Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is Bush Unpopular Because of Success in Iraq?

I think so. That certainly goes against the grain of what the MSM says every day, but read this and I think you will agree.

Too many of us are upset because we don't really think the terrorists might win anymore. So we are looking at other issues that we had placed on the back burner until after the 2004 elections.

I would be interested to see how many people would be just fine with bombing Iran back into the 11th century. Those people might be frustrated with President Bush, but they sure aren't going to vote to let the party of Cindy Sheehan turn to negotiating us into oblivion.

Senator Christopher Dodd was on the Don Imus show this morning talking about his presidential aspirations. He was trashing Bush for not seeing the wisdom in negotiating with those who want to saw off our heads. He spoke dreamily about the endless negotiations we had with the Soviet Union in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. I think too many of us remember what that was all about, even if we are only old enough to have seen the Soviets running circles around Jimmy Carter.

"Stay the course" works pretty well compared to "cut and run." It always has -- when it comes to defending ourselves -- and Democrat candidates who want to gloss over this fact and run nationalized elections will probably be confused again by the election returns in November.