Saturday, June 30, 2007

Courier-Journal Insults Normal People Again

The CJ weighs in on illegal immigration again by suggesting anyone who is opposed is racist and uninformed.


And then they got in the talking point du jour, bringing back the Fairness Doctrine:

But if right-wing radio could produce such venomous (and effective) resistance to a reform supported by George W. Bush, imagine how it would react to a similar measure offered by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

If the liberal papers are so desperate in their rapid decline that they are really going to hang their hopes on shutting down talk radio legislatively, they sure don't need subscriptions or advertising dollars from people who disagree with them.

The free market is doing its thing again.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Cows make milk. Corn feeds cows. Federal government screws up corn market with ethanol nonsense, raising the price for the milk corn-fed cows make.

Got water, anyone?

Cracking Down On Illegals In Kentucky

Rep. Rick Nelson (D-Middlesboro) told me yesterday he is going to file a bill to penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Pre-filed Bill Would Cut Pay For Special Sessions

Rep. John Will Stacy (D-West Liberty) pre-filed a bill yesterday afternoon that would cut off legislator pay for either legislative body that adjourns during a regular or special session without the consent of other chamber.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Democrats Play Catch-Up On Energy Pork Bill

Speaker Jody Richards just started off today's House A&R meeting by stating his position that we don't need a special session.

I agree with him.

Update: Dr. Jim Bartis of the Rand Institute said if we do this we should also build a carbon sequestration facility because that will be necessary to attract potential federal subsidies in the future.

This is a reason not to do it.

Bill Caylor of the Kentucky Coal Association said he was in favor of anything that involved mining more coal but that the energy pork would have no impact on gasoline prices.

People Power Kills Amnesty Bill

George Bush needs to get religion fast.

U.S. Supreme Court Grants School Choice Victory To Louisvile Families

Another 5-4 vote ends a racial quota system in Louisville schools today.


Unfinished Business

Am I the only one who sees a momentum shift as the effort to give away the farm to illegal immigrants wanes? By the way, if you are still stuck on the Senate cloture vote, you may find solace among the House Republicans.

After Amnesty dies again, we need to push back by cutting off entitlements for illegals. I don't have a problem with them competing for our jobs, but there should be no incentive whatsoever for them to come here and draw welfare.

Meanwhile, as a column in today's Herald-Leader correctly notes, Kentucky is held back by the Alternative Minimum Calculation.

Governor Fletcher has shifted on casinos. Now is the time for him to shift on this bad tax. The primary vote in his race split down the middle with his two opponents promoting repeal. The conservative base has only two choices on election day: vote Fletcher or stay home. Giving us this one should make sense to Team Fletcher.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Governor Fletcher Steps Up Against Casinos


Governor Fletcher announced today through his campaign manager that he doesn't support putting casinos on the ballot in Kentucky.

Good move. A little late in the day, but a good move nonetheless.

Casinos cost states more than they benefit them and putting the issue on the ballot only allows the casinos -- and their pathetic mouthpiece surrogates like KEEP -- to pour millions of dollars in slick advertising onto the airwaves.

While it would have been satisfying to see Team Fletcher jump on this earlier, they were right to hold onto it for a while. Beshear has no place to go on casinos, except maybe to bid higher.

Can we get $600 million a year, Steve?

... And West Virginia Surely Wants Us To Elect Steve Beshear As Our Governor, Too

I'm delighted to see Canadians want to see Hillary Clinton elected President of the United States.

RPK Launches Salvos, But No Explosions Yet

It has been mildly funny to watch Democrats go apoplectic because RPK Chairman Steve Robertson questioned the judgement of their Attorney General and the effete character they picked to replace him.

It has been more enjoyable to watch the Lexington Herald-Leader scramble to come up with a coherent answer to campaign contributions to liberal extremist candidates from their own staffers. You can almost see the wheels spinning in their heads as it occurs to them that money really is speech.

