Wednesday, May 31, 2006

His Cow Gone, Reid Closes Barn Door

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) has been in the news recently for accepting free boxing tickets while "considering" legislation affecting his benefactors. Now, he says he deserves an ethical mulligan.

It is interesting that the U.S. Senate Democrat leader is acting badly with unsavory characters. Here in Kentucky, Sen. Ed "Snake Eyes" Worley -- the state's Senate Democrat leader -- is doing the same thing.

Burying The Lead: Pence Versus Fletcher in '07

The Courier Journal asked LG Steve Pence if he supported Ernie Fletcher's re-election bid in 2007 and Pence said he was "going to focus on the elections coming up in 2006." If you go to the link above it is in the last sentence.

Pence put the focus on the 2007 races himself when he said he wouldn't be running with Governor Fletcher, and put the Governor in a box when he added that he isn't going to resign his post and intends to serve out his term. So we will have an LG who isn't running and a candidate for LG who is running with the incumbent Governor.

Republicans frustrated over the problems surrounding the Fletcher administration will soon be asked to take sides.

Vanity: Media Appearance Today

I'll be on the Sue Wylie Show this morning talking about Steve Pence. Tune in to 590 AM at 10:00.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How Much Govt Gridlock Do We Want?

Everytime we turn around, another article is being written about Democrats taking over the Congress in November. Meanwhile, Republican Governor -- and presidential hopeful -- Mitt Romney of Massachusetts has gotten his controversial health insurance plan passed through a state legislature controlled by Democrats.

Even as it becomes increasingly likely that Democrats' "culture of corruption" campaign theme will backfire (Rep. William Jefferson and Sen. Harry Reid), the question of how such a schism in Washington would work persists. (Despite the de facto Senate Democrat majority giving us clear guidance that it won't pan out very well.) Further, if Romney's big-government health care plan can be used as a guide -- and I think it can -- the GOP would be well-advised to stick with an admittedly uninspiring "Democrats would be worse" theme this fall. The alternative clearly involves conservative/liberal hybrid governing that gives us losers like the Medicare prescription drug benefit, No Child Left Behind, and RomneyCare (or, as in Kentucky, Tax Modernization).

While executives like President Bush and Governor Romney get to claim credit for working with political opponents, Americans are left to wonder if we might all be better off if our political figures weren't getting along so well.

Democrats have struggled with the "obstructionist" label, even while celebrating their obstruction of Social Security reform last year. Despite their dubious triumph against Social Security continuing to cost us many billions of dollars, might their tactics prove useful for conservatives should Democrats gain seats?

Probably would. Some hard-core conservatives want to see it happen in order to "send a message" to middle of the road Republicans. While that approach is commonly credited with giving us Reagan, the stakes in the War on Terror are just too high for a full retreat now. What is missed too often is the race between the two parties to see which one will self-destruct first. Liberal versus conservative members of both parties are playing tug-o-war. Those who manage not to lose their grip on the rope first will determine much of our nation's future.

We Told You To Learn English!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Markos Moulitsas Was Right About Ports Deal

When liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas spoke to Democrats in Louisville back on May 10, he said a lot of the usual things about conservative people that would surprise no one. But he nailed it when he pointed out the one thing that has really damaged President Bush and Republicans.

The Dubai Ports Deal.

Now I am not one of those who might suggest a liberal takeover of Congress this November. It is more accurate to say that it already happened -- the de facto Democrat majority in the US Senate serves as Exhibit One. And we have the 50-49 vote in favor of giving illegal aliens Social Security benefits to give us a list of names.

Nevertheless, Pesident Bush blew it big time when he caved on the Ports Deal. In fact, if he had taken the time to explain why Dubai was no threat then, he would have some credibility with conservatives as he now tries to pave the way for illegal Mexicans to gain citizenship.

I know that isn't what Kos meant, but Republicans aren't going to worry too much about how the far left plans to vote. We already know. Politically speaking, Republicans have only to demonstrate that Democrats are a worse alternative. That is -- still -- a pretty low bar to hurdle.

Immigration is going to tie up Congress for a while, but Republicans would do well to get back to real tax reform and entitlement reform. Allowing Democrats to cast themselves as the party hoping to sustain the status quo on these issues would be a help right before the elections.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ed Worley, Gambling Man

Found an old radio ad from 2002 in which Sen. Ed Worley says "Senator Ed Worley is against gambling."

