Thursday, March 23, 2006

We Want Gore?

Democrats are feeling their oats. That must be why the left is digging up Al Gore and talking about running him for President in 2008.

I really wouldn't mind hearing him talk about putting Social Security surplus funds in a lock box. (Think the Dems will let him do that again?) But in a time when even Republicans can't be trusted to cut spending, make tax cuts permanent, or hold off trade protectionists, do we really want to go backward on these things? And don't even get me started on how fast he would turn the war effort over to the UN and the courts over to the ACLU, forgetting them both until we were all speaking Farsi and jailing Christians for praying at home.

The worst thing about Democrats putting up the extremists on their side is that too many Republicans who get elected by default don't feel they have to adhere to conservative principles. I guess Gore could re-invent himself again again (that's not a typo, he just keeps doing it) but no one would buy it, especially the Hard Left he needs to get nominated. After putting all their eggs in Kerry's basket in 2004, you might think they would know better by now. We'll see.