But if they really want to see the opposition squirm in their own little painted corner, the Republican party should go after the teachers unions. Kentucky desperately needs school choice and Democrats aren't going to give it to us. Republicans should.

In these dog days with relatively few people paying attention, now is the time to start explaining how everyone wins with school choice. Well, everyone except those addicted to the status quo.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where Immigration Reform Should Start

President Lyndon Johnson's words about transforming America into a Great Society can be instructive to our current immigration debate, but not in any way he would have anticipated or that his ideological progeny now appreciate. When he said "it is a place where men are more concerned with the quality of their goals than with the quantity of their goods," he invoked the socialist bugaboo "materialism" to justify entitlement spending. Today, we hear pejoratives such as "racism" and "nationalism" tossed about to justify an invasion on American soil attacking the soft underbelly of our society: our entitlement system. The quality of our goal to enhance life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness most widely will be tested as we wrestle with illegal immigration, but this healthy discussion will present great opportunity for advancement.

America is turning the corner on immigration and entitlements with the current unrest over the proposed granting of wholesale amnesty to illegal immigrants. Politicians who fail to see the coming events in time will pay a heavy price. I believe what we are experiencing is a return to the path that made America great and the one that will make our nation greater still. That path involves more freedom in our free enterprise and less entitling in our entitlement system. We will accomplish this by expelling illegals from our communities without using massive police action or by building miles and miles of walls along our southern border. We will accomplish a renaissance in America by dismantling our welfare system and it will rightly begin by cutting off those in this country illegally.

As the least productive among them either choose to become more productive or choose to leave, the lights will start to come on across America. We don't need a guest worker program, we need Americans to see foreigners come here and truly risk everything to gain what we take for granted. That doesn't happen when the newcomers live far better here on welfare than they do at home.

The cold fact is that we can easily afford illegal immigration. Any new person who is even minimally productive is a net positive to our economy, even on all kinds of welfare. This is why we have survived so well despite granting socialist advances beyond Karl Marx's dreams. But the more important fact is that we can do even better for everyone without the Great Society bluster and largesse. It is time we gave this a shot. And the first blow will be struck when we clamp down on government benefits given to those who are here illegally.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Didn't Kentucky Lawyers Think Of This?

Lawyers in Dallas are really getting ramped up to handle global warming lawsuits.

Given our subsidy-for-coal plans, when this stuff hits Kentucky it will get messy fast and doubly expensive for consumers.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Expensive Bipartisan Inaction On KY Pensions

It would be difficult to overstate the risk to Kentucky taxpayers of doing nothing about public pensions.

Here is a good editorial.

We have waited too long to trim the pension benefits of politically-connected Kentuckians paid for by the rest of us.

The blue ribbon meetings on this aren't going to accomplish anything. So far, Kentucky's Senate majority is the only group who has done anything productive on this. We need leadership on this issue now.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

McConnell Steps Up Against Gouging Bill

Thanks to both Kentucky Senators for voting against a bad bill to tighten "price gouging" restrictions.

Newberry Jail Scandal Indictments Coming Soon

Multiple inside sources are reporting the first federal indictments in the Fayette County Detention Center mess will be coming down in early July and that there will be one to three dozen of them initially.

Mayor Jim Newberry won't be able to keep this quiet much longer.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Kentucky Needs Nuclear Power

If you look at the economic development statistics, it becomes clear that a nuclear power plant or two would work wonders in Kentucky.

And yes, I think Jessamine county would be a great place to build one. All we need is community support throughout the state and the private utilities will do the work with their own money.

Then we can quit screwing around with all this subsidy garbage.

Jack Conway Has A Cow, Again

I couldn't care less if Jack Conway is gay or not, but it is pretty funny watching him protest:

"They are hate-mongers and fear-mongers that owe my wife an apology."

If Jack gets so bitchy because a Republican official refers to him as part of a centuries-old fairy tale that has nothing to do with homosexuality or anything of the sort, what's he going to do when he doesn't like the poll results coming out right before the election?

