogs all day long.

The low point of today's update on this ridiculous "scandal" was in this quote: "The government is not a private employer, the government cannot decide what content they want to ban," said Mark Nickolas, U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler's former campaign manager and operator of a Web log. "It's not constitutional."

While the libs are distracting with this stuff and the Fletcher Driving-Not-Walking scandal, the General Assembly is getting away with tweaking the AMC when they should be repealing it.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Required Reading in AP Economics

While Kentucky politicos are irrationally consumed with what can or can't be read in the state Capitol, one Georgia high school has the right idea.

An Advanced Placement Economics course at Northview High School in Duluth is requiring students to have read The Fair Tax Book before classes start in the fall.

That should get Nancy Pelosi worked up since she won't let her minions talk about the Fair Tax, but it is good news for the future that these kids will be learning about it now.

Yarmuth Won't Get Warner Nod

Kentucky's 3rd district U.S. House challenger John Yarmuth can't catch a break.

Yarmuth's frustration with his inability to draw support in the district will be compounded this week when he fails in his bid to get an endorsement from presidential wannabe Mark Warner.

If you look at the list of names who applied for Warner's endorsement, you will see he did succeed in making it to the second round in the selection process. Maybe Yarmuth's campaign should be called the "Close But No Cigar Tour."

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Don't Go Easy On Sex Offenders Now

The Pandora's Box opened by the new Georgia law which prohibits convicted sex offenders from living within 1000 feet of areas where children congregate can't cause us to give in to criminals' convenience just because the ACLU types want us to.

Georgia's law is probably the toughest in the nation. Despite the activist whining, the result of this policy will be a mass exodus of sex criminals from that state. Kentucky would do very well to ignore the bellyaching and further stiffen its own restrictions.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Repeal AMC Now!

Joe Fischer(R-Ft. Thomas) did the right thing this week when he filed an amendment in the House to repeal the Alternative Minimum Calculation and the limited liability entity tax.

The debate shouldn't be about how much we will tax unprofitable Kentucky corporations, but whether we should tax their business activity at all.

As Rep. Bob Damron(D-Nicholasville) said back in March, there is something un-American about taxing companies that aren't making a profit.

Friday, June 23, 2006

It Gets Worse For Yarmuth

John Yarmuth wants Anne Northup's job in Congress. He has set up some pretty rough roadblocks for himself, like pushing to double payroll taxes, surrendering Iraq, and resurrecting public financing of national political campaigns -- welfare for politicians again!!

Now we see that Yarmuth has picked up a major endorsement that he isn't exactly promoting on his website or crowing to the media about: Los Angeles shock-jock John Ziegler hopes Louisvillians will lurch leftward for Yarmuth in November.

It's no surprise Yarmuth isn't trumpeting this one: Ziegler was run out of Louisville in August 2003 in the midst of a sex scandal.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sixty Five Cent Solution

We are always hearing about how Kentucky's schoolchildren need more money. This is a great way to increase classroom spending $174.5 million each year without raising taxes.

All the Sixty Five Cent Solution folks (including Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell) want is to cut down on the administrative waste in our public school system.

Blog Blockergate A Pathetic Scandal

I don't blame liberal bloggers for trying to make Blockergate into some kind of constitutional crisis. If conservatives didn't have any ideas, we would probably be doing the same type of thing. (As it is, we can let them yammer about censorship. We need to continue working for tax reform, school choice, and fiscal responsibility in Kentucky.)

But my scorn for all this hubbub does have its limits. The Bluegrass Institute adds to policy debates in a way the partisan blogs don't. If anything, state workers need to be encouraged to read and to check to keep tabs on the legislature.

Now that people can surf the web on their cell phones, or download software to get around "blocks" on sites, and when rumor, innuendo, and hearsay zooms through Capitol offices faster than a T1 modem, I think we will survive this just fine.

While the Lefties are going gonzo on this, it might be a great time for the Fletcher Administration to start to work on a solid conservative initiative for the next session. Repealing Certificate of Need restrictions on medical care would be a good one.

Welcome Lexington Herald Leader Readers!

Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, conservatism isn't dead in Kentucky. It just needs a little cold water splashed in its face. Welcome to Kentucky Progress.

