Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Kentucky chooses unconstitutional route

Governor Steve Beshear's Department of Insurance has formally declined to attack one Christian health sharing group for practices used as justification to run another such group out of the state.

Fresh off a judge's ruling that Christian Care Medi-Share has until the end of the year to close all its accounts and stop serving customers in Kentucky, the DOI announced that it will not prosecute Samaritan Ministries for not submitting to state insurance regulation.

Arbitrary application of state laws violates Kentucky's Constitution.

The DOI is also considering whether to prosecute Christian HealthCare Ministries for the same crime of not falling in line behind the Department's capricious regulation. Should they do so, that would leave Kentucky Christians with only one viable alternative for health coverage when ObamaCare takes full effect.

Limiting consumer choice is not a valid justification for giving the government control of citizens' risk management decisions.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

If misunderstanding Liberty were fatal, most people would be dead

I just got off the air with radio talk host Matt Walsh of WLAP in Lexington.

Having explained to Matt's listeners that the battle for health freedom depends on more people realizing that their rights are being abused and that it should be no comfort to them if they aren't yet being persecuted under bad laws, I was disheartened to hear one of his subsequent callers.

The caller explained that he is a member of Samaritan Ministries health sharing organization, which Christian Medi-Share is now referring their members to, and that he knew Samaritan wouldn't have any trouble with the law in Kentucky because of the way Samaritan has organized its sharing process.

He has been misinformed. Sadly, valuable time was wasted in organizing people to fight back against Frankfort's war on Christians because Medi-Share members were similarly lulled into a false sense of security under Kentucky law.

Kentucky law is very clear in stating that the only three health sharing groups grandfathered in under ObamaCare are illegal in the Commonwealth. The fact that Samaritan and Christian HealthCare Ministries are not yet being attacked by regulators under the law can not legitimately provide a moment's comfort to the members of those two groups.

Further, people who don't belong to these groups who think they don't have anything to worry about because they have good employer-provided coverage are making exactly the same mistake. Many of them will be dropped as ObamaCare takes effect and then they will gain a greater perspective on health freedom in particular and Liberty in general.

Unfortunately, by then it may be too late. Please beat the rush and understand how Liberty for All means that we protect everyone's rights while we still can. If you get it already, please share.

David Williams in bipartisan pension scam

Kentuckians need to band together and demand David Williams retire from the Senate so that he becomes ineligible for the infamous million dollar pension reciprocity he rammed through the legislature in 2005. If we don't do this we deserve to get twisted every time David Williams and Steve Beshear grab a screwdriver.