Personally, I'm more concerned about his anti-family, anti-small business, anti-taxpayer opinions than I am about who Jack Conway wants to have sex with. What is offensive to me is to see him posing as the moderate candidate in the race for Attorney General.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Much Better Answer On Immigration

Yeah, I'm glad to see Sen. McConnell drop back from full support for the unfinished immigration bill.

Unions Have Destroyed Themselves With Their Wacky Political Activity; Now They Blame Us

Bill Londrigan is making up dumb stuff to try to keep unions alive:

America's working people are struggling to make ends meet, and our middle class is shrinking. So it's important to remember that the best opportunity for working men and women to get ahead economically is by uniting with co-workers to bargain with their employers for better wages and benefits.

If spending your hard-earned money to elect people who want the government to take more from you because it knows better what you need floats your boat, go ahead. But don't force me to do the same thing because, again, you think it is good for me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lee To Get A Big Boost

The Kentucky Club For Growth is going to put a significant portion of its resources toward helping Rep. Stan Lee get elected Attorney General. Help from the national Club For Growth organization could make it very interesting.

Extreme liberal Jack Conway already has the labor unions and far-left interest groups sewn up tightly. This should help even the playing field significantly in what will be possibly the most important race in the nation this year.

From Coal Country To Oil Country, And I Didn't Even Get A Subsidy To Pave My Way

I drove to Dallas, Texas today and now I find out we are going to have a special session to cobble together a half-baked corporate welfare program.

The Senate has the votes to pass whatever they are going to cook up. The battle is in the House, of course.

Just wish we were fighting over something worth fighting for.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fred Thompson 2008 Update

Insiders report Fred Thompson will announce his candidacy for President on July 2. Speculation will then quickly turn to Thompson's selection of a running mate.

How about J.C. Watts?

Lack Of Income Doesn't Cause Poverty

The liberal Brookings Institution has decided that Kentucky needs new laws to keep poor people from being charged more for goods and services.

This fabulous idea, if enacted, would work just like HB 250 in 1994 that ran off dozens of health insurance companies with the ridiculous mandate that the companies stop charging market rates. That too, was a left-wing scheme to improve on market forces.

The Brookings study was good to the extent that it recognized poverty isn't just about income. What it missed is that any able-bodied person with average intelligence and an absence of mental illness can improve his circumstances by working more and spending less.

If public policy were focused more on helping those who fall through more narrowly defined cracks, more people would figure out how to thrive.

Then we wouldn't have to depend on left-wing think tanks to tell us to change zoning laws to "weed out" high-cost businesses. Ugh...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Stumbo's Mark On Frankfort: Money And Sex

Attorney General Greg Stumbo is finishing up his embarrassing term in office by "fixing" the taxpayer-supported domestic partner benefits fiasco as only he could. At Stumbo's urging, the University of Kentucky dropped the requirement that domestic partners swear under oath that they have been having sex for six months.

They still get your money. Stumbo's friend Jack Conway has already said he is with Greg on this one.

Just one more reason to support Stan Lee for Attorney General.

Just Another Drunk Madison County Politician

Madison County Judge Executive Kent Clark got arrested for public intoxication again this weekend. But don't expect him to resign or even lose his next election in 2010.

His buddy Senator Ed Worley of Richmond got caught on tape last year conning one of his constituents out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate and he isn't going anywhere either.

Whip Cornflation In 2008 With Smart ForTwo

The Smart ForTwo is going to have a huge impact next year on the domestic car market and might even slow down some of the ridiculous government subsidies for corn.

For more info on this gasoline-powered car, go here.

In A Perfect World...

In a perfect world, this morning's story in the Herald Leader wouldn't be the first time the state MSM has considered whether AG Greg Stumbo was just grandstanding when he filed the price-gouging lawsuit against Marathon Oil.

In a perfect world, no one would have to be told this is what's going on.