He still says he is against gambling, when he is in his conservative district.

But he told the Louisville Courier-Journal "he would work to convince the public that Kentucky is losing 'millions and millions' of dollars to Indiana's gambling boats -- money that could be used for schools and services."

He told "We danced around it now for years and years," said Senate Democratic leader Ed Worley of Richmond. "It's time. Unquestionably there is $450 million lying on the table. This is an option the people of Kentucky ought to have as opposed to having their taxes raised," said Worley, who favors racinos and casinos.

And "To maintain state government at the level we're spending, the answer is expanded gaming," Worley said. "Our forefathers feel the legislature should be made up of all kinds of people in Kentucky. The difficulty in that is getting legislation through with that diverse of a group. It isn't always political, but a level of understanding."
Worley said educating people and reaching out to those in all walks of life is contagious. "It effects politics in all ways," he said. "Keep spending your money to educate people and this will all work out in time."

Worley is undoubtedly trying to pull in the Big Gambling money to his campaign and that might work. But what will the people of Madison, Lincoln, and Rockcastle counties say when they learn he is trying to sell them down the river for the fool's gold of casino gambling?

Given his other scandals, lies, and deceit, don't bet on them keeping him around.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Welfare As We Know It

One amendment that failed to make it into the Immigration bill yesterday says a lot about where the United States Senate really is on using "reform" to expand the welfare state. The liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a revealing essay on their site about Republican efforts to slow the flow of people who come to this country just to live off the American taxpayer. The liberals are against it, of course.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) filed the amendment to prevent anyone given amnesty from converting their new legal status into an invitation to receive the Earned Income Tax Credit refund.

EITC already dwarfs what we used to call welfare. If handing it out to millions of "guest workers" is such a great idea, why don't we start running those EITC commercials in Mexico and sign them up down there to save them the trip?

Don't Buy A Fake Social Security Card Yet

If you are paying attention, you are probably not very happy with the U.S. Senate for passing an immigration reform bill that allows illegals to sign up for Social Security benefits based on their bogus cards and stolen numbers.

Fear not.

Senator Mitch McConnell said "I believe more work needs to be done to improve the bill as Congress considers it further. However, this is a necessary first step to balancing our tradition as a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws." In other words, the conference committee will be able to fix the bill. The important thing was getting the bill to them and away from the de facto Democratic majority in the Senate before they made it any worse.

Too Much Time, Not Enough To Bet On

Grab your Blackberry, folks.

There is a website that is now taking bets on when the Kentucky special legislative session will begin.

Lexington's Water Fiasco Victim: Jessamine County

Water takeover proponents in Lexington are hankering to spend more tax money on their court battle. While the lawyers live large, innocent people in neighboring Jessamine county face a risk to their health that has received almost no attention.

While diverting funds that could have been better spent on higher priorities these past four years, Lexington (LFUCG) has been neglecting another most precious resource: sanitation.

The West Hickman Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Jessamine County treats half of Lexington's wastewater. The plant is owned by LFUCG. A couple of things should happen: Jessamine county should put a meter on the pipe running into the plant and start charging a usage fee immediately. Jessamine should ask LFUCG to stop their condemnation of KY American (which also serves Jessamine) and threaten to condemn the West Hickman plant if Lexington doesn't provide the necessary maintenance to their property.

This needs to happen before the influent screw pumps give out and north Jessamine county is bathing in Fayette county's sewage.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Is Bush Unpopular Because of Success in Iraq?

I think so. That certainly goes against the grain of what the MSM says every day, but read this and I think you will agree.

Too many of us are upset because we don't really think the terrorists might win anymore. So we are looking at other issues that we had placed on the back burner until after the 2004 elections.

I would be interested to see how many people would be just fine with bombing Iran back into the 11th century. Those people might be frustrated with President Bush, but they sure aren't going to vote to let the party of Cindy Sheehan turn to negotiating us into oblivion.

Senator Christopher Dodd was on the Don Imus show this morning talking about his presidential aspirations. He was trashing Bush for not seeing the wisdom in negotiating with those who want to saw off our heads. He spoke dreamily about the endless negotiations we had with the Soviet Union in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. I think too many of us remember what that was all about, even if we are only old enough to have seen the Soviets running circles around Jimmy Carter.

