Friday, May 26, 2006

Lexington's Water Fiasco Victim: Jessamine County

Water takeover proponents in Lexington are hankering to spend more tax money on their court battle. While the lawyers live large, innocent people in neighboring Jessamine county face a risk to their health that has received almost no attention.

While diverting funds that could have been better spent on higher priorities these past four years, Lexington (LFUCG) has been neglecting another most precious resource: sanitation.

The West Hickman Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jessamine County treats half of Lexington's wastewater. The plant is owned by LFUCG. A couple of things should happen: Jessamine county should put a meter on the pipe running into the plant and start charging a usage fee immediately. Jessamine should ask LFUCG to stop their condemnation of KY American (which also serves Jessamine) and threaten to condemn the West Hickman plant if Lexington doesn't provide the necessary maintenance to their property.

This needs to happen before the influent screw pumps give out and north Jessamine county is bathing in Fayette county's sewage.