Then again, in a perfect world Governor Fletcher would have already called off the three year old state of emergency that allowed Stumbo to file the lawsuit.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dropping Out On The Installment Plan

Madison county is going to start a "secondary GED option" that requires high school students who are two years behind to stay in school fifteen hours a week and complete job training before dropping out.

This should be their first clue this isn't going to work out for anyone but the school system, which will get to show better "graduation" rates:

Board member Doug Whitlock described it as a great program, but he wanted to make sure it is monitored.

“I would hate to see this turn into something that other students would see as an easier way out,” he said.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lefty Comes Unglued Over Boyfriend Bennies

Rep. Tom Burch has bought into the story that Kentucky taxpayers should foot the bill for "domestic partners" at state universities, even if they blow the lid off the costs like Attorney General Greg Stumbo wants them to:

Louisville Democrat Rep. Tom Burch, the other opinion seeker, said he is all for UK’s effort to extend health benefits. However, as chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee, he sought Stumbo’s opinion because he wanted more legal standing before allowing his committee to pass the measure that would have explicitly blocked Kentucky’s public universities from providing domestic partner benefits.

“I figured if we had a clear decision on it, one way or the other, then it would be a more opportune time to deal with that issue. It was strictly to clear the air on that, (because it) might be wrong just to cave into a minority group out there that was raising Cain about it,” Burch told Business Lexington.

While the bill was in front of his committee, Burch said, he got more calls from people urging its passage than anything else he could remember, but said when he returned constituent calls, their information on the bill was lacking.

“I called these people back and talked to them about it,” Burch said. ‘They said, ‘What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about that bill; my preacher asked me to call.’” “Talk about an uninformed public,” Burch continued, “and believe me, the preachers don’t know anything either ... Let them stick to what Jesus said: ‘Give to Caesar those things that are Caesar’s and to God those things that are God’s.’”

“Everybody should have health insurance, and we should be encouraging people to get health insurance,” he added.

Thanks to Erik Carlson at Business Lexington for getting what has to be the goofy quote of the day. And thanks to Rep. Tom "Caesar" Burch for depicting so precisely what is wrong with Frankfort.

WalMart Shoppers Should Demand Health Reform

There is a big change coming to health care and Kentucky would be very wise to get on board. (Here's a hint: Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with it.) Health clinics in WalMart stores will heat up competition and Kentucky would do well to drop all barriers to health insurance companies returning to the state and to repeal Certificate of Need laws so we can have more competition across a broad range of health services.

WalMart really is amazing. What are they going to next, in-store private schools?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Late Night Lexington Jail Cover-Up Open Thread

What's your favorite part of the Mayor Jim Newberry scandal?

New Liberal Plan To Get Money Out Of Politics

Taxpayer-funded Democratic Party Chairman Jonathan Miller got Common Cause chairman Richard Beliles to file an ethics complaint against Senate President David Williams for raising money for Republicans.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

KY 3CD Action Ramps Up

Erwin Roberts is running for Congress.

Meanwhile, Sen. Dan Seum, who is looking at the same race, just got back from a testing-the-water trip to Washington D.C.

Mitch McConnell Jumps The Shark On Gas Prices

Sen. Mitch McConnell today messes up his own call for expanding domestic petroleum production by playing a partisan political game that out-lived its usefulness the first time it was used:

The average price of gas has gone from $2.20 to $3.15 a gallon since the Democrats took over the Senate.

Good grief. Republicans aren't going to win on gas prices any time soon because too many people think the government can lower prices by making up more price gouging laws. Blaming gas price fluctuation on Harry Reid isn't going to advance exploration efforts or anything else.

Putting The Cart Way Before The Horse

Senator John McCain is interrupting his faltering campaign for the GOP presidential nomination to hold a press conference today in Los Angeles. He will be discussing Hillary Clinton's hidden earmarks inside the Defense spending bill.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rude Awakening On Tap For Fayette Jail Union

The CWA union thugs representing corrections officers at the Lexington jail have joined hands with Mayor Jim Newberry in his cover-up of the wild array of misconduct surrounding the facility.