Kentucky is a conservative state, but our politics lag behind our people. And I am talking about fiscal conservatism. Though there is more work to be done, social conservatives rule the roost in the Bluegrass. Sadly, they have veered hard to the left on fiscal issues. If you are ready to push ahead, we have to demand repeal of the Alternative Minimum Calculation. Also, we need to go after the soft liberal underbelly of our state -- the education bureaucracy. This is the largest portion of our state budget and the mismanagement is undeniable. Step one there is for parents to demand school choice.

This would make a great start. Call your state legislators and demand total repeal of AMC during the special session that begins today. They won't do it, but they should know we are out here. Education reform has been a liberal bugaboo for decades and our progress has been stunted as a result. It is time for conservatives to stand up and lead our children. There are some great things afoot for the conservative cause in Kentucky. Please come back often to the Kentucky Progress for updates.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

YOU Pay Corporate Income Taxes

Revenue-raising politicians love to pile on "big business."

That's how we got the Alternative Minimum Calculation tax with Tax Modernization. The AMC forces businesses with no profit to pay taxes on their gross receipts. When possible, those costs to the business are passed on to consumers. When that isn't possible, employees take the hit. Either way, new businesses get the brunt of this and it accomplishes nothing so much as to restrain economic growth.

The special session starts tomorrow and the Bluegrass Institute is encouraging business owners to tell legislators to scrap the AMC. Amen to that. If you patronize small businesses or work for one, you would do well to raise your voice also.

Welcome Liberal Time Wasters!

If you have been directed to this site because you read on the net about Kentucky state government blocking liberal Bluegrass Report, you might have a little too much time on your hands.

Kentucky Progress is a conservative site and, as such, I have no problem with being blocked from state employee computers -- especially during work hours. I'm glad to have liberal readers who disagree with everything I write -- and I do get a kick out of angry liberal legislators who accost me in Frankfort because of what I write about them on this site -- but I value my tax dollars as well. If you are reading this site and would like to comment via email or post a comment here, go right ahead. But if you are stealing from your employer in order to be here, I hope your conscience bothers you.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

KY Pension Collapse: Will Money Meet Mouth?

The Delta Airlines Pilot Pension collapse isn't going to get as much run in the media as anything potentially embarrassing to Republicans. The reason is defined-benefit pensions are designed much like Social Security.

Remember the "there is no crisis" rants from the left last year? By now, all honest economists agree that was an expensive distortion then and it is only getting worse.

Well I have an idea how to get past the smokescreen on this. Kentucky's public employee pensions are headed for a Delta-like disaster. If we gave all employees in the system the opportunity to opt out in favor of a defined contribution plan, we could wait and see just how many were willing to gamble their retirement security on what is left of the old economic ideology.

Now that would be a sight to behold...

New York Times As Contrary Indicator

When the New York Times puts its political prognostications on the front page, it is usually best to expect things to go the other way. Such is the case with today's bit about the impending doom of the Republican Party of Kentucky.

Almost as bad as Daily Kos' conspiracy theory yesterday about Dubai "still controlling" U.S. Ports.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Murtha Initiates 'Culture of Compunction'

Memo to Democrats: you wanted John Murtha to be your spokesman on national defense and you got him.


Quick, somebody ask Julian Carroll for a comment...

What's Holding Back Kentucky Health Care

Democrats in Frankfort have to be worried about Gross Lindsay's primary loss because the doctor who beat him is in favor of common sense medical malpractice reform.

Senator Ed Worley (D-Richmond) faces a stiff challenge this fall in large part because of his own support of ambulance chasers on the same issue.

Reforming tort policy will help quite a bit. Even more helpful would be to drum up support in favor of repealing Kentucky's Certificate of Need laws.

Read up.

Make Timelines Not War!!

Apparently U.S. Senate Democrats are pushing again (still?) to quit fighting the war and hope the terrorists back off the IED's and stick to their prayer rugs.

Kos has the story.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lib Judges Can Run, Can't Hide

Marcus Carey's effort to bring ideological accountability to judicial races is causing his opponent to say dumb things.

This is going to get good. Thanks to Trey Walker for passing this along from San Diego.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Iraq, Iraq, Iraq

Here is President Bush's radio address he gave today.