"Stay the course" works pretty well compared to "cut and run." It always has -- when it comes to defending ourselves -- and Democrat candidates who want to gloss over this fact and run nationalized elections will probably be confused again by the election returns in November.

Will FairTax Be An Issue In KY-4?

(Update: Rep. Davis' office says he is not in favor of the FairTax.)

Last year, Congressman Geoff Davis' name was added as a co-sponsor of HR 25, The FairTax.

Three weeks later, he withdrew his name from the bill. (It turns out his name was added to the bill by the sponsor mistakenly.) Rep. Davis has taken some undeserved heat from FairTax supporters on this.

This year, former Congressman Ken Lucas, Davis' Democratic opponent this fall, is looking at the FairTax himself.

We are expecting word from both campaigns this afternoon with regard to their current positions on the FairTax. The Lucas campaign can be reached by calling (859) 331-0832. Rep. Davis' office number is (202) 225-3465.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Water Fight In Lexington Takes Over

It was going to be tough to petition the courts to stop the Lexington condemnation vote and campaign for the public to stop the condemnation effort.

So KY American dropped the court bid and will focus on working with the public.

Have to hand it to Jim Newberry for working this issue artfully. If it wasn't sealed already -- and I suspect it was -- Newberry just earned himself a term as Lexington's next mayor.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

So You Think Democrats Will Lower Gas Prices?

Finally, someone has come up with a nice mixture of clarity and humor on the politicization of gas prices.

Go here to see it.

Liberal Enough? Check!

Fresh off his brother's failed attempt to influence the New Orleans' mayoral race, Democracy For America's (formerly Dean For America) Jim Dean is touting Ned Lamont in his primary race against -- not liberal enough -- Senator Joe Lieberman. The same link shows the Deaniacs have raised more money for Socialist Bernie Sanders than for any other of their preferred candidates.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Carlson Bows Out

Her heart was in the right place, but Elaine Carlson could gain no traction in her bid to unseat Rep. Ben Chandler. She dropped out of the race this morning.

This is bad news for vulnerable Democrats across central Kentucky like Rep. Charlie Hoffman, Rep. Don Pasley, and Sen. Ed Worley.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Cato: Republicans Out of Gas

Whining about "high" gasoline prices seems to have fallen, mercifully, off the front pages and off talk radio. But the yammering from eager politicians continues unabated. Sadly, too much of it is coming from Republicans.

Focus on Big Education in Lexington Thursday

Have you ever considered that while we are all upset about Big Oil, the big dollars are really being siphoned off by Big Education?

Injecting a little competition into the public schools starts at the top. The death grip bureaucrats and teachers unions have on our schools costs us significantly more than gas prices that, while increasing, haven't even kept up with inflation. The public education situation is risking the future of our nation in a way that $3 a gallon gas can't even come close to.

A clash between those bureacrats and concerned parents is coming up fast. This Thursday evening, ABC's John Stossel will speak at the Marriott Griffin Gate. His presentation is titled "Stupid Schools: How The Government Monopoly Cheats Kids."

The union thugs will be outside screaming and yelling. So far, about 230 parents and concerned citizens have committed to attend.

Click here for details.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

William Jefferson Raid: Who is Upset About This?

Just heard a radio report that the FBI raid on Rep. William Jefferson's office angered "House leaders." I can't find that element of the story in print yet, but I sure would be interested to know exactly which "leaders" didn't like the idea of authorities tracking down this criminal's activities.

National Dems: Where Did Our $45 Million Go?

They want to control your money, but the Democratic National Committee has blown through $45 million dollars marketing themselves this year and can't account for having accomplished anything.

None other than former Clintonista Paul Begala says that without any kind of coherent message, Democrats are merely making noise.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gun Battle Coming Soon To Kentucky

After the confiscation of guns only from law-abiding citizens in New Orleans following Katrina, the National Rifle Association is pressing police chiefs and mayors across the nation to promise such a thing will never happen in their cities.

This could play a major role in the Lexington mayor's race. I can't imagine Teresa Isaac making such a promise. Jim Newberry, what say you?

How To Reform A GOP Tax And Spend Mess?

Ken Blackwell is running for Governor of Ohio. He is a conservative Republican and a very good candidate. The only problem is he is running to replace two-term Republican Governor Bob Taft.

Blackwell is running to reduce Ohio's high tax rates and cut back spending.


