Friday, September 27, 2013

Beshear's Big Apple buffoonery

If Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear believes the crap he wrote in today's New York Times, he should be first in line for ObamaCare's new -- absurdly unaffordable -- mental health benefits.

"For the first time, we will make affordable health insurance available to every single citizen in the state," Beshear claims, falsely, in an op-ed.

First, we've seen the new ObamaCare rates despite the best efforts of the "most transparent" politicians in history and the big media sycophants who serve them. They aren't affordable even when federally subsidized. More important, health care was much more available and affordable before government started taking it over half a century ago. Beshear and Obama are merely completing that process.

Beshear flatly states, as he has many times before, that 308,000 Kentuckians will go from being uninsured to joining the ranks of those covered by Medicaid. While the number we should really be concerned with is that representing people who drop or forgo private coverage in favor of joining Medicaid, giving people a Medicaid card and making it illegal for them to purchase private coverage on the exchange (as ObamaCare does) will mean less than nothing as providers run away from Medicaid and leave longer lines for lower quality services.

Beshear repeats his claims that Medicaid expansion will be a positive for the economy in Kentucky. How many such false claims must we endure before the fact that big government redistribution schemes don't grow the economy sinks in?

Beshear says 332,000 uninsured Kentuckians will have gain newfound access to affordable coverage with ObamaCare. This lie will be unmasked in dramatic fashion on Tuesday when the well-hidden premiums (and deductibles) are pulled out of hiding and into the daylight.

Beshear finishes his essay as he has all of his ObamaCare speeches -- with a political attack. The hard cold fact Beshear hopes to keep hidden (and his big media friends are doing a great job of assisting) is that Beshear broke the law in a profound way in promoting ObamaCare simply because he wanted to and thought no one would act to stop him. His July 2012 executive order creating the new bureaucracy we know as the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange reorganized state government, rewrote state law and mandated expenditures without legislative approval. KRS 12.028 provides for the governor to do so on a temporary basis, but requires ratification by the full legislature in the next succeeding General Assembly session. Failing that, the statute mandates expiration of the temporary order's provisions ninety days after the session ends. On that ninetieth day, Beshear issued a second executive order re-creating the "exchange," which is also prohibited by the same statute. Think about it: if the governor is allowed to make desired temporary changes to state government without required legislative approval and simply rewrite those changes when they expire, why do we even bother having a legislature at all? A governor so empowered could make any change to statute, raise any tax and spend any amount of money without a legislative vote. Supporters of ObamaCare and Beshear's big-government, left wing ideas may reconsider their zeal for this kind of illegal behavior when the governor is a conservative Republican. But then it will be too late.

Beshear acted with similar lawlessness in effecting the Medicaid expansion. KRS 205.520(3) requires the governor to seek administrative review of actions attempting to achieve additional federal dollars for "medical assistance." This process is spelled out very clearly in KRS 13A. He failed to even initiate this process and now, as the law makes clear, it is too late to even start. The law demands that the Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare can never happen in Kentucky.

Both the illegal creation of the ObamaCare exchange in Kentucky and the Medicaid expansion are being actively challenged in Kentucky's courts right now. Briefs have been filed with the Kentucky Supreme Court and a response from Beshear is pending. Kentuckians will ultimately get the kind of government we deserve; I can only hope we realize that we and our progeny deserve better than this.