As I read it, what occurred to me is the President's political opponents here at home can take no pleasure in any good things that happen in Iraq -- ever. No doubt they will face a white-hot panic if continued progress mounts as fall draws closer.

What I see happening is both national parties running on Iraq this November.

UPDATE: Kentucky's Democrat opponents for Congress don't have Ben Chandler's advantage of being able to vote this way and that way on this issue. But such flip-floppery won't help him run for Governor.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Just Joined Unity '08, You Should Too!

Unity '08 is a political organization whose purpose is to bring people together to move America forward. Let me hasten to add I have not left the Republican party and you don't have to leave your party either in order to get involved with Unity '08. The point is to work with people from all political perspectives who are tired of the status quo.

You might think that Unity '08 is a little late to the two-party party to actually have an impact in 2008. And you would be wrong.

Actually, Republicans and Democrats will be behind in the spring of 2008 when they hold their precinct elections and start the process of rewriting their state and national platforms. Their advantage is they already have people, but the same people show up and propose the same platforms so little changes. What Unity '08 lacks in sheer numbers, in another two years it could make up for in energy and by working the same process in a fresh way. They are bringing the people together first and then working out the ideas.

We all know the environment is ripe for a new movement. It is even okay that partisans like me will be looking for a way to manipulate Unity '08. If it becomes anything like a forum where we can hash out philosophical differences honestly, it will have significantly more power per capita than the Dems and Republicans telling themselves the same things.

I suspect things will get pretty dicey with Unity '08 when the time comes to pick a slate for President. But the most interesting point of a political discussion is where the strength of ideas change open minds. Based on that, Unity '08 is worth a hard look.

Chandler Joins Bill To Raise College Costs

Ben Chandler's latest move in Washington D.C. deserves a lot of scrutiny.

He has added his name to a bill called "Reverse the Raid on Student Aid" HR 5150, which would cut by half interest rates on student loans for higher education.

In his two short years inside the beltway, Chandler has learned the value of sound-good, feel-good legislation. What the sponsors of this bill want you to believe is that cutting student loan interest rates lowers college costs and helps the poor, struggling college student and his/her family afford higher education.

It isn't that simple.

It would be that simple, I guess, if the Education Fairy paid lending institutions the difference in the costs of the loan and the government-set rate. After centuries of data have demonstrated to everyone else that price-fixing combined with taxpayer subsidies cause artificially high demand and actually increase costs -- a side benefit is creating waste! --, the sponsors of this bill want to clap their hands and believe it won't work that way this time.

The Republican leadership in the House has done a lot worthy scorn lately, but the coming showdown on this -- and the unceremonious death of this bad bill -- will underscore once again that as bad as the GOP might have been, the Democrats are worse. It's hardly a campaign slogan, but cutting off our noses to spite our faces is a luxury we can not afford now.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Anti-War Party Exposes Rear Flank

The U.S. House of Representatives voted today to support the War On Terror through to victory. This means, of course, that the majority of Americans will not join the Culture of Quitters who want to cut and run -- head-in-sand-like -- in hopes the terrorists won't kill us if we just stop doing things that might hurt their feelings or conflict with their deeply held non-Christian religious beliefs.

It should go without saying, but the Democrats voted against this.

Terrorists Know Something Democrats Don't

Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean, John Edwards and all their corndog friends have been yammering nonstop about how poorly our effort in Iraq has been going.

A document retrieved from al-Zarqawi's hideout suggests an amazingly different picture. Check it out here. Kind of makes you wonder what else they have been lying to us about.

One line line of reasoning and its conclusion that jumped out at me from Zarqawi's suggestions was that he thought the "resistance" would benefit from sparking a war between America and Iran. He cited "The possibility of acquiring new weapons from the Iranian side, either after the fall of Iran or during the battles." He also suggested pitting a wide variety of other groups against each other (all Arab) in order to benefit the terrorist insurrection.

So the terrorists in Iraq knew that if we took on Iran we would defeat them, they just wanted a chance to steal their weapons. That should go over well on the Arab Street. It isn't rubbing it in -- or spin or whatever -- to say this is bad news for Democrats. They have chosen to become the anti-war party. Hope they enjoy it while they last.