Crime in Russell County


There is hope for these kids!

I can't imagine where the ACLU finds a violation of anyone's constitutional rights in a high school graduation prayer, but this one is not going away. We've got football games coming up soon.

Call it the ACLU tax. When small towns or counties have to defend themselves against left-wing atheist attacks from the ACLU, the innocent people have to pay.

This underscores the need for conservative judges.

Friday, May 19, 2006

KY Supreme Court Ruling: Like Kissing Your Sister

I don't think we should be using the word "vindicated" with regard to anything that comes out of the merit hiring fiasco, much less yesterday's ruling that previously pardoned people can not now be indicted.

You want to talk vindication? Fine. Let's start talking about candidates who can oust the scandal-plagued Greg Stumbo as AG.

Tim Feeley should get the nod. The top law enforcement officer in the state needs to be someone who has broad bipartisan respect and the ability to rise above politics and rancid shenanigans and just do the job.

We need an Attorney General who we don't have to worry about what he is doing, who he is doing it with, and whether or not he gets "lost at sea."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fahrenheit 40356

Mike Moore is mad at me.

No, not that Michael Moore, just the editor of the Jessamine Journal in Nicholasville. It seems he got a little upset over this post on Kentucky Progress.

Actually, he got more than just a little upset. He came completely unglued and wasted a lot of ink barking at me from the editorial page of today's Journal. Mr. Moore is new to town and doesn't know me very well. I'm just getting warmed up, so he should probably stay twisted up for quite a while. Can it be long before -- like his Hollywood namesake -- Mr. Moore starts following me around with a video camera?

Roll tape!

You Want Some Cheese To Go With That?

The Lexington Herald Leader Editorial Page starts off the day with a big glass of whine.

They are upset at Rep. Joe Barrows for depriving Democrat primary voters in the 56th of a vigorous primary to replace him.

Barrows conspired with fellow Dem Carl Rollins, a weak candidate, rather than admit his plans and encourage others to join the race.

I suspect they are mainly upset that Republican Kevin Locke will win the seat and make the 56th a key pick-up for the GOP.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Columnist Says Fletcher Is Finished

John David Dyche says Governor Fletcher should drop out of the 2007 election.

There is no way to deny Ernie's political fortunes have taken a huge hit in the last year. We've reached the point that Republican gains in the state House and Senate this fall can help Republicans without helping the Governor. That is a stark reality, if not an iron-clad case for scrambling for a new candidate at the top of the ticket. A more immediate priority -- and maybe even a better move -- should be filling out the ticket for the rest of the constitutional offices. If we have learned nothing else, we should know that holding the Attorney General's office is not only important, but might speed up the demise of the decaying Democratic Party in Kentucky. With any number of accomplished attorneys, the Republican party could put up a candidate to run rings around the baggage-laden Greg Stumbo. Then we could dare other elected officials to say how great Stumbo is in front of a camera. I'm betting there would be precious few takers.

A Republican AG could do more to clean up the Democrat bloodsport of merit system abuse than a Republican Governor ever could.

Auditor and Attorney General should be Republicans' top priorities for 2007. As a trade for Governor? Maybe, maybe not. But we can't reasonably deny that we should be having this conversation.

Another One Bites The Dust

Liberal extremist David Wilson won a recanvass of the Garrard County Judge Executive race this morning in the Democratic primary over incumbent E.J. Hasty.

That means Republican John Wilson is a shoo-in in November.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sea Change In Jessamine County

Yeah, it's just little old Jessamine county, but it is growing fast and quickly becoming a GOP county. Sammy Brown's decisive victory in the primary for Sheriff bodes well for a win this November against a weak Dem opponent. With County Attorney Brian Goettl unopposed, the make-up of the courthouse is changing. Wilmore is already very conservative and, while Sam Corman looks likely to regain his mayoral post, the city commission could be tough for him to deal with. Expect Chris Moore and Betty Black to win this fall. One more good commissioner and they will control city hall.

And the coming revival of the Lexington Water Takeover will invigorate conservatives in all the contiguous counties.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Failure To Skewer Rove Cracking Up AP Reporter

This is the most pathetic attempt to write a hit piece on Karl Rove or any other public figure I have ever seen from a "professional" reporter.

It's a good thing that, unlike bloggers, reporters like Deb "I can read Rove's mind" Riechmann have layers of editors to keep mindless drivel from making its way out into the public domain.

