Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is Mad Howard Running Out of Steam?

Oh, what a difference two years makes...

In the spring and summer of 2004, Howard Dean went from presidential front-runner to kingmaker, creating an unprecedented internet presence and ultimately riding his growing influence to the chairmanship of the Democratic Party.

Here in Kentucky, Dean arguably reached his zenith when his Dean for America group held candidate auditions at the Kentucky Horse Park in July of that year. The winners were to be labeled Dean's Dozen candidates for the state. Easily the most striking moment of the event had to be when Rep. Bob Damron followed Sen. Ernesto Scorsone to the microphone. Praising the openly liberal Senator for helping to stop "the Republican agenda," Damron seemed determined to fit in. Coming only weeks after Rep. Damron stood with Governor Ernie Fletcher at the signing of a fetal homicide bill and joining in on the selling of "tax modernization," (which Damron now calls "un-American"), it was a strong statement about Dean's allure that Damron hoped to be named a Dean's Dozen candidate.

He didn't make the cut, but twelve proud liberals did.

Dean for America is now Democracy for America, but the idea is still the same. Only in Kentucky, the well seems to have run dry. Go to this website and search throughout Kentucky. I only found one candidate who has expressed an interest in gaining the group's help, a state representative candidate from Louisville.

She is a proud liberal, indeed.