"Improving Education" Liberal Style

I can't believe some people are getting so plugged up over how Kentucky schools read a calendar.

This wasn't about improving education. This was about moving our state one inch closer to the ACLU. We can do without that. You want to make kids aware of the new terms? Here: "Hey kids! Some liberals say B.C.E. when they mean B.C. and C.E. when they mean A.D. Got it? Good!" Now, if you want to talk about improving the schools, let's talk about school choice. If a parent could take the tax dollars we spend on each child and direct those dollars to another school of his choosing, don't you think our schools would get more serious about results and spend less time on left-wing propaganda like all this B.C/A.D B.C.E/C.E. BS?

Fletcher Speaks To National Health Group

Governor Fletcher will serve as keynote speaker to the Government Health IT Conference and Exhibition in Washington D.C. He has been asked to discuss Kentucky's success with electronic medical recordkeeping to give other governments insight into duplicating what we have done here.

Hold your applause. He is just getting warmed up.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Liberal Lexington Judge Writes New Law

Fayette Circuit Judge Gary Payne must believe in fairies.

That is about as reasonable an explanation as I can come up with for why Payne would unilaterally change a local election law today pertaining to the collection of candidate petition signatures. The law in question, when applied to any city council candidate other than Mayor Isaac's pal Julian Beard, requires 100 petition signatures for a candidate's name to be on the ballot. Signatures appearing also on opposing candidates' petitions are not counted and no one has had a problem with this for the last three decades.

That all changed because Beard's petition for this year's race, minus duplicate signatures, left him with less than 100 names and, therefore, not legally eligible to run.

His own personal shortcomings should be sufficient to keep him from winning election anyway, but Beard is now "legally" on the ballot to face businessman Bill Roberts in the 4th district council race.

Governor Fletcher Flies To Washington

When Kentuckians think about the shameful behavior of Paul Patton, what comes to mind is, of course, Tina Conner. But don't you remember Governor Patton crying about Medicaid and tossing people out of nursing homes? A huge part of the "mess in Frankfort" was the deplorable state of the Medicaid program. Its exploding deficits put much of the rest of the state at risk.

Governor Fletcher has righted that ship with very little fanfare. Today, he will be in Washington D.C. to talk about some of his success.

UPDATE: Liberal Blogger Mark Nickolas picks up the story and goes ballistic because Governor Fletcher is talking to conservative people in D.C. Horrors!

You know how they talk about momentum shifts in politics? When we see the Left getting all bunched up about something like this, it suggests that we are seeing just such a shift in Kentucky. If hatred of Republicans and conservatives is the closest thing to a party platform the Democrats can pull together, things are definitely looking up for the GOP.

Education Liberals Target Calendar, Still

Good grief. While Frankfort education bureaucrats continue to try to remove any reference to Jesus Christ from everything, we still wonder why our schools fail to make the grade.

Right after the left goes down today on their B.C.E/C.E nonsense, we need to turn the conversation around to school choice.

Why National Democrats Won't Be Celebrating Christmas In November

While Americans want to win the war, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry still hope to turn Iraq into Vietnam. Keep talking guys!

What will they do next, complain about how terrible the economy is?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Liberal Judge Protection Act Faces Scrutiny, Cronies To Go Crazy

A lawsuit filed by a conservative Kentucky Supreme Court candidate has liberals upset that people might be allowed to ask judicial candidates if they are liberals.

Marcus Carey has a strong case and should be commended for standing up to the status quo here. We don't need liberals hiding behind a wall of secrecy in the name of bogus judicial "ethics." Allowing them to continue to do so could only make sense to a radical left-winger with something to hide.

The people with something to hide should make a spectacle of themselves on this one.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kerry: Let's Surrender And Hand Over Schedule To Terrorists In Iraq

Hey, it's a Culture of Quitters in the Democratic Party! Just ask their standard-bearer John Kerry.

Fundraising Challenge Might Help GOP

The power squabble on the first floor of the Capitol is affecting state legislative candidates. It is noteworthy in that it is mainly a minor irritant and not a catastrophe. The end result could be a less-centralized Republican party next year. That would be a good thing.