Election Night Surprise

Lexingtonians of all political stripes will be talking Wednesday about Tuesday night's election party at Fayette Republican HQ.

Anyone care to guess what the hot topic of conversation will be?

Richmond Register Jumps Into The Fray

Central Kentucky election officials are used to watching area voters show up at the polls with Lexington Herald-Leader endorsements in hand, ready to vote against the paper's recommendations.

The paper's predictable calls work like this: pick the weakest Republican candidate in the primary and pick the Democrat in the fall. Case in point: the Herald-Leader endorsed Steve Nunn just prior to his 3rd place finish for Governor in 2003. This year, they endorsed Albert Spencer, a good candidate and a very good man, who is nonetheless ill-equipped to handle the vicious, dirty campaigning tactics of Sen. Ed Worley.

For the first time, The Richmond Register today endorsed candidates for election. In stark contrast to the Herald Leader, they chose to support the stronger Republican candidate -- former Senator Barry Metcalf.

Interestingly, they also suggested voters bring a new Sheriff to town, replacing an incumbent. Also, they counsel keeping a popular and efficient county clerk.

Money Monday: Give A Little, Get A Lot

Today is a great day to donate $10, $20, $50, $100 or more to Kentucky Votes. They are the folks who sort through the muck to put General Assembly votes online. They are currently leading the fight to give the public greater access to committee votes. The futile resistance they are getting from hapless House Speaker Jody Richards won't stop them, but your donation will help.

Go here and give a little green. You will feel better when you do. I did.

Ben Chandler For Governor?

Ryan Alessi's Herald-Leader column this morning about the Governor's race mentioned Ben Chandler's name a dozen times.

Meanwhile, Chandler's comfort in his Congressional office might come back to bite him when he tries for another run at the Mansion.

Just last week he voted to raise your taxes, abort more babies, and cut missile defense spending.

Good thing he represents only the shrieking minority of Congress and doesn't speak for the people of Kentucky, don't you agree?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

2006 Political Trump Card: Economy And Taxes

Click here for some perspective on the economy and taxes.

And yes, Ben Chandler voted again to raise your taxes. Too bad he is running unopposed this year.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jessamine Countians For Jim Newberry

Lexington mayoral candidate Jim Newberry wants to add a sales tax onto purchases made in Fayette county.

As a resident of neighboring Jessamine county, I think that sounds great. Y'all come on down and make your purchases in Nicholasville!

Of course, I'm kidding. Lexington is the engine for the region and we don't need to see them take a hit like this. If you live in Lexington, do the right thing and vote for Bill Farmer.

"No Comment" Would Have Been A Lot Better

"We would prefer that the governor not appear and deprive Greg Stumbo the satisfaction of making the governor do a perp walk. That's unbecoming of the office of the governor. Especially for a measly misdemeanor," Fletcher spokesman Brett Hall said.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Andrew Horne Wades In Over His Head

Greg Stumbo is, uh, "stuck out on the sand bar overnight" again. This time, though, we know who he had with him.

Third district Congressional candidate Andrew Horne has joined AG Stumbo in an ill-advised attack on Secretary of State Trey Grayson.

Horne campaign volunteer Shawn Reilly is being used as a pawn by people who support voter fraud. This whole thing started when Grayson's office joined with South Carolina and Tennessee to compare voter registration databases and clear out people who were registered in more than one state. Reilly had moved from Kentucky to South Carolina. This move invalidated his Kentucky voter registration. It got a little tricky when he moved back to Kentucky. But what the Stumbo/Horne people don't want you to know is that this would not have prevented Reilly from voting in the May 16 Democrat primary. There are well-established procedures that would have quickly corrected the oversight. Interestingly, it is Reilly's own error in registering as a Republican that will keep him from voting for Horne or any other Democrat on Tuesday.

So when Stumbo spokeswoman Vicki Glass said "there are going to be a lot of Shawn Reillys out there," we must assume that she is talking about people who are trying to vote in the wrong primary and not about the silly lawsuit that has the AG and Horne all worked up now.

Incidentally, Stumbo and Horne were just about to start a joint press conference at the Jefferson county clerk's office when they were informed that doing so would be illegal electioneering.


Today is Day 1092 of wishing Kentucky had elected Tim Feeley as Attorney General.

