Monday, September 30, 2013

Kentucky's public option plan gets puff-piece coverage

The Lexington Herald Leader printed an embarrassing piece of non-journalism today cheerleading for Kentucky's public option health plan, the Kentucky Health Cooperative. This new "insurance" company was created with federal dollars under ObamaCare. Janie Miller, the group's CEO and a former state insurance regulator, falsely claimed that she could not release premium rates until tomorrow.

Miller could release the premium rates if she wanted to and the Lexington Herald Leader had access to them three weeks ago but refused to even look. Here's why: a 21 year old male non-smoker in Lexington can currently get a $2500 deductible plan with 30% co-pay for $58.85. A similar plan with the co-op ($2000 deductible and 35% co-pay in network only) will cost the same person $155.84 in January. If this person has an $18,000 a year income, federal subsidy would drop his cost down to $64.65 with taxpayers picking up the difference. If this person has a $20,000 a year income, federal subsidy would put his cost at $85.17. If this person has a $26,000 a year income he will be considered "rich" and get no subsidy.

Miller also claims that 75% percent of Kentucky's uninsured population not eligible for Medicaid will sign up for ObamaCare coverage by December 15. That's completely insane and would not be allowed to go unanswered in a newspaper if we had a functioning media in this state.

The article is here.