Friday, August 03, 2012

These are the people protecting us?

On Wednesday, after researching a complaint against Christian Care Ministries Medi-Share program for three weeks, the Kentucky Department of Insurance determined that it has been fighting Medi-Share in court for ten years.

I'm not kidding.

In a letter dated August 1, 2012 the Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Insurance stated it was closing a consumer-initiated investigation into Medi-Share's insurance activities filed July 10. The Department justified its decision by invoking 806 KAR 02-050 sec. 2, which states the Department "no authority to usurp or infringe upon the jurisdiction, prerogative, or authority of the various courts of competent jurisdiction."

That's interesting, though, because the courts, the bureaucrats and the politicians in Frankfort have been usurping and infringing upon the rights of Kentuckians to protect themselves against health care costs for years and it is about to get worse.

Getting the state of Kentucky to back off from their overbearing restrictions on our health care decisions can't wait for sleepy government officials playing pass the buck with our lives. ObamaCare takes full effect in 515 days.