Friday, May 12, 2006

Andrew Horne Wades In Over His Head

Greg Stumbo is, uh, "stuck out on the sand bar overnight" again. This time, though, we know who he had with him.

Third district Congressional candidate Andrew Horne has joined AG Stumbo in an ill-advised attack on Secretary of State Trey Grayson.

Horne campaign volunteer Shawn Reilly is being used as a pawn by people who support voter fraud. This whole thing started when Grayson's office joined with South Carolina and Tennessee to compare voter registration databases and clear out people who were registered in more than one state. Reilly had moved from Kentucky to South Carolina. This move invalidated his Kentucky voter registration. It got a little tricky when he moved back to Kentucky. But what the Stumbo/Horne people don't want you to know is that this would not have prevented Reilly from voting in the May 16 Democrat primary. There are well-established procedures that would have quickly corrected the oversight. Interestingly, it is Reilly's own error in registering as a Republican that will keep him from voting for Horne or any other Democrat on Tuesday.

So when Stumbo spokeswoman Vicki Glass said "there are going to be a lot of Shawn Reillys out there," we must assume that she is talking about people who are trying to vote in the wrong primary and not about the silly lawsuit that has the AG and Horne all worked up now.

Incidentally, Stumbo and Horne were just about to start a joint press conference at the Jefferson county clerk's office when they were informed that doing so would be illegal electioneering.


Today is Day 1092 of wishing Kentucky had elected Tim Feeley as Attorney General.