Apparently, someone in the administration is calling candidates who have booked LG Steve Pence for fundraisers and suggesting they would do better to have Robbie Rudolph appear instead.

The answer to this is simple. GOP candidates should be looking way outside the Governor's office for fundraiser support. Most already are.

Ben Chandler: Kingmaker?

Ryan Alessi quotes Congressman Ben Chandler saying he hopes a strong Democrat candidate for Governor comes forward. If Rep. Chandler isn't going to run, his stamp of approval on one of his fellow Dems could have an interesting impact on the race.

The way it is shaping up now, the most important races in 2007 are for Attorney General and Auditor. If the best the Dems can do is Steve Henry for Governor, the real action will be in Republican primaries. Either way, I think we are looking at the most boring Fancy Farm in years this summer. The moves that matter will all come after the November elections.

ACLU To The Rescue

It is a shame that less than a week after we changed Zarqawi's religion we are facing a renewed effort by American leftists to go ahead and surrender Iraq.

Once again, they are overplaying their hand. Today, the ACLU court case against NSA wiretapping of potential terrorists begins.

Just another reminder that this is what you get when America supports its left wing.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It Must Be June: Democrat Implosion Begins

Congressman John Murtha wants to ride his left-wing stance on Iraq into House Leadership, starting now.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A FairTax Opportunity Presents Itself

The Senate vote this week on a Definition of Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution failed to reach the needed 60 votes for passage. Some conservatives started immediately calling for a constitutional convention.

This could get interesting.

While there may be some disagreement with protecting marriage (some call it the HATE amendment), I have a thought about a possible constitutional convention that should have very broad appeal.

First, we only need 34 states to call for a constitutional convention on marriage. That should be relatively easy. Second, once such a convention starts, anything can happen. What needs to happen is repeal of the 16th amendment (that's the one that allowed the federal government to start taxing incomes through the IRS).

That clears the way for real tax reform. That clears the way for the FairTax.

Mike Weaver's Principles

It is customary for Democrat congressional candidates to make statements about the issues they deem important or to run and hide from anything that might tie them down to any kind of policy position. Both strategies are fun to watch.

What happens is candidates either get way out trying to speak "truth to power" or they spend a great deal of time saying absolutely nothing. While John Yarmuth admits with a straight face that he wants to surrender Iraq and put every man, woman, and child on Medicare, can you guess which approach Mike Weaver is taking?

Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen so many words on a "Principles" page without mentioning a single principle -- unless you count "faith trust."

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Don't Like The Death Tax? Think FairTax

When we stop taxing incomes and wealth and start taxing consumption, we spread out taxation more evenly. A side benefit is that we wouldn't have to endure idiotic Washington post columns like this one.

Liberals like to harp on Social Security since they consider screwing up reform their greatest policy achievement in years. The FairTax makes it a moot point.

Another Reason To Vote Republican

In case you needed another reason to vote Democrats out of office this November, we see today that we have too many of them in the U.S. Senate to kill the Death Tax.

So, if you are keeping score at home, just this week it's one special election victory for an anti-amnesty congressional candidate, a gay marriage "victory" for Democrats in the Senate, and now they are trying to bring the Death Tax back in 2011.

Don't bother coming up with a "message" this year, Democrats. We already know.

One If By Port, Two If By Homebuilder

Lost in the al-Zarqawi killing hoopla is the news that a Dubai company bought up a California homebuilding firm for $1 Billion in cash.

Could it be that the fabulous news of the death of a terrorist leader is enough to knock the economic illiterates who screamed bloody murder about the Dubai Ports deal off the trail of this one?

Let's hope so.

Attracting foreign investment has built this nation and continues to help us grow. The doomsayers who predicted in the 1980's that we would be turned into a Japanese colony because of their investments don't need another run today.

Fiscal Conservatism? In Kentucky?

Could it possibly happen here? Well, actually, yes.

The Club for Growth is close to announcing establishment of a Kentucky State Action organization to make an impact on this November's legislative races.

Fiscal liberals in both parties may not know what this means for them just yet, but they will soon enough.

