Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Foundation of KY still wrong on health law

The Family Foundation of Kentucky is a leading protector of Christian values in Frankfort. I appreciate much of their work, but they are missing in action on health freedom.

At issue is an apparent unwillingness to accept reality of Kentucky's arbitrarily applied prohibition of an otherwise very viable Christian health insurance alternative called health sharing. This failure is preventing them from doing much good on a key front in the fight against ObamaCare.

The reality is that health sharing is against Kentucky law and it is no matter how much anyone repeats that it is not.

In 2007, the Family Foundation touted a court ruling they thought might put to rest the controversy over health sharing in Kentucky. It did not.

The problems health sharing organizations face in Kentucky will persist at least until the Religious Publications Exemption in the state's Insurance Code is greatly expanded.

The legislative fix is easy. We need to amend KRS 304.1-120(7) like this:

This change would allow all the Christian health sharing organizations currently exempt from ObamaCare to function in Kentucky without fear for themselves or their members of being shut down and possibly charged as unauthorized insurers and jailed as felons.

This should be a simple discussion and not an embarrassing mess full of personal attacks and missing the point. Failure to resolve this quickly and amicably only benefits those who want the government to control all of our health care.