Newberry Strikes Back: "HillaryCare Not All Bad"

Mayoral hopeful Jim Newberry (Liberal #2) must be getting nervous. He has unleashed an attack ad on conservative candidate Bill Farmer.

In the ad, Newberry tries to spin his work in support of the health insurane mandates that destroyed Kentucky's individual insurance market twelve years ago.

For the record, the HillaryCare analogy really fits.

Conservative voters in Lexington really just have one choice this year.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jessamine Newspaper Too Afraid To Print This

Jessamine County Sheriff's Captain Kevin Corman has quietly been shopping a plan to hand over the law enforcement duties of the Sheriff's office to the Nicholasville Police Department.

It isn't a new idea, but the fact that the Democrat nominee and heir apparent to Sheriff Joe Walker is discussing consolidation makes it worth asking about.

Interestingly, when questioned directly about his idea, Corman launched a distorted attack on the plan to spread citizen representation evenly across town with a Nicholasville City Council. He then denied that he wants all the salary that comes with election to the office but little of the responsibility that normally comes with the job.

(Note to reader: skeptical newspaper columnists love it when targets answer a direct question with dodges and unrelated political attacks. Kind of like waving a bloody shirt in front of a charging bull.)

Captain Corman might want to get better at answering questions before this fall, but an analysis of his years on the Sheriff's department suggests he lacks the experience necessary to really benefit public safety. All this might explain somewhat why four Republican candidates signed up for the chance to run against him.

After many years of picking Jessamine county's elected officials in the May primaries, registered Democrats eager for a law enforcement upgrade will have to wait to see who Republicans vote for in Tuesday's election.

Fortunately for all of us, three of the four candidates running in the Republican primary have some qualifications that suggest preparation for the job. But limited media coverage of the race has relegated what is easily 2006's most important countywide contest to a yard sign counting competition. That is a shame.

The job of primary voters is to choose their party's best chance to get elected in the November election. That charge would best be met this year by voting for Deputy Sammy Brown.

The Democrat nominee is a political appointee to the position of Captain. As Jessamine county growth brings more law enforcement challenges to the area, the time for partisan favoritism is past. Nevertheless, the fall campaign will be fierce -- and probably will get nasty. The most important base to cover is to nominate someone who knows the needs of the department. As a current Deputy, Brown can best fill the bill. This basic fact should keep voters focussed when the mud starts flying.

Deputy Brown earned the 2002 National Deputy of the Year Award. He won the award for keeping his cool on the morning of November 13, 2001 when all hell broke loose in Jessamine county.

Deputy Brown was serving a warrant with two other officers when the man they were pursuing opened fire with an M-1 carbine rifle at close range. Brown was hit with three shots and Deputy Billy Ray Walls and Captain Chuck Morgan were killed. Deputy Brown stopped the shooter and struggled to get to his car to radio for help.

At the time, Brown was only thirty years old and had been on the job a grand total of five months. He had already been awarded three letters of commendation.

Deputy Brown says that his first actions as Sheriff would be to put more officers on the street and to pursue grant money available to the department. The Sheriff's department already has the money for three additional deputies but, in an act of sheer political gamesmanship, Corman is promising jobs for after the election rather than filling them now. Poor recordkeeping in the Jessamine county department explains our inability to gain grants, a staple in well-run departments.

Jessamine county Republicans would do very well to vote for Sammy Brown on Tuesday. In a low turnout off-year election, every vote will count. And in this race, we can't afford for your voice to go unheard.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

FairTax Kentucky On The Move

If the United States repeals federal income taxes and replaces them with retail sales taxes, the resulting economic boom will cause many states to consider the same approach.

The obvious problems that would result from inconsistent comprehensive reform on a state-to-state basis suggests that all states will want to move together on this. Several states have begun studying how this would work. Today, Kentucky joined them.

Details are forthcoming.

Cegelka Goes Negative

Just saw the first negative ad in the Larry Roberts/Bill Cegelka County Attorney race in Fayette County. Cegelka plays an audio tape of Roberts calling early-morning female joggers "dumb" and has Roberts saying homosexuality is "not a victimless crime at all." The climax was a printed quote from Roberts explaining that black criminals are more likely to get caught because they are more noticeable.

Wow, hot stuff!

And Roberts is running ads prominently featuring Democrat Senate candidate James Keller.

