Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Why I'm attending Hal Heiner's gubernatorial announcement event in Lexington this morning

Former Louisville Metro Councilman Hal Heiner will announce he is a candidate for Governor this morning and I will be there. I'm looking for three things from any Republican candidate for the top executive branch job in Kentucky in 2015 and that search starts with the first announced candidate.

This short list is not intended to be comprehensive; it's just a start. But I think the things I am looking for form a solid foundation for anyone running to replace the disastrous Beshear regime, both politically and in terms of moving the state in a good direction.

First is an unwavering commitment to use all available tools to get Kentucky out of Common Core and away from the traditional view of public schools here as political tools for crass politicians to wreck all manner of waste, fraud and abuse upon Kentuckians. Candidates who lead with this can be considered serious about fixing Kentucky.

Second is a clear denunciation of government control of healthcare in Kentucky. Repealing certificate of need and stripping the Department of Insurance of most of its weapons in addition to moving Kentucky as far away from ObamaCare as possible must happen to improve health outcomes in the Commonwealth. No serious candidate will fall short in this critical area.

And the third issue for legitimate candidates for governor to embrace completely is proper management of the state budget. Beshear's legacy among honest and aware chroniclers will be his unprecedented abuse of state finances, made all the worse by his serial dishonesty about it. Properly funding state pensions and getting out of corporate welfare, labor micro-management, covert deficit spending and counterproductive tax policy will create a very potent right-sizing of state government.

I'm looking for candidates who will embrace these issues and that search begins today at 10 am at Star Manufacturing in Lexington, 1200 Russell Cave Rd, at the campaign announcement of the first candidate.