If the union thugs expect Newberry and his crowd will protect the union when the poop hits the fan at the jail, they just aren't thinking it through.

Bunning Joins Eight Senators In Calling For Enforcement Of Current Immigration Laws

So my question is how can there be just nine U.S. Senators who want to enforce current laws before passing more?

Just nine?

Yes, just nine.

Bipartisan Agreement On Barbara "Typo" Erwin

What in the world are we doing messing around with an education commissioner who can't get her story straight on her own resume?

Surely there is someone out there who can do this $220,000 a year job without causing more embarrassment to public education in Kentucky.

Would we have a problem like this if the education commissioner were an elected office?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Michael Moore Endorses Al Gore

Get your tin foil hats ready, folks. The interview goes a little long -- okay, nine minutes of Michael Moore is a lot long -- but he waxes goofy about what a great thing "free universal health care" will be. This should help Gore in the primary. At least until Streisand, Rosie, and the Baldwin brothers weigh in.

Maybe We Should Check Her Socks

Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton's former Secretary of State, has formed a group in support of "strong liberal values, and the need for strong national security."

The site is remarkably free of any kind of specifics. These folks really are going to keep their mouths shut until Hillary's move-in day, aren't they?

Rudy, Mitt, McCain Are Falling For It, Will You?

GOP presidential contenders are lending their names to a global redistribution effort (USA pays, everyone else receives) that won't earn any of them one single vote. I'll give you a hint, the ONE campaign's Kentucky director just moved to Montana.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lowell Reese Says Fletcher May Lose And Take Trey Grayson Down With Him

He says it on this podcast.

"I don't think anybody else (other than Richie Farmer) on the Republican down ticket will be elected unless Fletcher is elected. And furthermore, Fletcher will have to get over 53% maybe somewhere around 54% of the vote in order to pull anybody in with him on down ticket. So you've got Trey Grayson, Melinda Wheeler, Linda Greenwell and the others. They're not going to make it. They don't have really a chance of making it unless Fletcher gets 53% or 54% of the vote which he is not expected to do. It's beyond precarious. It's dismal at this moment, because I think it is very uphill for Fletcher given the mood of voters in Kentucky."

Interesting. What do you think?

Floyd County Prepares For Stumbo AG Term End

Call it the anti-Greg Stumbo ordinance.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Volunteer State Candidates About To Step Up?

Funny to see Dem and GOP front-runners for the White House in 2008 trailed closely in third place by former Senators from Tennessee, neither of which is officially in the race.

Fred Thompson trails Giuliani and McCain, while Al Gore trails Clinton and Obama. It would be fun to see Al Gore run twice and lose his home state both times.

Scrap The Tax Code Now

If you don't know the history of the the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, now would be a good time to read a little history about how we started on the path to what is now a ridiculous monster of a federal tax code.

I think the debate should be between whether we start with repeal of the 16th amendment or with instituting a new method for funding the government and then clean out the anachronisms later. The only option that doesn't hold any water is sticking with the status quo.

For the record, I think repealling the 16th amendment now and forcing Washington to come up with an alternative is the only way to go because it is the best way to get started on change.

Even the very blue states are going to have a tough time resisting a loud and persistent call to move away from the mess of a tax code we have now. Alternatively, they can shut down a specific reform proposal in a variety of ways, in which case we wind up with nothing.

Jack Conway, Call Your Webmaster

The Conway for Attorney General team still has on the front page of its website an article that chides his opponent Rep. Stan Lee for advocating a ban on taxpayer-supported boyfriend health benefits at state universities.

Conway used the "domestic partner" benefits issue as part of his liberal campaign agenda until he was forced to admit its unconstitutionality eight days ago.

Better work up a new one, boys. What's next Jack, diapers for politicians?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Son Of KERA Put To Rest

The lawsuit to force another massive KERA-style tax increase is now dead.

