Friday, October 31, 2014

Kentucky Dems still faking Obama-enthusiasm

Associated Press Frankfort Bureau chief Adam Beam wrote an article today about Kentucky's ObamaCare premium increases on the vast majority of people signed up on the illegal ObamaCare "exchange and Gov. Steve Beshear still can't give a straight answer about the mess he has made.

Obamacrats have insisted since the beginning of ObamaCare that any judgments on the program's performance are either premature or too difficult to do, or both, unless the judgment is positive toward them or their mess. Beshear tried to explain away massive rate increases coming in 2015 by claiming that because rate increases vary from case to case that they can't really be discussed.

The vast majority of people who purchased exchange health plans in 2014 are facing at least a fifteen percent rate increase in 2015. We know that much. Beshear also very helpfully explained that one person with a sixty dollar subsidized monthly premium and a six percent rate increase would face only a $3.60 a month hike, if their subsidy stays the same.

That's a huge "if" combined with a hypothetical that doesn't apply to anyone. Besides, should their subsidy be decreased or go away completely, someone in a similar hypothetical situation could see their premium increase two hundred dollars a month or more.

While I'm glad to see one Frankfort reporter at least take a stab at this story, the lack of journalistic seriousness devoted to ObamaCare remains quite disappointing.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kentucky's hidden 250,000 dependents

Kentucky's "Kynectors" have been signing people up for ObamaCare faster than you can say perjury since they first reported 521,000 people signed up for the program as of July 31.

So why are they still telling us the number is 521,000?

The real number is closing in on 800,000. At this rate we should have a million Kentuckians illegally signed up for ObamaCare Medicaid by the end of 2014. They won't publicize this for fear someone else might do the math and realize the next Governor will immediately step into the mother of all budget messes his or her first day on the job.

Our lawsuits continue to move forward to stop this nonsense. I'm writing briefs for the Kentucky Court of Appeals right now.

Unfortunately, I need money very quickly to keep going. Please click here and donate whatever you can today. Any amount will make a difference. I will fight this to my last breath, but I really could use some help right away.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

McConnell should finish Medicaid answer

Mitch McConnell won the ObamaCare portion of last night's debate by default when Alison Grimes lauded Gov. Steve Beshear's "courage" for illegally implementing optional provisions of the "Affordable Care Act," but it wasn't the knockout it could have been.

"With regard to the Medicaid expansion, that's a state decision," McConnell said. "States can decide whether to expand Medicaid or not. In our state, the Governor decided to expand Medicaid and that..."

McConnell was cut off there by KET debate moderator Bill Goodman. If McConnell does not wish to support Kentuckians fighting against illegal implementation of the Medicaid expansion here, he might make that clearer than he already has by finishing his sentence. I suspect, however, that he never will.

I don't have much of a problem with the word games McConnell is playing with the "Kynect" implementation. Obamacrats don't want to call him on saying the state could keep it because they don't want to draw any more attention to the fact that they need huge amounts of federal dollars to maintain even a facade of viability for the exchange. McConnell could stand up for the rule of law on this issue, but expecting him to start that now is perhaps setting the bar too high.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Herald Leader questions for state House candidates

The Lexington Herald Leader has sent the following questions to state House candidates around the state. Included with each question are my answers.

Should the Kentucky Constitution be changed to automatically restore voting rights to most felons who have completed their sentences and terms of probation?

Maybe, but I'm not as concerned about this as I am the unnecessary stigma for life placed on people convicted of nonviolent crimes that have been illegitimately deemed felonies. The damage this does to Kentuckians has a much more negative impact on our state than problems caused by some people having to apply to get their voting rights restored.

Would you vote to continue or reverse an expansion of Medicaid eligibility in Kentucky under the federal Affordable Care Act?

Reverse. We can't afford the massive expansion of Medicaid created by ObamaCare, it was not implemented legally and the entire legislature has already defunded it. The only reason anyone is still talking about this is because Gov. Beshear refuses to follow the law.

Do you support or oppose a statewide ban on smoking in public places and places of employment?

Oppose. Banning legal activity by adults on private property is not a proper function of the legislature.

Do you support or oppose prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation in employment, housing and public accommodations?

Oppose. Telling employers who to hire, landlords who to rent to and business owners who to serve is not a proper function of the legislature.

Do you support or oppose a proposal that would require a doctor to present the results of an ultrasound to a pregnant woman prior to an abortion?

Support. Anything that might limit instances of this barbaric practice needs to be tried. Ultrasounds are already required in Kentucky. What other states have found is that requiring informed consent prior to an abortion leads to fewer abortions being performed.

Should Kentuckians be allowed to use marijuana for prescribed medical purposes?

Yes. The prescription drug Marinol, a synthetic version of THC, is already legal and marijuana can be grown in Kentucky and distributed here at a lower cost. Limiting agriculture production is not a proper function of the legislature.

Do you support or oppose raising Kentucky’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour?

Oppose. Mandating wage levels is not a proper function of the legislature.

Do you support or oppose changing state law to allow people to work in businesses that have unions without joining the union or paying union dues?

Support. Requiring membership in a union is not a proper function of the legislature.