Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eat more capitalism

I'm not big on fast food, but joining friends at Chick-fil-A tomorrow to make a statement seems like the right thing to do. Also, catching them in an advocating kind of mood provides a good chance to warn them about possibly being charged as felons, jailed and fined for following a pro-Christian right buried deep in the language of ObamaCare.

The federal healthcare law carves out a money-saving (and possibly life-saving) exemption to its mandates for members of religious health sharing ministries, but under Kentucky law such membership is a felony. As ObamaCare's 2014 implementation draws closer, a lot more Kentuckians will be looking for a way out. Encouraging state lawmakers to expand the Religious Publications Exemption by striking KRS 304.1-120(7)(d)(e)(f) eliminates the worst of this threat.

It's a guilt-free, low sodium solution to a problem we don't need to have. Please spread the word right away. And if you like getting heads up like this on issues no one else reports on, please consider contributing to the effort by clicking here and making your most generous contribution. No amount is too small, and anything you can do is greatly appreciated.