Sunday, July 01, 2012

If John Yarmuth is only source, you're biased

A pretty important ObamaCare story over the weekend in the Louisville Courier Journal failed the smell test.

The article described a program through which the federal government provided $58 million to fund a scheme created by the "Affordable Care Act" to create a new health insurance co-op in Kentucky.

With supposedly independent programs like this, who needs government run insurance or the so-called public option?

But when the Courier Journal had time last week to talk to anyone with a point of view on this very controversial approach, it seems they could only manage to reach ObamaCare cheerleader John Yarmuth.

Needless to say, he is in favor of it.

In other news, certainly unrelated to bad, unbalanced journalism, the Courier Journal on Sunday pulled down their pay wall that had been telling readers to subscribe or face being shut off from their quality news source.