Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ed Worley, Gambling Man

Found an old radio ad from 2002 in which Sen. Ed Worley says "Senator Ed Worley is against gambling."

He still says he is against gambling, when he is in his conservative district.

But he told the Louisville Courier-Journal "he would work to convince the public that Kentucky is losing 'millions and millions' of dollars to Indiana's gambling boats -- money that could be used for schools and services."

He told "We danced around it now for years and years," said Senate Democratic leader Ed Worley of Richmond. "It's time. Unquestionably there is $450 million lying on the table. This is an option the people of Kentucky ought to have as opposed to having their taxes raised," said Worley, who favors racinos and casinos.

And "To maintain state government at the level we're spending, the answer is expanded gaming," Worley said. "Our forefathers feel the legislature should be made up of all kinds of people in Kentucky. The difficulty in that is getting legislation through with that diverse of a group. It isn't always political, but a level of understanding."
Worley said educating people and reaching out to those in all walks of life is contagious. "It effects politics in all ways," he said. "Keep spending your money to educate people and this will all work out in time."

Worley is undoubtedly trying to pull in the Big Gambling money to his campaign and that might work. But what will the people of Madison, Lincoln, and Rockcastle counties say when they learn he is trying to sell them down the river for the fool's gold of casino gambling?

Given his other scandals, lies, and deceit, don't bet on them keeping him around.