If we could only get some of these people past their money grubbing and on to raising standards, we would see more progress in education in Kentucky.

Paris Hilton Transferred To Lexington, KY Jail

Well, no, she wasn't really but this story is getting closer to blowing up. That will be fun to watch.

Immigration Debate Is Really Just Beginning

I've stayed away from the immigration debate because progress toward agreement was going so slowly.

Interesting story in the Courier Journal should put to rest the notion that this thing is over.

I think comprehensive reform just isn't going to happen until we take a few basic steps like fortifying the borders and reforming entitlements.

Republicans For Beshear?

A commenter mentioned an effort to form a "Republicans for Beshear" effort to peel off some of Governor Fletcher's support. Have to guess it is probably true.

How this shakes out will be very interesting to watch...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Beshear: KY Isn't Gouging Enough For Electricity

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Beshear links to a story on his campaign website bemoaning the fact that Kentucky isn't as "energy efficient" as more progressive states like Vermont, Connecticut, and California.

What he fails to mention is that these three paragons of efficiency have electricity prices two to three times higher than we do here in Kentucky.

We can try to mandate energy conservation if we want to, but the only way to make a real impact on usage is to raise prices. How much of an energy tax does Beshear want to impose on us?

Remember, this is the guy who is going to ram casinos down our throats no matter what the General Assembly says.

Please explain yourself, Mr. Beshear.

I Think It May Have Been One Of Those Stupid Chain E-Mails Telling Me To Boycott Gas Stations

I was almost giddy this morning buying gasoline for a mere $2.87 a gallon.

Which rabble-rousing politician do I thank for my good fortune?

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fred Thompson 2008

Fred Thompson's campaign is making fundraising calls into Kentucky.

The most exciting thing about him so far may be that he isn't Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, or John McCain. That may be enough.

Blind Loyalty

Isn't it funny that reporting of every adult stem cell breakthrough seems to obscure the source of those cells and every fetal stem cell breakthrough is a celebration five years in advance that doesn't quite work out?

China Isn't Problem Left Says It Is

If a Democrat wins the White House, you won't see editorials like the one in today's Lexington Herald-Leader full of dark warnings about all the money we "owe" China.

And the writers will be right then, but they aren't now.

A trade deficit is not a debt. Speaking frankly, a trade deficit with China means we have their products and they have our little green pieces of paper. They won't want to destroy us before we make good on all our little green pieces of paper.

On the other hand, China has loaned lots of their little green pieces of paper (or whatever color they are) to our Treasury in exchange for our promise to repay. One, they won't want to destroy us until we make good on that debt and, two, it is preposterous to suggest that there is a risk they will "change their minds" and blow up their own investment to get out of Treasury bonds. Again, fearful liberals only need wait for the next Democratic president for a solid explanation they can trust. By the same token, fearful conservatives only need wait for the next conservative president for an explanation they can trust.

But that is another story.

The idea that China is going to take us over by buying up our assets now is as wrong as the same scenario in the 1980's in which Japan was going to buy up all our real estate and eventually force us all to speak Japanese.

Foreign exchange is one of those great political toys few people understand. It's very easy to say the sky is falling, so vote for our guys and the sky won't fall.

The sky won't fall because of our trading with China, no matter who wins the next election. And, mark my words, when Republicans are jumping all over President Hillary Clinton or whoever for selling us out to China, remember this for what it is: a political toy.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Making Our Schools Better Starts Here

Education bureaucrats like to have writing portfolios as part of CATS testing in Kentucky because the scores are easier to manipulate in order to make schools look better than they are.

Each year, someone in the General Assembly files a bill to remove portfolios from the CATS tests of elementary school students. And each year, the KEA thugs get it killed.

This evil process hinders the educational process and makes kids hate writing. The teachers are handcuffed to a bizarre mess of rules and it is past time to let them get back to teaching. Rep. Jim DeCesare (R-Bowling Green) has pre-filed the bill to end this cruel process.

