Friday, August 31, 2012

Left doubles down on "Didn't Build That"

Republicans have clearly struck a nerve attempting to capitalize on President Barack Obama's claim that "You didn't build that."

Writing for Kentucky's fifth-highest circulation newspaper today, reporter Joe Sonka attacked Senator Rand Paul for bringing it up.

"The main theme of his speech was the main theme of the convention so far, which is a blatant and shameless lie — “You didn’t build that!” — taking President Obama completely out of context to mislead that he said business owners didn’t build their own business, instead of what he really said, that business owners didn’t build the roads, bridges and infrastructure that they rely upon."(emphasis added)

Liberal bloggers apparently believe that government creates infrastructure with the sweat of its own brow, rather than with resources taken from private sector wealth generators.

Could this be why they are still so confused about government "stimulus?"