Sunday, May 07, 2006

Herald Leader Kiss of Death for Isaac, Newberry

Lexington's mayoral race got a nice jolt this morning with the Lexington Herald Leader's endorsement of Mayor Teresa Isaac and Jim Newberry.

Conservative voters now know to vote for Councilman Bill Farmer. They should have already known that, but I'm sure the Farmer camp appreciates the help. By endorsing both liberals in what is really a three way race, the paper now hands Farmer a 250 word opportunity to make his case. And, for good measure, they will likely print a picture of their two favorites on their election day list of endorsements.

This should help give Lexington voters a conservative choice for mayor in November. After all, the Herald Leader endorsed Jim Gray four years ago. On the strength of that plug, he dropped to third and out of the race. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same happen to Newberry, who has tried to be on both sides of the water condemnation issue and seems to have very few real plans for office.