We need parents with the guts to buck the system and call their legislators. Ask them to support this bill.

Special Session Silliness

The much-discussed special session is going to keep getting pushed back. Now they are talking about waiting until July.

House Democrats have no motivation to give Governor Fletcher a victory on spending projects or energy-related subsidies.

Now is the time to urge official Frankfort to get serious about public pension reform. The need for this is greater and if House Dems stiff the governor on the $18 billion tidal wave coming our way, he can better use that against Steve Beshear this fall.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Left-Wing Tax Dodgers Beware!

Looks like Marian Davis, currently the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Revenue, is likely to be named Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kentucky.

And yes, that means she will quit her state job.

Liberal Activists Want To Kill People In Denver

Amid gleeful garbling from Dem party pols about destroying the GOP over the war, some hard-liners are actually striving to re-live the bloodbath that was the protestfest at the Dem Convention in Chicago in 1968.

They are calling it Recreate '68.

Any middle-of-the-road Kentucky Democrats who see this lunacy as the straw breaking your proverbial camel's back need to think about the re-organization of the state GOP taking place next spring among registered Republicans.

Your state needs your sensible fiscal and social ideas that your old, worn out Democratic party is tossing aside with both hands.

When Democrats Promise To Protect Consumers From Evil Insurance Companies, Grab Your Wallet

I expect someone in the Kentucky legislature to glom on to the idea of sticking insurance companies with potential liability for paying triple the amount of a claim the company denies "unreasonably or negligently." This scheme was signed into law last month in Washington state and is much more political ploy than it is consumer protection.

In fact, costs incurred under this law will just be passed on to policyholders as higher cost of doing business. That means higher premiums.

And of course the lawyers will get paid more. Consumers will lose.

If Kentucky really wanted to lead on consumer protection in insurance, we would eliminate regulation of what specific items policies should cover and charge company officers criminally when they violate the promises made in their policies. Requiring violations to be proven as either "unreasonable" or "negligent" just provides loopholes for bad actors to escape through.

Scott White Auditions For Dale Emmons' Job

Scott White is a very nice, smart guy. He is also a Ben Chandler liberal whose column in the Lexington Herald Leader unintentionally shows why we aren't just about to change the line in "My Old Kentucky Home" into something like "'tis summer, the proletarian revolutionaries are gay."

Kentucky's Democrats took a big leap to the left in the primary elections, especially with the nominations of Steve Beshear, Daniel Mongiardo, and Jack Conway. All three have been dogged by reputations as being a little left in their loafers. Kentucky is not ready to sanctify that.

Or this:

The best and brightest Kentucky Democrats, sparkling with ideas and energy, appear ready for the moment: the gubernatorial ticket of former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear and state Sen. Dan Mongiardo, auditor Crit Luallen, attorney general candidate Jack Conway, new party chairman Jonathan Miller and vice chairwoman Jennifer Moore, and mayors Jerry Abramson of Louisville and Jim Newberry of Lexington.

It is exciting to be a Kentuckian committed to good, open government, to recognize that perhaps this time, we won't let the opportunity pass.

Yes, the real winners on May 22 are those Kentuckians whose deep commitment to progressive policies in education, environment, health care, the elderly, energy, criminal justice and economic development will move to the forefront. We will see the kind of idea-driven agenda we deserve, championed by talented leaders whose commitment to the public welfare trumps political ambition.

Going into November, Kentuckians will be presented a unified slate of candidates bursting with promise and determination -- men and women of keen intellect, unquestioned integrity and loyalty to the traditions and principles of the Democratic Party.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Urging Kentucky Republicans To Stand For Something: Issue #2 Certificate of Need

A lot of people assume the governor's race will be settled on issues which neither candidate holds a clear advantage, namely corruption, casino gambling or maybe tax and spending issues.

Given that, free market voters in both parties should pressure their nominee to explain why Kentucky needs to keep its outdated certificate of need laws.

