Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Republicans can win state House on ObamaCare

Democratic state Rep. Mary Jane King went on the radio to campaign and painted herself into a corner on her support of ObamaCare. There are lessons here for her opponent, tea party Republican Chris Hightower and other Republicans around the state.

Rep. King says in the interview she supports key features of ObamaCare, but starts going wobbly when she is pressed about how those features negatively impact people buying insurance.

Pressed further, she tries to run away from the whole thing and put responsibility on Congress. That's a nice try, but if the state merely stops setting up the optional health insurance exchange and refuses to accept the optional Medicaid expansion -- neither of which is affordable in the state budget -- ObamaCare goes away.

There is still time for a bill in 2013 to stop both of these activities from proceeding into 2014. Republican candidates should propose that and get their opponents on the record right away.

Here is Rep. King's interview: