Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kentucky needs a brain transplant

ObamaCare advocates in the Kentucky Department of Insurance are plotting to require all health insurance policies in Kentucky to cover abortions among the "essential health benefits" required by the federal law.

Whether you oppose abortions or not, this is a bad idea. It is wrong to force Kentuckians to pay for  abortions, particularly those who are pro-life. It's also wrong for the government to force Kentuckians to buy insurance policies covering services they don't want or need.

If we were smart, we would describe our "essential health benefits" under ObamaCare as ridiculously as possible so that they wouldn't apply to anything and insurers could write policies based on public demand. Things like brain transplants, nose removal, adding a third arm to a patient's torso or an extra pair of ears to his head.

Such a stupid law deserves just such a response.