Monday, May 15, 2006

Richmond Register Jumps Into The Fray

Central Kentucky election officials are used to watching area voters show up at the polls with Lexington Herald-Leader endorsements in hand, ready to vote against the paper's recommendations.

The paper's predictable calls work like this: pick the weakest Republican candidate in the primary and pick the Democrat in the fall. Case in point: the Herald-Leader endorsed Steve Nunn just prior to his 3rd place finish for Governor in 2003. This year, they endorsed Albert Spencer, a good candidate and a very good man, who is nonetheless ill-equipped to handle the vicious, dirty campaigning tactics of Sen. Ed Worley.

For the first time, The Richmond Register today endorsed candidates for election. In stark contrast to the Herald Leader, they chose to support the stronger Republican candidate -- former Senator Barry Metcalf.

Interestingly, they also suggested voters bring a new Sheriff to town, replacing an incumbent. Also, they counsel keeping a popular and efficient county clerk.