Certificate of need regulation inhibits competition in health care beyond all reason. Governor Fletcher's administration claims on the Cabinet for Health and Family Services website, absurdly:

The purpose of Kentucky's Certificate of Need process is to prevent the proliferation of health care facilities, health services and major medical equipment which increases the cost of quality health care in the commonwealth.

"Proliferation" is used here to mean competition. "Increases the cost" is something more competition does not do.

One of the candidates would pick up a lot of active supporters by championing repeal of certificate of need. Or at least by pulling such ridiculous crap off the state website.

This Should End The Governor's Race

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Steve Beshear's health plan makes Brereton Jones' 1994 craziness look like a mere flesh wound.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

RPK Chairman: Skippy Should Quit

New Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson was right today when he told the Courier-Journal that if he tried to keep his state job "it would be front page, above the fold" news. This after hardly a peep by the MSM when Jonathan Miller kept his position as Treasurer while also taking over as chair of the Democratic party.

Robertson is right. Jonathan "Skippy" Miller should run the Democratic Party or waste taxpayer dollars in the anachronistic Treasurer's office, but not both.

Big Milk Pricing Meets Big Oil Pricing

As a parent of four kids -- or really three kids and one milk-guzzling 6'3" monster -- I'm pretty sensitive to rising milk prices.

Help me, I'm being gouged!

It seems that new Asian demand for American milk is a major factor in milkflation. Higher corn prices -- corn feeds cows, cows make milk -- serve to make matters worse. The latter, of course, is due mainly to the government scheme to encourage ethanol production in hopes of saving us from Big Oil.

Now all we need is a zillion dollar federal program to work on developing a program to run our cars on milk. Or should that be a zillion dollar federal program to figure out a way to cover our breakfast cereals with petroleum?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Steal This Idea, Please, Representative Lee

Liberal politician Jack Conway(D-Louisville) is proposing various kinds of new legal activism in hopes they will somehow get him elected Attorney General. He likely has hundreds of extremist comrades waiting anxiously on the sidelines to staff the AG's office and carry out his agenda.

Rep. Stan Lee(R-Lexington) would do very well to propose eliminating all but a half dozen or so of the hundreds of employee positions currently in the Attorney General's office. The county attorneys could perform the necessary functions now performed by AG staff and the activism could be handled by interest groups not on the state payroll. Attorney General Lee could oversee their activities and assist them when they ask for help.

Thanks to Rep. Lonnie Napier(R-Lancaster) for suggesting this.

Stan Lee Thumps Greg Stumbo; Conway Next

Attorney General Greg Stumbo really had no choice but to admit that domestic partner benefits at public universities are unconstitutional as he did today.

Someone please put a microphone in front of Jack Conway as soon as possible.

Fiscal Dilemma: Near Left Versus Far Left

Peggy Noonan really lays into President Bush this morning for the way his administration is selling its approach to immigration reform.

Bush has been fortunate to survive his mistakes to some extent because of the much larger warts on the faces of his opponents. It's a little tough to stay mad at him with Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Al Gore, and friends barking at the door.

By the same token, Governor Ernie Fletcher gets a pass for raising taxes and spending from a lot of people because of the rampaging horde led by Steve Beshear, Jonathan Miller, Daniel Mongiardo, Ernesto Scorsone, and Kathy Stein.

Treasurer/Chairman Skippy, Call Your "Office"

Jonathan "Skippy" Miller was so busy performing the duties of his State Treasurer job that earlier this year he decided to run for governor. When that didn't work out, he was given the position of chairman at the Democratic Party of Kentucky.

Good thing he is term-limited out of office at the end of this year. Otherwise, he might hit the presidential tour with Dennis Kucinich while we pay him his six-figure allowance.

Jim Waters at the Bluegrass Institute has picked up on the effort to shut down the Treasurer's office.

We need legislators to file and co-sponsor a bill for the necessary constitutional amendment.