Please go here to join the Club for Growth. And you might want to go here and see what some of the other CFG state groups are up to.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fletcher's Strong Move On Tax Policy

After today's LRC meeting in Frankfort, both Jody Richards and David Williams said they had not heard anything from Governor Fletcher about when a special session might be called to repair some nastiness that has hurt small businesses.

Observers were left to speculate there may not be a special session.

But the Herald Leader's Jack Brammer was on the case. He called the Governor's office and got the scoop.

It seems the Governor's office is working with legislators other than the top two in leadership:

Cave said the administration has talked to certain members of the legislature who are working with "a constituent group" on formulating a tax plan. He declined to name them, saying they have come to him in confidence and include senators and representatives. Cave also said legislative leaders will play a role in a tax plan, but they have not yet been contacted out of respect for their time.

Ooooohhhh.... A power play. I like it!

Democrats Lose Only "Policy Position"

Democrats have been campaigning all year on one thing: their contention that all Republicans should be dead or in jail. I think they are going to have to come up with one more talking point.

Francine "You don't need no stinking green card" Busby lost yesterday's bellwether special election to Brian Bilbray (R) in the race to replace disgraced convicted criminal Randall "Duke" Cunningham, a Republican.

Busby was running a close race when she destroyed herself by getting caught telling an illegal immigrant "supporter" that citizenship wasn't necessary to vote for her or work on her campaign.

Dems are already skating on thin ice with this "culture of corruption" platform. In a time when they need something else to offer the American people, they come up empty.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shining More Light On Frankfort

The Bluegrass Institute is pushing the legislature to post committee votes online and the legislature is pushing back.

Showdown tomorrow in Frankfort. Here are details.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Yarmuth Stooge Unmasked

Robert Kahne admits to being a liberal. He proudly states that he hates all Republicans and dreams of killing them all. He says "I wish we could have a liberal inquisition and do like the Spanish, where we would go up to people and say 'are you a Republican?' and if they said yes, we would kill them. With swords, of course. Guns would be illegal."

Mr. Kahne sounds like he needs professional help. But he was providing valuable assistance to the John Yarmuth for Congress campaign when, as a Yarmuth intern, he attempted to infiltrate the Anne Northup campaign as a spy, steal her materials, and -- if he could sneak in a weapon -- who knows what else?

While Congresswoman Northup is used to all kinds of craziness from her hapless string of past opponents, it looks like the latest one plans to sink to the lowest of lows. Northup's campaign had this to say.

Yarmuth hasn't worked up an apology yet. Don't hold your breath. If this is the sort of thing we get from Yarmuth now, just imagine how he will crack up when he realizes he can't kill enough Republicans (or sensible Democrats) to win his race.

Update: The Herald Leader has picked up the story and it looks like the Yarmuth campaign is going to throw young Robert overboard and claim they didn't know anything about it. Right...

Might As Well Drop An F-Bomb Here

The main frustration with the Fletcher administration has always been about communication.

Today's Ryan Alessi column sums it up all too well:

Cave insists the governor's troubles with getting out his message have less to do with the internal communications strategy than with "a biased press."

"We have not been able to communicate effectively through the print media because I think it's no secret that the print media does not like this administration," Cave said, although he declined to list any specifics.
What, not even one? When you complain to a reporter that he isn't giving attention to your accomplishments and then --when asked point-blank -- can't tick off three or four immediately just to drive your point home, you should realize what the problem is.

Might as well have dropped an F-Bomb.

Best Sizing Up Of Merit Hiring Mess

This guy really nails it.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Welcome DOJ Readers!

Senator Ed Worley's problems continue to mount. Someone in Washington D.C. on a U.S. Department of Justice computer yesterday wound up reading this post on Kentucky Progress via a Google search for "Ed Worley."

Try it here. Fun!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Fletcher Revival?

Well, clearly I was wrong when I said last week Governor Fletcher was going to drop out of the 2007 race very soon. He spoke forcefully this morning to Republicans in Louisville and clearly is not leaving the scene without a BIG push. I had surmised that encouragement from above would get it done before the June 7 arraignment. Witnesses were split on whether or not the move to add Robbie Rudolph would ultimately help him win re-election, but no doubt remains about his plans to fight on through next year.