Looks like Fayette isn't going to get much a County Attorney upgrade.

Update: The Dems are going CRAZY about this race. Funny.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Still Courting The Convict Vote

Fresh off a failed attempt to re-enfranchise convicted felons, Kentucky Democrats are cooking up a plan to push for conjugal visits in prisons.

Now that all Democrats are conservative Bible-thumpers, I can't wait to see which one has to sponsor this one.

Tweaking The Energy Crisis

Former Congressman John Kasich suggests eliminating most of the federal gas tax and letting states replace it and take care of their own roads, while the feds maintain the interstates.

The main benefit of this is wiping out a lot of the pork sweepstakes that inspire so many Congressional press releases.

Another little goody he doesn't mention is that this would take the sting out of the federal mandate to keep state drinking ages up to 21, as that is currently tied to receiving federal highway dollars. I am assuming several states would take the opportunity to lower the drinking age back down to 18.

I think if we could do this in conjunction with a required significant loss of driving privileges for first time drunk drivers I would be okay with it.

"Some of My Best Friends Are Diverse"

Classic quote from Madison County Clerk candidate David Johnson:

“I believe in a diversity society,” Johnson said. “As for reaching out to the community, looking for diverse people, today I was campaigning in a pretty good subdivision, and I seen [sic] some diverse people, and there are diverse people throughout Madison County.”

I got the story from

Million Moron March?

Wonder why next week's Network of Spiritual Progressives march on Washington D.C. hasn't gotten much media attention yet.

Democrats' notion that all will be well at the ballot box will be fine if they can just out-Godspeak Republicans would actually be kind of fun to watch. The show will be May 17-20.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Ky Democrat Prediction of Resurgence Premature

Don't look now, but the same Democrats who crowed earlier in the year they were going to take over the Kentucky Senate now seem to be pinning all their hopes on their one candidate who seems to have any life in him at all. The really bad news for them is the one candidate is convicted felon Carroll Hubbard who is running for Sen. Bob Leeper's 2nd district seat.

A stealth campaign by former Senator Barry Metcalf against Democrat Leader Sen. Ed Worley is shaping up to be the big story of this fall election season.

More Government Reform: Disband SEC

The Securities And Exchange Commission could be eliminated without hurting public confidence in our financial markets. The internet makes all the relevant information readily available to individuals, the SEC is swamped and terribly inefficient at enforcement, and yet the fact that investors drop their guard because they have the illusion of SEC oversight leaves us ripe for victimization by corporate criminals. Corporate income tax elimination on the way to instituting the FairTax would also make corporate financial records easier to decipher because convoluted "tax planning" would no longer be necessary.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Herald Leader Kiss of Death for Isaac, Newberry

Lexington's mayoral race got a nice jolt this morning with the Lexington Herald Leader's endorsement of Mayor Teresa Isaac and Jim Newberry.

Conservative voters now know to vote for Councilman Bill Farmer. They should have already known that, but I'm sure the Farmer camp appreciates the help. By endorsing both liberals in what is really a three way race, the paper now hands Farmer a 250 word opportunity to make his case. And, for good measure, they will likely print a picture of their two favorites on their election day list of endorsements.

This should help give Lexington voters a conservative choice for mayor in November. After all, the Herald Leader endorsed Jim Gray four years ago. On the strength of that plug, he dropped to third and out of the race. I wouldn't be surprised to see the same happen to Newberry, who has tried to be on both sides of the water condemnation issue and seems to have very few real plans for office.

D.C. Dems Contract To Raise Taxes, Seriously

The Washington Post reports Nancy Pelosi and friends are measuring for drapes in majority leadership offices already.

That's the good news. The great news is they are coming clean on some of their policy initiatives for the first week of their return to power.

They want to require corresponding tax increases for any government increase in spending. Since everyone knows the government spends more money each year, that means they want to not only roll back all the Bush tax cuts, they want annual tax increases as far as the eye can see.

Once again, frustrating Republican "leaders" will get to skate because Democrats are worse.


Bad Democrat: Stumbo Misses Chance To Preen

What is the world coming to when ten states sue the Bush adminstration of something as critical to the Union as gas mileage requirements for SUV's and Kentucky's leaky chief prosecutor doesn't make Kentucky one of them?

Was he out "running late for a vote" with Patrick Kennedy or something?

