Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Another try for "Governor Transparency"

When Steve Beshear was first running for Governor, his favorite word was "transparency." Since he has been in office, though, his campaign rhetoric has dissipated to nothing.

A sleepy state media has probably emboldened Beshear in his secrecy.

The case of the 2014 ObamaCare health insurance premiums currently unfolding paints a rather unflattering portrait of politician and press alike.

The hottest news story in the country in 2013 has been ObamaCare. Will it work; will it be a hugely expensive disaster? You know the drill.

Kentucky's coverage has been rather sparse as well as one-sided bordering on cheerleading for President Obama's top legislative agenda item.

After several weeks of begging, cajoling, screaming and pestering, I've finally gotten a commitment from Kentucky Department of Insurance officials that sometime on Friday they will give me access to next year's rates -- some of which have been finalized more than a month.

It should be an unending source of embarrassment to our state media that I am getting this first.