Monday, May 22, 2006

Focus on Big Education in Lexington Thursday

Have you ever considered that while we are all upset about Big Oil, the big dollars are really being siphoned off by Big Education?

Injecting a little competition into the public schools starts at the top. The death grip bureaucrats and teachers unions have on our schools costs us significantly more than gas prices that, while increasing, haven't even kept up with inflation. The public education situation is risking the future of our nation in a way that $3 a gallon gas can't even come close to.

A clash between those bureacrats and concerned parents is coming up fast. This Thursday evening, ABC's John Stossel will speak at the Marriott Griffin Gate. His presentation is titled "Stupid Schools: How The Government Monopoly Cheats Kids."

The union thugs will be outside screaming and yelling. So far, about 230 parents and concerned citizens have committed to attend.

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