Fresh, New Ideas From KY Democrats

Finally! Well, really it is just more of the same. Go here and see for yourself.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stumbo Sues Trey Grayson For Doing His Job

Last month, Secretary of State Trey Grayson announced his office found thousands of Kentucky voters who had subsequently registered to vote in other states.

Grayson reasonably purged these multiple-state voters from Kentucky's voter rolls, in a strong effort to eliminate voter fraud.

So now we learn that scandal-plagued Attorney General Greg Stumbo has sued to put 8105 such voters back on Kentucky's rolls.

Stumbo has clearly bitten off more than he can chew.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Whining Versus Acting Like An American

If you ever talk to an elderly person about what life was like during the Great Depression, try asking if America could survive a real, prolonged downturn now.

The answer is "not a chance."

We are having Congressional hearings because gas is $3 a gallon. I suppose that next year when the price reaches $4 we will have to bring in UN peacekeepers.

This really is a good time to ask ourselves what it means when we think of ourselves as Americans. Are we just a bunch of fat, drunk, stupid, helpless automatons who can't think beyond "there oughta be a law" when everything doesn't go perfectly? What happened to the pioneers who risked life and limb to build this nation from nothing? Well, the truth is there are plenty of them left, but no one with those heroic attributes that makes America great would ever dream of running to elected officials because commodity price fluctuations turned against them in such a small way.

Those who sit around waiting for some kind of official guidance for surviving "high" gas prices would doubtless fall on the floor kicking, screaming, and turning purple if someone were to suggest shutting off the cable television.

That got me thinking about how what we really need is a small dose of perspective on gas prices. Seriously, if you eat out at restaurants -- ever -- your complaints about gas prices are merely about lifestyle, not survival. In fact, if you eat junk food or drink soft drinks, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, run up credit card balances, or buy new automobiles, the white hot anger about prices at the pump should be embarrassing. The fact that too many Americans aren't embarrassed by this skewed perspective says a lot about how lost we are. That such a minor hit to our lavish lifestyles would be met with ranting and raving rather than belt-tightening or, at the very least, a little shift in spending priorities, is startling and sad.

Rep. Kennedy: I'm Not Drunk, I'm Drugged

Another Kennedy, another car, another scandal.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy insists he wasn't drunk when he crashed his car. He says he was on Ambien.

If you have ever taken Ambien for sleeplessness, you know it is good stuff. But driving isn't a very good idea. Kennedy said at the scene he was late for a vote. If he has been voting on Ambien, that would explain a lot.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Today is the day Mexicans celebrate kicking the French invaders out of Mexico. Seems like they had a pretty good solution to illegal immigration back in 1862.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Government To The Rescue; Everybody Run!

Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives stayed stuck on stupid by almost unanimously passing a measure to prevent "gouging" at the gas pump.

There is nothing beneficial for the public in such a bill. It allows legislators to go home and say they are trying to do something about "high" gas prices, but that is all.

This isn't a partisan thing, either. The entire Kentucky delegation voted for this.

What a waste.

KY's Top Dem Plays Hand On Gas Prices

Now this is a partisan witch hunt.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gas Prices and The Economy

It's more fun to blame the evil oil companies, but here is more common sense on gas prices.

Prevent Defense = More Touchdowns

Mexico is about to legalize possession of heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. They hope this allows them to spend less time going after recreational users and more on going after dealers. Sounds like the old prevent defense in football which never seemed to work.

This is another great reason to put up a wall along the border with Mexico.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dems' Mixed Message On Energy

King For A Day: What Would You Do?

Everyone seems to be upset with all that is going on in Washington D.C. these days. Six months out from the midterm elections, what would be your #1 issue if you were in charge?

For me, there isn't a close second. Fair Tax is it. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have all the Democrats locked up against it. All the more reason for Republicans to take a good look.

Ever Wonder How The World Sees Our Oil "Crisis?"

Here is an interesting perspective on the American bellyaching over gas prices, courtesy of an Englishman.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Barrows Out, AG Denies Job Talks

Rep. Joe Barrows (D-Versailles), sponsor of the doomed casino gambling bill in this year's General Assembly session, has withdrawn from what was going to be an uphill re-election campaign.

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, AG spokeswoman Vicki Glass denied that Barrows is about to take a position in the Attorney General's office.

Republican Kevin Locke faces weak Democrat opposition for the 56th district seat this November.