Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Devastating blow to Kentucky ObamaCare

House Speaker Greg Stumbo refused to grant the Kentucky ObamaCare bill a special waiver today so it could be heard in committee tomorrow. Time in the 2014 General Assembly now runs very short for the bill Gov. Beshear has been insisting in court for a year was not even necessary. His position is clearly contradicted by KRS 12.028.

If the legislature does not pass HB 505 or does not fund it in the budget by April 15, only a special session could possibly save Beshear's illegal implementation of ObamaCare, for which he has received national left-wing accolades. Stumbo's refusal today paints the clearest picture yet that sufficient support for ObamaCare in Kentucky does not exist.

Opponents of ObamaCare can now expect the ObamaCare bill to come up for a hearing in the House Health and Welfare Committee on Thursday, March 13 at noon in room 169 of the Capitol Annex in Frankfort. After the bill fails, Kentucky will default to the federal exchange which is being challenged in multiple federal lawsuits because the clear language of the "Affordable Care Act" law allows tax subsidies only in exchanges run by states.