The next thing to happen is the court case on the merit hiring thing. Governor Fletcher didn't sound like a man who is about to go plead guilty to make it all go away. (Not that that would work at this point, anyway.) Concerns were voiced about today's new enthusiasm being too little and too late. Time will tell, but I don't think we have heard the last of the ugliness with Steve Pence.

Now the focus (with regard to the Governor's race) has to be on Congress. Democrat hopefullness aside, the Republicans might lose seats but can't realistically be expected to lose the majority in the House. Even if the D's get close, Chandler is still in the minority and, I think, becomes slightly more likely to jump into the 2007 race. Hal Rogers also becomes significantly more likely to stay put, leaving Governor Fletcher a clear shot through May. Chandler has a little pink in his voting record, which could be a real liability for him in trying to move up. If Ernie can revamp his image sufficiently, the current conventional wisdom that Chandler would win in a walk notwithstanding, Ben may even become dissuaded from running.

Even a damaged Fletcher beats anyone else on the Dem side next year.

Friday, June 02, 2006

What You Can Do About Prices

Americans spend a lot of time talking about the price of things like gasoline, food, clothing, and education. We also spend a lot of time and energy concerned with the price of money (namely, interest rates), but we think of it as something we have even less control over than the commodities we can't live without.

I have an idea for you.

There is one thing Americans can do to take back some measure of control over our interest rates. We simply must support the FairTax. Doing so would cause our interest rates to decline by as much as one-third.

To understand why, it is helpful to view interest rates from the proper perspective. Interest rates are nothing more than the price we pay to purchase money. That is what we do when we take a mortgage, a car loan, or plunk down a credit card. When we do these things we obligate ourselves to pay back the borrowed money and pay interest as well. That interest "price" pays the financial institution's profit and overhead, which, of course, includes its federal income taxes. When the FairTax is implemented, there will be no more federal income tax. So banks will be able to make the same profit on approximately one-third less revenue. In the hyper-competitive financial services industry, that means prices are coming down.

So if were looking for one more reason to support the FairTax, here is one: lower interest rates. Spread the word.

Eighteen Months

Problems have a great way of focusing the mind. Well the Governor's Administration has problems.

It is time to focus on what can be accomplished in the next 18 months.

You want a positive legacy? Focus on education.

The fact is that waste, fraud, and abuse have been reduced during the Fletcher administration. Bringing in the World Equestrian Games for 2010 will prove to be a great coup as well. But it has all been trashed by bad (no, make that horrible) public relations.

Kentucky public schools would benefit from injecting some form of school choice into the process of educating our children. This administration may not be the one to pull it off, but it is time for this idea and the home team needs a little help.

US House To Kill Amnesty Bill?

The Washington Times reports House conservatives can kill the U.S. Senate's immigration bill for Constitutional reasons. All bills that raise revenue to the federal government -- as the Senate bill does -- must originate in the House.

Bill Frist says the bill can be added on to a bill the House already passed and then sent on to the conference committee.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Don't Fire Pence, Fire Brett Hall!

I worked my tail off as Jessamine county co-chair of Fletcher Pence to help get Ernie Fletcher elected Governor in 2003. So now, in the last days of the Fletcher administration, I sure would like to see the focus removed from politics and on to moving the state forward. Some of that has happened, but not nearly enough to balance out the bad stuff.

And Brett Hall, the Governor's spokesman, just makes it so much worse when he handles a bad question classlessly: "F**k no, he's not going to resign." For the record, Hall was talking about the Governor of Kentucky. And yes, I will take Larry Dale Keeling's word for it. I don't like his politics, but he gets quotes right and Hall has done this kind of thing before.

Next Headline: "Fletcher Not Running In 2007"

The announcement is coming within one week.

Herald Leader Staffer Caught Shilling Condemnation Disguised As A Squirrel

Check out a website called Lexington Mayor's Race 2006 in which a newspaper staff writer is caught writing nastygrams against Kentucky/American Water Company.

Abuse of government condemnation power will be the biggest issue in Lexington again this year.

Thought of The Day

The answer to almost everything is persistence. Pushing on in a worthwhile pursuit while facing resistance usually leads to some measure of success. The corollary to this is the answer to everything else is indifference. If a failure causes dejection and prevents future effort, all is lost.