Monday, May 29, 2006

Markos Moulitsas Was Right About Ports Deal

When liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas spoke to Democrats in Louisville back on May 10, he said a lot of the usual things about conservative people that would surprise no one. But he nailed it when he pointed out the one thing that has really damaged President Bush and Republicans.

The Dubai Ports Deal.

Now I am not one of those who might suggest a liberal takeover of Congress this November. It is more accurate to say that it already happened -- the de facto Democrat majority in the US Senate serves as Exhibit One. And we have the 50-49 vote in favor of giving illegal aliens Social Security benefits to give us a list of names.

Nevertheless, Pesident Bush blew it big time when he caved on the Ports Deal. In fact, if he had taken the time to explain why Dubai was no threat then, he would have some credibility with conservatives as he now tries to pave the way for illegal Mexicans to gain citizenship.

I know that isn't what Kos meant, but Republicans aren't going to worry too much about how the far left plans to vote. We already know. Politically speaking, Republicans have only to demonstrate that Democrats are a worse alternative. That is -- still -- a pretty low bar to hurdle.

Immigration is going to tie up Congress for a while, but Republicans would do well to get back to real tax reform and entitlement reform. Allowing Democrats to cast themselves as the party hoping to sustain the status quo on these issues would be a help right before the elections.