Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kentucky ObamaCare head crumbles in committee

The executive director of Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange couldn't answer legislator questions today in Frankfort about outrageous deductibles on 2014 ObamaCare health plans or about state funding for the exchange when federal funds run out at the end of 2014.

Carrie Banahan mumbled and demurred during today's budget committee meeting and did not answer direct questions about how unaffordable even the most subsidized health plans will be in Kentucky under ObamaCare. She adamantly declared ignorance when asked specifically how the state would pay for its illegal exchange.

The illegal executive order filed by Gov. Steve Beshear in 2013 to create the exchange also attempts to create a funding mechanism for the exchange with a new insurance tax. That executive order, if the Kentucky Supreme Court doesn't throw it out first, would have to be ratified by the 2014 General Assembly. There is no chance of that happening.